Robi Internet Offer 2022 | Best Robi Internet Recharge Offer

Robi Internet Offer 2022
Robi Internet Offer 2022

Robi internet offer: Here you can get the latest update of Robi internet offer and packages. Also, We have given all purchase codes to buy Robi internet package. The sim operator Robi is one of the famous and popular companies in Bangladesh. This sim company offers multiple types of services for increasing their subscriber number.

Mostly this company tries to give attractive internet offer and that’s why they have made different types of internet package for different types of user.

Even, it is the first sim operator company in Bangladesh which has been provided 4.5G Internet.

Every day the Sim Operator Robi gives different offers such as internet, voice, and recharge through sending messages to their customer.

If you are already using Robi sim then you may have gained knowledge about Robi internet offers.

On the other hand, if you used another sim operator then here you can get all information about robi internet offer.

Are you looking for the cheapest internet package for Robi Sim? It updates their all provides offer on daily basis and they change it by analyzing the user experience. Mainly the robi sim company has been focusing to provide better internet services.

However, if you want to enjoy high-speed internet service, you can try robi internet because it’s claimed that it can able to provide the fastest internet service than others.

So, if you want to know more about robi internet offer 2021 then continue to read this article. 

Robi Internet Offer 2022

The sim company Robi understand their user needs and made different internet packages for them. Robi sim company divides the internet plan into 4 sections which are Volume Packs, Social Packs, Combo Packs, Scratch Card. All those robi data plans are built for different types of users.

If I illustrate this by giving an example then you might understand the concept clearly. The Volume packs have been made by targeting regular internet users.

Even, if you want to buy internet for using Facebook, Twitter, or another social website then robi sim operator has a different internet package that is only made for social media users.

For those who only use social media, Robi sim company has been made a social internet package. However, if someone needs a combo package where the user can get internet data, minutes, and SMS into one single package?

Robi sim company has been made a separate combo package for that user. Choose your favorite robi internet offer from below and enjoy the fastest internet browsing experience with Robi.

Robi Internet Offer Check Code 

Do you know what Robi Internet offer code Is? If you haven’t heard of Robi Internet Offer Code, check it out below.

Robi Internet Offer Code is a USSD code that looks like * 123 # and you can view all Robi Internet offers and packages by dialing this USSD code. However, the fast-growing network Robi has been bringing new and new offers for their customers every day.

Robi Axiata is the second-largest mobile network operator in Bangladesh that has been covering the whole of Bangladesh with their network towers.

If you live in a rural area of ​​Bangladesh then you may face many problems to get good network signals. But if you use Robi SIM card then you can get full network coverage from anywhere in the country area.

We all know that recently mobile network company Robi announced that they have teamed up with Airtel and created a powerful mobile network coverage capable of delivering 4.5G internet speeds.

Robi Internet Package And Activation Codes

Data Volume Price In BDT Activation Code Validity
3 GB 41 Taka *123*041# 3 Days
6 GB 129 Taka *123*0129# 7 Days
10 GB 199 Taka *123*0199# 7 Days
4 GB 108 Taka *123*0108# 7 Days
2 GB 316 Taka *123*085# 30 Days
500 MB 119 Taka *123*0119# 30 Days
7 GB 749 Taka *123*7168# 30 Days
20 GB 399 Taka *123*0996# 30 Days
30 GB (1GB – Daily Limit) 219 Taka *123*0219# 30 Days

This table chart will help you to choose the perfect robi internet offer and package in 2021. You need a daily internet package, weekly package, or only package, check the table and choose the best robi MB package for yourself.

Just choose one from the table and buy that internet package by dialing the Purchase USSD codes. If you have to face any problem to active your preferable internet package, contact to the robi customer care or help center.

Robi Internet Balance Check

Robi Internet Balance Check

Do you know that How to check robi internet balance? Suppose, you are buying internet on your robi sim and want to know its data volume or validity than what should you do for it? Lots of people don’t know that how to check robi MB or internet balance.

So if you want to check your internet balance on robi sim then you just need to dial some numeric that is called USSD code. To check Robi internet balance, dial this number * 8444 * 88 # or * 222 * 81 #. We have given some important USSD codes below that will help you to check robi internet balance, minute, SMS and number.

Services Name USSD Code
Robi Internet Balance check *8444*88# / *222*81#
Robi minute balance check *222*3#
Robi Sms Balance Check *222*11#
Robi Account Balance Check *222#
Check Own Mobile Number *2#
Robi emergency balance code *123*007#

These codes are very important for all Robi mobile network users and it is essential for all Robi users to know. So, if you are using robi sim, you should note it.

Robi MB Offer 2021 (Social Media Plan)

Package Volume Price In BDT USSD Code Validity
100 MB (FACEBOOK + IMO) 10 BDT *123*0010# 3 Days
200 MB (100 FOR FB + 100 FOR IMO) 19 BDT *123*019# 3 Days
250 MB 46 BDT *123*110# 28 Days
350 MB ( FB+WHATS APP) 18 BDT *123*0250# 28 Days
350 MB (IMO) 20 BDT *123*56# 28 Days
500 MB ( Kuuk.Tv) 10 BDT *123*77# 3 Days
750 MB 74 BDT *123*0074# 14 Days
700 MB + 25 SMS + 25 Minutes 58 BDT *123*058# 7 Days
800 MB (600 FOR FB + 200 MB) 49 BDT *123*049# 7 Days


Robi Data Packages List 2022

Here you will find the latest update of Robi Data Package List 2021 and it will help you to buy the right internet data plan. Many times people are confused to buy an internet plan due to a lack of knowledge.

