What Is Ethical Hacking?, Who Is The Ethical Hacker?, Is It Legal or Illegal? and Do You Want To Be Learn It Free

Ethical Hacking: Everything is good and bad, technology has its own way, but whether you use it for good or for bad, it depends on you. There is nothing to be afraid of hearing the word hacking in the article title, we are not discussing anything illegal here. I’m hacking the hackers do and the different types of light of a post earlier discussed If you’re reading the post of Ethical Hacking (Ethical Hacking) or Ethical Hacker (Ethical Hacker), but know little about

Ethical hackers are also called white hat hackers and their work can be guessed by hearing their names. Many think hacking is hacking, be it bad or good, and many consider any hacking illegal and any hacker is a cybercriminal; Their ideas are not exactly the same again.

Today’s article discusses the main purpose of ethical hacking and why you should become an ethical hacker. So let’s go ahead with the description without beginning…

What Is Ethical Hacking?, Who Is The Ethical Hacker?, Is It Legal or Illegal? and Do You Want To Be Learn It Free

Ethical Hacking

The word “Ethical”  Good means “moral” – meaning moral or legitimate hacking; And those who do this hacking have a policy, they don’t do anything immoral. First, I know what a hacker does or what he does?

See, the hacker tries to detect the error of any system ( computing/networking system) and breaks the security level of the system and enters the main system and receives control.


Now if anyone tries to access the system without permission from a system or software that is looking for security error, such a hacker will be called a malicious hacker or black hat hacker.

Malicious hackers usually break the system’s rules and security and damage the root system.

So hacking means finding a system fault or deficiency. So what is Ethical Hacking? – Ethical hacking is when a hacker receives a permit from a system admin or software company to start checking the system error.

Even if he breaks the security of the system and he has full permission to do so, he does not act like a malicious hacker without permission.


An ethical hacker must respect the privacy of any company or system, and must work without permission. After he does, that means if the system checks and finds an error, it will certainly inform the company about the error and help the system secure by providing a security patch.

If anyone finds a backdoor, it must be sealed so that the malicious hacker can enter and prevent any damage to the system.


Moreover, he will attack the system in many different ways using different techniques so that if there is a fault in the system it can be caught.

If the system does not detect a bug after executing the hack attack, then it does not confirm that the system is 3% secure. Since virtually no system is a 5% security, regular security checks are necessary.


Demand For Ethical Hackers

In fact, the demand for Ethical Hackers or White Hat Hackers has increased greatly over the years.

The world is becoming more and more digital which means everything is going to be computing and networking; And with it comes the increased security risk, and the moral hacker needed to mitigate this risk.

In the developed world, without giving up, we have to look at our country, from the results of the examination in our country, job application, ticket ticketing, salary acceptance, etc. Are now becoming internet/website / or application dependent.

Not only the government but also the private companies are often serious about their business and security. There are many e-commerce sites in our country that need to be very tight security.


Now suppose a malicious hacker came and hacked the Government Result Database, or hacked the train ticket online system and started booking tickets as desired, thus damaging both the government and the people of the country.

The Ethical Hacker checks every system and attacks the system just like a Malicious hacker, and when a problem is found, it fixes it or notifies the company or the government about the problem, so that it can be fixed as quickly as possible.

Let’s take an example to understand the needs and importance of an ethical hacker on the whole issue. Suppose the king of a region built a palace, to live and complete all the affairs of the kingdom from sitting there. Now he must secure the palace through various security measures.

Because the palace may be attacked at any time. There will be a lot of resources in the palace, many papers that are very important.

Now suppose the king erected huge walls to secure his palace and set free the counters. Now the enemy side will not be able to attack easily or with swelling, because the security is so tight.


So what do they do; Will try to find fault with the walls of the palace or try to enter from where the watchman is at. Now the king may have built the wall tightly, but on one side the king forgot that there was an old knob door, and the attack could have come from that direction. So, even with such tight security, no use.


Now suppose the king hires a person or group who will check the security, they will wander around the palace like the enemy’s side and try to find old or weak walls, and keep an eye on whether a guard is falling asleep and As soon as the problem is found, he will take action and inform the king.

