Top 10 Teletalk Internet Offer 2022

Top 10 Teletalk Internet Offer 2022
Top 10 Teletalk Internet Offer 2022

If you want to buy a Teletalk internet pack at an average price then what should you do? Many teletalk mobile users may didn’t know that how to buy an internet package on the teletalk mobile operator. That’s why here we give some tips where you will get a lot of interesting and useful information about teletalk internet and it’s offers. 

Teletalk is one of the leading mobile network company that owned by the government. In this post, you will get to know about the Top 10 Teletalk Internet Offers, and the packages list that is updated in 2022. This internet offer list is made by web research; we had spent a lot of working hours and build the lists. Also, here we have been discussing about the “teletalk shotoborsho internet offer”. So, if you have interested to see the full list by a single tapping then check the content box that has been given below.

The Teletalk has provided some attractive internet offers pack at a budget price range. All Teletalk Sim users can activate those packages excluding post-paid users. If you are using a postpaid sim then you can skip it.

All teletalk prepaid users can able to use those internet packages easily. So if you have already connected with the teletalk pre-paid network operator, you can buy all of the given offers by doing a mobile top-up.

Data Volume Price in BDT Validity Activation code
100MB 9 BDT 5 Days *111*501#
1GB 27 BDT 7 Days *111*27#
1GB 49 BDT 30 Days *111*49#
500MB 26 BDT 30 Days *111*503#
3.5GB 78 BDT 10 Days *111*511#
2GB 93 BDT 30 Days *111*93#
3GB 44 BDT 5 Days *111*44#
3GB 66 BDT 10 Days *111*66#
5GB 91 BDT 15 Days *111*605#
10GB 97 BDT 10 Days *111*97#
20GB 301 BDT 30 Days *111*552#
25GB 198 BDT 10 Days *111*198#
30GB 344 BDT 30 Days *111*344#
45GB 445 BDT 30 Days *111*554#

Teletalk Internet

Teletalk has more than 6.30 Millon subscribers in 2022. Basically, it is a government-owned company and people are uses this Sim for all governmental works such as public results, jobs application, etc. Whatever, Teletalk has provided a wide range of networks that gives fast internet service over the rural arias of Bangladesh. Nowadays teletalk internet can able to provide 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G Internet Speeds.

However, teletalk offers multiple types of internet data plans for their users. So, if you have a Teletalk sim then you should read this post to get a better knowledge about teletalk internet offers and plans.

Teletalk has provided 4 different types of internet offers such as:

  1. Regular
  2. Bornomala
  3. Agami
  4. Oporajita

Teletalk Regular Internet Offers

The teletalk regular internet package has been made by thinking about all users. In this regular internet bundle, users will get different types of internet packages with different varieties. Some packages may come with short validity and some have long validity.

Internet Volume Bundle Price Activation
1GB 27 Taka Activate
2GB 93 Taka Activate
3GB 44 Taka Activate
3.5GB 78 Taka Activate
5GB 201 Taka Activate
10GB 97 Taka Activate
20GB 301 Taka Activate
25GB 198 Taka Activate
30GB 344 Taka Activate
45GB 445 Taka Activate

Teletalk Bornomala Internet Offers

This mobile network operator company offers so many internet package bundles at a cheap price range. Whatever, here user will see different types of the package such as 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 5GB, 10GB, and 20GB internet bundle. If you want to know more about the teletalk Bornomala then Check the button that gives below.


Teletalk Agami and Oporajita Internet Offers

The Teletalk Agami Internet Offer Bundle contains only a few Internet packages. If you want to know more about this you should visit Teletalk’s official website. Teletalk’s upcoming Internet offer packages are detailed on Teletalk’s official website. However, the Teletalk Oporajita internet offers are very similar to The Agami Packs. If you are interested to see this bundle then direct visit the official website right now.

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How To Check Mobile Balances

How To Buy Teletalk Internet?

This mobile network operator builds two types of Data plans. generally, most of the users go for teletalk Regular Data Pack. Now the question is How can we buy a teletalk internet pack without facing any trouble.

