Timenai FTP Server
Timenai FTP Server

Timenai FTP server bd is the site that has listed 1000 of the latest movies and web series. The Timenai FTP site gives a subtitle on their site where they say that you can watch live online free 10000+ Hd movies on timenai FTP server. Mainly the Timenai is a third-party website that has used ftp hosting service to run its platform. Actually, there are a lot of FTP servers exist in Bangladesh and timenai FTP is one of them. In this article, we are gonna review the timenai FTP sites and discuss about its pros and cons. So, Let’s get started it.

Basically, the Timenai FTP Movie Server is a server that uses the File Transfer Protocol to transfer movie files over a network. If you are an old user of our website then you must know that “FTP is a protocol that allows for the transfer of files between computers on a network, and it is commonly used for transferring large files, such as movies, web series, and tv shows”. Timenai website uses FTP Server because FTP servers can be useful for sharing large movie files with others. 


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Nowadays TIMENAI FTP gets huge attention from the bangladshi internet users and it has gone viral inside the country area. If you want to visit this amazing movie server then what should you need to do for it? Mostly it has a port address or domain name which is use as a default gateway of it.

However, none of the users doesn’t have knowledge about its default gateway address and they fail to access it for this reason. Here we have provided the information of its default gateway address and that is only the way to access the timenai FTP server.

Timenai FTP Server

Alternatives To Timenai


Alternatives To Timenai FTP

  1. Fun Time BD

  2. Ebox FTP

  3. Vdomela FTP

  4. Moviehaat

  5. Discovery FTP

  6. Movie Mela Live

  7. New Naturalbd

  8. Boss BD

  9. Moja Loss

What Is Timenai FTP?

Timenai FTP is a site formation that is a part of the movie genre. This website has used super fast Cloud Hosting and using the system of FTP. We all know that ftp is a system that is helping to share files client’s computer to the host’s computer. Therefore, it uses an FTP hosting service to run the site and that’s why it’s known as so call timenai FTP server.

How To Use Timenai FTP?

Don’t take pressure for it because using the timenai ftp sites is very easy and anyone can do it easily. You just keep remembering some basic factor that is so much important when you try to use this type of movie server. First of all, Before getting access to this ftp server, a user must need a VPN software. Because without enhancing the security of your IP address every single third-party website gonna be harmful to you and your device.

  • Bookmark this page ( Cntr + D)
  • Open your browser
  • Come to this page
  • Find the Red Button (Link)
  • Tap the button and wait for a while.

Timenai FTP Server Pros and Cons

Timenai FTP movie server has both pros and cons. Even, Every single movie server has the same things as well. But especially when we talk about the timenai Movie Server we face some issues. That’s why here we have given both advantages and disadvantages to consider:

Advantages of Timenai FTP

Easy To Use: Timenai Server is easy to use and does not require any specialized skills or knowledge to operate. Anyone with basic computer skills can connect to this FTP server and download movies.
Fast Speeds: This FTP movie servers typically offer high-speed downloads, which can be beneficial for users who want to download large movie files quickly.
Large Storage Capacity: Timenai server often has large storage capacities, which means it can store a large number of media files.
Free For UseIt is totally free for all users of Bangladesh but a user needs bdix supported internet connection to use this ftp server.

Disadvantages of Timenai FTP

Limited Features: Most FTP servers typically do not offer many features beyond basic file storage and transfer capabilities, which may not meet the needs of some users.
Security Risks: Timenai is a third-party based ftp site so there have some security risks for the users. So before visiting, this type of FTP site much use VPN software.
Limited Accessibility: Timenai server requires a bdix-supported internet connection to access its file server. If the don’t have a bdix supported internet connection then they can’t access it.


In a nutshell, we can say that through this “Timenai FTP BD” post we have tried to help our website users to share some helpful information. And if you get any help from this post then please don’t forget to post this on your social media account. And if you have any questions about this post, don’t forget to comment in the comment box, and we will try to provide the answer to your desired question. Keep an eye on the homepage of our website to know about the new movie servers and updates.


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