Smartphone or Laptop – Which Is Best?


Smartphone or Laptop: Sitting down to write this article, one story came to mind; Speaking of the year 2012, I used a Java phone from Nokia (even with a Sembian phone), then the internet was not so fast, the maximum speed was 25-5kb / sec! So YouTube was not possible, downloading video content from the Internet and then enjoying it. But the phone did not support high-resolution video like now, there was no good codec support for the phone!


My phone’s screen was 320 × 240 resolution, now to play any video it has to be the same resolution with a bitrate higher or x264 codec but the video was tied and played. However, to get to the real story, I converted the video to 120p resolution online and made 320 × 240 and then played it. Yes, convert video to Java phone!


Well, it wasn’t converted to a true phone, there was a web app that used to do this conversion. But think back then, the era of smartphones did not begin as well, but I used to work on PCs using mobiles. And the story is completely different, the phone has more RAM installed than the laptop now, the processor of the phone has become very powerful. So we do not need a PC anymore, can all the PC’s work with mobile?

Let’s discuss this article about mobile versus PC!

Mobile Vs PC Fundamentally, there is currently no difference between mobile and PC, they are technically working in the same style. Smartphones also have the same hardware like PCs, such as RAM, CPU, GPU, motherboard, or operating system, and they work similarly. And the general-purpose that can be done with a PC can be done with a smartphone.

Web browsing, video play, video conversion, audio mixing can be done on both phone and PC devices. In other words, the smartphone device you have in hand is a Laptop! Nowadays, the price of the phone is higher than the laptop itself. Many powerful gaming PCs can be built with the price of a flagship phone.

Now it is not that the PC and the mobile are completely monolithic or that there is no more need for the PC. These two devices are built on a single type of task and various business models. Smartphones are specially designed for portability and give a low-density performance. On the other hand, a desktop, laptop, or tablet PC is designed to withstand heavy workloads and perform best using more power.

Yes, you can also render videos on the phone, but it will be a few times slower than a PC. Comparing the same price between a phone and a PC, the PC will always outperform. The phone is much smaller in size, meaning you can wander around with a high-configured Laptop in your pocket. And the phone can operate at low power. Phone companies are more expensive than PCs because companies spend more money to put such power into this small device.

On the other hand, the desktop or laptop size is much larger, their processor is much larger, the cooling system is better and can provide better performance. In a small place on the mobile, all the hardware is shunted and the cooling system is not good, so the phone cannot perform that amount, and the phone has physical limitations!

Smartphone – New Update 2020

Smartphone - New Update 2020
Smartphone – New Update 2020
  • It is specially made of portable size so that it can be carried in the pocket.
  • If the phone will down its performance when needed, it will be possible to extend the battery life as it will be dead without the portable device and battery power!
  • One function of the phone is to connect to the cellphone network, make voice calls, and use cellular data.
  • The size of the phone is very small, so it is not possible to draw terabytes of storage like a PC.
  • However, up to 12GB of storage support is available on the phone now, maybe a few terabytes of storage will be seen soon, but the amount of space the PC can support will be possible for the physical size limitation of the phone!
  • It works on apps for day to day life uses, social media apps or photo edits, or some lightweight work is done to make the phone work, the phone is not built to withstand high-end workloads.
  • Most phone applications work with backend servers.
  • The processes of this Laptop run directly on the server rather than on the phone. Computer(Laptop)

Smartphone or Laptop – Which Is Best?

Smartphone or Laptop - Which Is Best?
Smartphone or Laptop – Which Is Best?
  • PC is not influenced by size like a smartphone, its larger parts are rarely available to buy (eg mechanical hard drive, RAM, solid-state drive).
  • You can connect the input/output device to the PC, yes you can connect to the phone but there is a limitation on the phone which is not the case with the PC.
  • PCs are specially optimized for working on high-end workloads, so CAD design, large database handling, high-resolution video rendering, compiling software, running server applications, they are much easier and effective on PC!
  • You can also optimize the laptop for battery and get the best performance out of it, you will find more control over the PC system than the phone!
  • No matter how much the phone has 32GB or 8GB of RAM, smartphones have not yet achieved the ability to do such an effective multi-tasking like a PC, even with large size RAM, the background task can not be retained on the phone!
  • So hopefully, by now you have understood the difference between phone and PC.
  • And yes with the Laptop you get a bigger screen, it becomes much easier to work there. But because the screen of the mobile is so small, not all kinds of work can be done.
  • The external screen can be connected on mobile too, but mobile is not meant to run on an external screen, right?
  • The phone you are reading this article on is technically a Laptop! However,
  • A laptop is made especially for handling lightweight tasks.
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