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Southfreak website is a popular pirated movie-downloading website in Asia. Like other pirated movie sites Southfreak provides similar facilities and functionality. Every month this illegal movie site gets millions of users and all of those users happily use this website to cure the movie’s hunger without thinking about the dangerous side of it. Basically, most third-party movie sites illegally distribute movies or upload media files on their website homepage without having a copyright license.

Each and every day, millions of people come to the search engine to find a free movie distribution website like southfreak com, but most of them fail to get their desired source or items.

Mainly, No website owner can provide us with free movie downloading services for free, if someone does then he must do movie piracy which is totally illegal and a punishable offense too.

Note: Southfreak com is a pirated movies website and we all know piracy is a punishable offense. So, please try to avoid this kind of website and use high-quality VPN software before starting internet web surfing. Also,  before deciding to sufting any kind of third-party website must check the site transference and privacy policy. 

About the Southfreak website?

Southfreak .Com is a great website for those users who love to watch movies and are searching for free movie download sites. Generally, South Freak Website has gained a lot of popularity in Bangladesh.

Moreover, the website gets users from other countries especially other Asian countries except Bangladesh. So needless to say that the fame of this website has spread beyond Bangladesh.

There are many other websites like Southfreak but this website is popular for its user interface. You will see many things on the homepage of this website but first, your attention will go to the menu option of the website. Where the names of movies of different genres and countries are nicely listed. Users can choose any movie category from the menu and search manually by typing any movie name.

Southfreak Movie Server

Are you looking for Southfreak Ftp Movie Server? Actually South Freak is a movie website that runs on cloud server hosting. Cloud server hosting in particular helps to increase the speed of a website so websites that run CMS using cloud hosting are able to provide superfast download speed and upload speeds.

Since the Southfreak website is managed using cloud hosting, this website provides a really good download speed. This website can provide a download speed at the same speed as a movie server provides download service.

Most people don’t want to download movies directly from any third-party website. However, this is very good because using third-party movie downloading websites can be risky for any user. After knowing all that, if you want to download movies from this website, how do you do it? Read the complete articles carefully to get answers to these detailed questions.

Southfreak Domain List 2022

Since this website has many old users and those users find this website randomly in the search engines, here we have tried to record all the domain names used in this website. Here only the extensions are given, the extensions you can add after the (southfreak) to see that is it working or not.

Domain List 1 Domain List 2
South freak com South freak org
South freak info South freak me
South freak xyz South freak shop
south freak pw South freak click
south freak us South freak net

Southfreak App For Mobile

Southfreak App For Mobile

Nowadays, almost all people use Android smartphones and prefer to use smartphone apps easily. And this is why the South Freak movie website has created their own mobile application. A user can directly visit the South Freak website using this mobile application and a user does not need to open the Internet browser repeatedly and neither need to type the URL address of this website.

Apps Name Southfreak Apk
Version V1.2
Size 7.09 MB
Last Update October 04, 2022

Alternatives To Southfreak.Com

How To Use the Southfreak website?

First of all, it is good to say that everyone should refrain from using every third-party movie download website. Because all websites upload different types of virus files on their servers, if you download any file from their servers then all the viruses enter your computer or mobile device and destroyed your save files or steal your private data. And this matter is very risky for every user. So we should prevent ourselves and surrounding people from visiting such websites.

The Southfreak site is very easy to use. A user only needs to know the active URL link of this website to enter the website. Since this website does movie piracy and that’s why it changes their domain address regularly. So before visiting this site you must find the active domain of this website.

Check Domain List

Is it Safe For Use?

The Southfreak is a site that only provided unauthorized movies to its user, So this website is not safe for use. Because there was no guarantee that the website does not steal your data?

Also, there is a big risk of viruses effect. If some of their files include malware or virus and if you download those files on your computer then it might damage your hard disk or stolen you all your private data. So, keep avoiding using any third-party website without using any VPN or Proxy network.

Southfreak is Legal or illegal for use?

Is this “legal” or “illegal” to use? The maximum number of websites that provide pirated files, is totally illegal and also not safe for use.  Basically, If anybody uses any content without the copyright owner’s permission then it’s called online piracy. So, avoid using any website or server that uploads pirated files.

Note: All pirated content websites do crimes by breaking the copyright rules. it means if you are using a movie-providing website that uploads pirated movies then it’s illegal and visiting a pirated website also illegal too.


This post is just for educational purposes only. So do not try to misuse it. All things are just given as informative knowledge. Our website does not support any illegal activities. Also, We do not encourage our users to visit any third-party website, which did not have an SSL certificate. So just take this as an educational blog post. Also, avoid visiting any third-party websites.

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