Wireless Charging Paused – How to Fixed This Problem in 2 Minutes

Wireless Charging Paused: why does my phone say wireless charging paused? Here I’m discussing it and try to give a proper solution to this problem. Most Samsung users facing this problem. This is one of the most common Samsung wireless charger problems.

Samsung developing their phones battery capacity with fast charging. Recently many Samsung user reports about a common problem, the wireless charger does not work properly because when a user tries to charge his phone by wireless charger but every time the phone show a notification that ( Wireless charging Paused) after that wireless charger stop charging.

Wireless Charging Paused - How to Fixed This Problem in 2 Minutes
Wireless Charging Paused – How to Fixed This Problem in 2 Minutes

How to work Wireless Charger 

Many people know the secret of the wireless charger mechanism. It is charging the battery with an electrics magnetized file. If you heard about a tesla coil then find different between those two things. Wireless charging is a type of wireless power transfer. It provides energy to electromagnetic induction without any wire.

Wiki Info: Acceptance power move was first utilized in 1894 when M. Hutin and M. Le-Blanc proposed a mechanical assembly and strategy to control an electric vehicle. However, burning motors demonstrated progressively well known, and this innovation was overlooked for a period.

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Wireless Charging Paused - How to Fixed This Problem in 2 Minutes

The reason for “Wireless Charging Paused” Error

I am already said that the multiple users report on this wireless charger issue that’s time I was decided to analyze this problem and trying to find out the main problem. 

  1. Charger Problem: Every wireless charger needs a charging cable adapter so its possible to charger fault.
  2. System Cache: we all know that cache memory stored in application because it makes your device more faster. This cache memory creates a problem on your phone. so there is a little bit of chance.
  3. Fast wireless Charging Option:  If the function of fast charging is disabled into your device then it may occur to disconnect your phone charging option. But one thing if the fast charging option was to disable in your phone then enable it and check it again.
  4. Using Of outdated Application: There is much possibility of facing wireless charging pause errors for outdated applications.
  5. Installing Third-Party Apps: Third-party apps are very harmful to your phone because it can be stolen your data and changing your phone setting and that why your wireless charger can not connecting with your phone. Maximum scammer using third party apps for stolen data. 

So, guys, I think you have gained knowledge about the basic natural problem of wireless charger pause. Now we discuss and find the solution for it.

Wireless Charging Paused – How to Fixed This Problem

1st Solution: You need to Checking the Charger

You just need to check your fast charger properly. Connect your fast charger with other devices and see the result of charging. If is it work properly with another device then you know there is no fault in your charger.

2nd Solution: Turning on Fast Wireless Charging Option

If your device fast charging option is been disable then enable it from phone setting. If I am giving a video tutorial for turn on you fast charging option.


3rd Solution: Updating PlayStore Applications

You already heard about Google Playstore where you can find all kinds of Android Apps and Games overall maximum Android users like to use this app. If you are suffering from a wireless charging pause error than you should conscious about software update of play store Application because its possible to software failing and your wireless charger stops charging. So keep updating your android software from apps setting.

Here you can see “how to Updating PlayStore Applications”

Video From DK raja Youtube Channel


4th Solution: Reboot Your Phone

If your phone says wireless charging paused then it might be some technical flat or bugs problem. So you should need to check to do reboot your phone just for one time. 

It is a 35% possibility to work the wireless charger properly. If you do not know the method of rebooting your device then see the video below.


Why does my phone say wireless charging paused?

Answer: Your phone say wireless charging paused for many types of problem. May there have software problems or maybe hardware problems.

Conclusion: So next time If your phone charger says wireless charging Paused then just follow those solutions, It must work for you.


So no more today we are meeting again with another informative post. And don’t forget to comment because your posted comment motivates me for new writing. I am trying to sharing knowledge with you all so stay with us.



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