And this will greatly reduce the chance of invading the enemy and entering the palace. So the particular person or group of this story is the Ethical Hacker, and by now they must have understood their needs.

Regardless of the security of a system, it is important to check it regularly.


There are many demands of good moral hackers from home to abroad. That’s why millions of dollars or billions of dollars can be saved for a company.

Malicious hackers also try to detect a system error, but they start doing so without having to inform the system admin or company, and if they find an error, they start damaging the system.


And to prevent these black hats from spinning around, IT companies are looking for good white hats and hiring them with high salaries according to skill.

And if you can be a Certified Ethical Hacker, you can have up to Rs 1 lakh salary per year depending on the company and your expertise (Source; Infosecinstitute.Com ).

How To Start A Career In Ethical Hacking
Start A Career In Ethical Hacking


How To Start A Career In Ethical Hacking?

This article has discussed so far about White Hat hacking and hackers; And finally we know that this is completely legitimate and it is possible to build a good career.

Now the question is, how do I get started? – See, for those studying Allreddy IT or Computer Science, this is a lot easier. If you are under study, finish the study first and try to get a job in an IT sector in a company, no matter how low paid jobs – because our target is the front.


Then you can work in the cybersecurity or IT sector in the police or military, which will increase your work efficiency. In this, you can take different courses on networking and earn different certificates.

The course can be packed with network support and admin roles. This time you will need some security certificates, and you can get them again by completing some courses.


After completing all the above steps, you will need to join the International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultant program and pass the exam and become a Certified Ethical Hacker .

But even if you are not studying computer science, it is possible to build your career in ethical hacking. You can also make a lot of money and a good career as a freelance ethical hacker.


And if you ask me questions, I’ll say, “How much more work you put into a certificate is worth more than a certificate” – if computing, security, networking are your passions, no one can stop you from being a good White Hat hacker.


Most readers of Bat Bmdays are still under study, so I would recommend that if you want to be a professional ethical hacker and want to pursue a high-quality career, then, of course, you should do engineering on computer science and emphasize networking in particular.

Once you become a Certified Ethical Hacker, your value will be different in the market. You can do it as a Permanent Job and then as a Freelance.


Knowledge Of Computing
Knowledge Of Computing

Knowledge Of Computing

To become a hacker you must have expertise in networking. You should have a good idea of all the popular computer operating systems as well as have special expertise on Unix / Linux.

It is important to be well-versed in the various Linux distros and their commands. As well as some programming languages such as; Need to know C, Java, Perl, etc., and database; Must have good knowledge of SQL.


Another thing to remember, hacking is a technical issue and being an expert on those is not the only thing. Besides having the technical knowledge you have to be smart, have the ability to easily build relationships with people, have the ability to solve problems quickly, and have the ability to trick people.


If you have the ability to get your work done by someone you talk to, then you would think that you are a 5% hacker.

Because it is easier to deceive people sitting on that system than to hack a system because of technical education, and in the language of hacking it is called social engineering.

But to be an Ethical Hacker you must be honest. Money malicious hackers should not be mistaken for money after they find fault. You must have complete rights to access a network before entering it.


Beware of engaging in immoral activities or even black hat thinking can ruin your career, so be careful. Hacking is generally viewed by ordinary people as bad, so you must work with 5% honesty.

Even before the start of your career, you should not engage in any immoral activities, as the company will check your background before hiring you.

So from the moment you decide you want to be an ethical hacker, you have to start an honest life.

The Last Word

So you have been convinced by this long article, it is possible to make a high-quality career with ethical hacking, which is very reliable.

If computing is your passion and helping others, if you do well, then nothing can be better than a career choice. This will definitely allow you to enjoy your work much more.

I will try to explain all the basics of Ethical Hacking as simple as water by writing a series of articles, and I think the final result of a workbook will be even more compelling.

After thoroughly covering the basics, if you want, I will also discuss the pro issues. It does not cost money to learn anything here.

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