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Surzo Mama FTP Server
Surzo Mama FTP

Surzo Mama FTP Server Is also known as Sun Online media server. This Ftp server has a specific port address which is and this IP address is the default gateway address of this server. Surzo Mama FTP has a huge popularity in Bangladesh and every single month 100k user visit this amazing FTP sites as well. To know more about this Surzo Mama FTP Server, you should need to read the full content.

Moreover, before visiting any third-party website users should pay attention to privacy. So, everybody should need to install good quality VPN software for safe browsing.

About Surzo Mama FTP

At present every broadband company in Bangladesh is providing facilities like FTP server and day by day increasing the scope of these services. Surzo Mama FTP server is a third-party-based FTP site and this FTP server is not directly connected with any specific ISP company. So it goes without saying that this FTP server is run by a specific person or organization. This FTP server is also known as Sun Online FTP Server.

Surzo Mama FTP Server

Dear viewers, do you want to access the Surzo Mama FTP, but can’t? No problem here we have provided two different IP addresses of this FTP server. So if a user wants to click the button given below he can enter the Surzo mama FTP server. If any user faces any problem using this server then read the user instructions given below carefully

Surzo Mama FTP

Here we have given some popular FTP Server Names, You can check it and try it if you want!

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What Is Surzo Mama FTP Server?

The Surzomama FTP server is an ordinary FTP server that is owned by Sun Online Limited. This type of FTP server is typically used for super fast bdix hosting to produce fast upload and download speed. Those users who are using Bdix Supported internet broadband, they can access this Online FTP site’s easily.

Please visit the following link to access the Surzo MAMA FTP server.

How To Access Surzo Mama FTP

How To Access Surzo Mama FTP

As we already said, If your internet connection is BDIX supported then you can access any ftp-server very easily. There are exceptions in some cases, but in 90% of cases, there is no such problem to be faced. Lately, the Surzo Mama FTP server has gained a lot of popularity in Bangladesh.

Almost every month millions of users are using this free ftp movie site. If you want to use this movie server then you can follow the guide given below. We have explained here with step-by-step points how you can access this ftp movie server without any problem.

Follow the Step:

  • Bookmark this page (Control + D)
  • Find the Blue Button
  • Tap the Button
  • Wait for a while
  • Then enjoy the movie server.


To condense, the Surzo Mama FTP server is a remarkable digital product. Should this post have been informative, kindly share it on your social media. If you require any additional information, please leave a comment in the section below and we will endeavor to respond. Remember to check our homepage for new movie servers and updates.

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