All teletalk users can buy Teletalk internet offers plans from the teletalk official website. The process is very simple and easy too. And anyone can buy their favorite data plan if they have sufficient mobile balance.

Even, users can activate the teletalk data plan by simply doing a mobile Top-Up. Also, users can buy teletalk internet manually. For More Information Check Here.

How To Activate Teletalk Internet Package?

How To Activate Teletalk Internet Package

To Activate Teletalk Internet Package, you must know the Activation codes of it. Before, trying to activate any teletalk internet package check the activation code list below. This Information chart can help you a lot if you want to activate the teletalk internet plan easily.

First, select your preferred Internet package from the list of Teletalk Internet Packages provided above. Then dial the specific activation code to activate the selected Internet package. Your selected Internet package will be automatically activated as soon as you dial the activation code.

Follow The Instruction Carefully:

  • Open Mobile Dial Pad 
  • Input The Activation Code
  • Press the dial Button
  • Then Enjoy Your Internet Plan

Teletalk Internet Balance Check

Without Teletalk Internet Balance checking code no user will be able to know the internet balance of their Teletalk SIM. So here we have a lot more important things including Teletalk internet balance checking code. Feel free to take a look at all the information and hopefully you will benefit from it.

To check teletalk internet Balance dial this Code *152#. This is the most popular USSD Codes for all teletalk users. You can even check your minute, SMS, MMS balance by use these simple numeric codes as well.

Teletalk Internet Balance checking code  Dial *152#

Teletalk Internet Monthly Offers

Teletalk is another leading mobile network company in Bangladesh. This mobile network company made some special internet offers which will come with 30 days validity. Even, all those monthly internet packages you will get at a cheap price. At the bottom, we have given a chart box where you can see all those internet package lists with in-depth details.

Teletalk Internet Offer 30 Days Pack

 Internet Volume Price in BDT Activation Code Validity
500MB 26 BDT *111*503# 30 Days
1GB 49 BDT *111*49# 30 Days
2GB 93 BDT *111*93# 30 Days
3GB 139 BDT *111*531# 30 Days
5GB 201 BDT *111*532# 30 Days
10GB 301 BDT *111*550# 30 Days
20GB 498 BDT *111*552# 30 Days
30GB 344 BDT *111*344# 30 Days
30GB 649 BDT *111*553# 30 Days
45GB 849 BDT *111*554# 30 Days

Last Updates of Teletalk Internet Offer In 2022

Every year the teletalk sim company announced exclusive internet offers. In this year, teletalk has done the same things as the previous year. Thousands of users are just waiting for the moment to see the latest update of teletalk internet offers in 2022. That’s why here we give all teletalk internet offers with short descriptions. You can check it right now and can choose your favorite packs from below.

Teletalk 100MB Pack At Tk 9

  • Package Validity: 5 Days
  • Package Price: 9 Taka
  • Package Volume: 100MB
  • Activation Code: *111*501#

Teletalk 500MB Pack At Tk 26

  • Package Validity: 30 Days
  • Package Price: 26 Taka
  • Package Volume: 500MB
  • Activation Code: *111*503#

Teletalk 1GB Pack At Tk 27

  • Package Validity: 7 Days
  • Package Price: 27 Taka
  • Package Volume: 1GB
  • Activation Code: *111*27#

Teletalk 3.5GB Pack At 78 Taka

  • Package Validity: 10 Days
  • Package Price: 78 Taka
  • Package Volume: 3.5GB
  • Activation Code: *111*501#

Teletalk 3GB Pack At 44 Taka

  • Package Validity: 5 Days
  • Package Price: 44 Taka
  • Package Volume: 3GB
  • Activation Code: *111*44#

Teletalk 10GB Pack At 97 Taka

  • Package Validity: 10 Days
  • Package Price: 97 Taka
  • Package Volume: 10GB
  • Activation Code: *111*97#

Conclusion: If you want to know more about teletalk internet offers,  you can contact teletalk customer care by dialing the 121 or directly visiting a customer service point. However, if you get any help from this article “Teletalk Internet Offer 2022” then don’t forget to share it on your social media account. Also, if you have any questions about this topic then feel free to contact us or drop a comment below.


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