Fantastic Strong Password Making Formula For Extra Security

Strong Password
Strong Password

Strong Password Making Formula: As the title says, ” Password Making Formula ” – but It is never possible to create a Strong Password that is hack-proof. The hacker can crack any password, just need time, powerful computing system, accurate word dictionary, and proper rule brute force attack; Any password in the world can be broken.

strong password
how to create a strong password

So What Is The Significance Of This Article?

The importance is to make hacking difficult and challenging. If you think you have opened the door to your house, then the thief will enter your house to pay the grain. But if you hang a large lock on the door of the house, yes, that lock can be broken, but the thief will have to get into a lot of trouble. Most hack attacks are random meaning there are no specific targets.

An e-commerce site database may have been hacked, and if you have created a strong password, the hacker may not be able to break your password. Because their target is random, they will not spend so much time breaking a password.

So let’s find out how to create a password, which is hack proof!

HackerProof Password Formula:

  1. First, let’s talk about the three main Strong Password Techniques. If you use the dictionary word, you need to turn it back on and write it down.
  2. Second, you must create a difficult and complex password.
  3. Third, write down this complicated password using a common technique that you will remember. Another problem is if you forget your password!
Fantastic Strong Password Making Formula For Extra Security
Fantastic Strong Password Making Formula For Extra Security


Hacker Proof Password Making Formula

Now let’s go into the details; First of all talk about how long the password is – see it is not written anywhere, the password is most commonly considered as a strong password after the character is long. However, in order to create any strong password, it is imperative to set at least 1 character password.

Creating a hacker-resistant strong password is important for creating 8-20 character passwords, in which the brute force process will be long and the dictionary attack will be subject to a lot of time, since most hackers are lazy, so if you are not the only target, your strong password They won’t bother to break.

More important than how long the password is in characters is that it does not contain any dictionary wording. If your password is “smartboy” – even if your password is 5 characters long, it will be very easy to break it using the dictionary program. The best approach is to make sentences, use phrases or different types of words. Or you can create strong passwords by extracting key words from any big sentence;

Such as-

  • More strong password than ever – Mspte
  • You can see the monster home in sky – Ycstmis
Make The Phrases Longer For Strong Password

As I said before, the password is hacker resistant after the password is 8-20 characters long, so this time you have to shorten the short word. Although memorizing or typing long passwords is very annoying, believe me, the longer the password, the brute force attack will take longer. You can add a special number to the phrase to make it longer, or you can add the name of the website you are creating an account to remember.

Create Non-Alphabetical Characters

When you create a password by using lowercase capitalization, it will be transformed into a much stronger password. Use special characters, such as – (@ # $% ^ & *). Using these characters will make the hacker’s dictionary database more challenging. A strange type of password will be created that no human or computer tool can easily guess.

Such as-

  • komolokoL@;loX
  • kk@morichika9%p
  • caroyhds%kdsgf@
  • abbb%g*sxdh@bkjdsvj
  • ExAmple@flow%g
    Change daily
    change your password

Keep Changing Your Password Regularly

Lastly, I would recommend that you regularly change the password you have set After your password and your account will be hacked. Change the password for all work websites a few weeks later. No need to change the entire password or phrase. I would say memorize 2-3 sentences and use them at different sites at different times. Don’t let a hacker ever understand your phrase.

Also, if you have trouble remembering, you can use a good password manager. Password manager software such as LastPass is a very good program, which automatically creates strong passwords for different sites and remembers, you just need to remember the master password, diameter. But there is also a risk. If your password manager’s database is hacked, all your account passwords will be hacked together.

In the following table I have tried to give some good password examples;

Normal Password 

  • Emon
  • Monster
  • hulukulu
  • Noon4
  • Likeyou7

Medium Password

  • emon2
  • loverboy9
  • khamokha8
  • loss1gain

Strong Password

Friends, I hope you have a good idea about how to create a hack-proof strong password from this article. The less the security measures are taken, the easier it will be for you to make the mistake of threatening your account with a simple password.

Also if you have the method to create more killer passwords, then, of course, share them in the comments below.

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