As a result, users spend their precious money to buy an unnecessary internet plan that is not needed. That’s why we are here to guide you to find the best internet package. So, before buying a Robi internet offer or package, you must know that why you buy it or which purpose you use?

If you want to use social media like Facebook then you should buy a robi social media internet plan. On the other hand, if you want to browse, you should need to buy a regular internet plan. Even, when you buy an internet plan, must get check its validity or expiration date before buying that.

How To Buy Robi Internet Pack?

How To Buy Robi Internet Pack

How can a user buy robi internet package? Which is the easiest method to buy robi MB package? Or Can I active robi internet package through mobile recharge?

Those question has been searched by million of robi users but is there has any trusted website available where people can get the answer to those question. If you have the same types of questions about robi internet offer then continue to read this page to get the ideal answer.

A user can activate any type of robi internet plan into multiple methods such as manually by dialing codes and through recharge.

So, anyone can active robi mb plan by dialing USSD Codes which is called manual process. Also, Users can purchase robi mb plan by mobile top-up or recharge.

However, if you want to activate any robi MB plan then check the robi internet offer list that has been given inside this post.

Robi Internet Offer 2021 List

Here you will get the all internet offer list of robi mobile network company and all data has collected from the official website of robi mobile network. It’s is the latest update of robi internet offers and package that has been published in 2021 by robi official website. Check the list and choose your favorite and preferable internet package and enjoy the 4.5 internet browsing experience.

Robi Internet Offer 3 days Package List

Data Volume Price In BDT Activation Code
1 GB 23 BDT *123*230#
1 GB 41 BDT *123*41#
1.5 GB 48 BDT *123*48#
2.5 GB 54 BDT *123*3*3*5#
2 GB 41 BDT *123*3*3*6#
2 GB ( 65 BDT *123*77*3#
3 GB 108 BDT *123*061#

Robi Internet Offer 7 days Package List

Data Volume Price In BDT Activation Code
3 GB 41 BDT *123*041#
3 GB 108 BDT *123*108#
4 GB 108 BDT *123*0108#
6 GB 129 BDT *123*0129#
10 GB 199 BDT *123*0199#
1.1 GB 101 BDT *123*101#
1 GB + 50 Min + 100 SMS 98 BDT *123*098#
700 MB + 25 SMS + 25 Min 58 BDT *123*058#
800 MB (600 FACEBOOK +200MB) 49 BDT *123*049#

Robi Internet Offer 30 days Package List

Data Volume Price In BDT Activation Code
250 MB 46 BDT *123*110#
500 MB 119 BDT *123*0119#
2 GB 316 BDT *123*085#
7 GB 749 BDT *123*7168#
10 GB 501 BDT *123*501#
20 GB 399 BDT *123*0996#
15 GB 649 BDT *123*649#
20 GB + 500 Min + 200 SMS 999 BDT *123*999#
20 GB + 500 Min + 200 SMS 999 BDT *123*00999#
25 GB 649 BDT Recharge Offer
45 GB 998 BDT Recharge Offer
30 GB ( 1 GB Daily) 219 BDT *123*0219#


Robi Internet Checking Code

Hey my dear readers, you want to check your robi internet data volume and also check the internet validity than what should you do? For checking the robi mb volume you need to dial the USSD Codes *8444*88# or *222*81#.

Check Instruction step by step:

  • Go to Dial Pad
  • Press the USSD Codes *8444*88#
  • Or Press Codes *222*81#
  • And Press the Dial Icon or Button

When you will purchase the robi internet plan, you will get a reply message that also known as a successful activation message. Inside that message, you will get the internet Volume checking code also.

Robi Recharge Internet Offer

Robi Recharge Internet Offer

A user can able to activate robi recharge offer by top-up directly. You can not buy the recharge offer plan by dialing any codes or manually.

The robi recharge internet offer only activates when you will Flexiload through the recharge center or agent.

Even, you can actives the Robi internet recharge offer by Bkash, rocket, Nagad mobile recharge.

Robi Internet Recharge Offer Packages List 2021

Internet Offer Price In BDT (Activate Through Recharge) Validity
30 GB 999 BDT 30 Days
20 GB 911 BDT 30 Days
15 GB 649 BDT 28 Days
10 GB 199 BDT 7 Days
10 GB (7 GB + 3 GB 4.5G) 501 BDT 28 Days
6 GB 148 BDT 7 Days
4.5 GB (1.5 GB 4G) 129 BDT 7 Days
1.5 GB 209 BDT 30 Days
1.1 GB 101 BDT 7 Days

Note: Not all internet package is the same because some are 4.5G internet package and some are regular internet packages. A regular internet data package can’t provide the 4.5G speed as well.

So, before activate of those internet data packs, you should need to analyze them. To know more details, please contact to Robi customer care service and talk with robi customer manager by dialing this 01819-400400 number.

Robi 1GB Offer List 2022

Robi mobile network has been made multiple 1 GB internet offer package and those data plan has been making by focusing user demand.

Although, most user want a cheap package such 1 GB data plan with minimum validity. So, Just for them robi offered different types of 1 Gb Internet Plan. Check below to get information about all 1 GB MB plans of robi mobile network.

  1. Robi 1GB 23 TK Offer

  2. Robi 2GB At 54 TK Offer

  3. Robi 3 GB At 108 TK Offer

  4. Robi 6 GB Offer At 129 TK

  5. Robi 10 GB Offer At 199 TK

Robi 1GB 23 TK Offer

You may like to activate 1GB Internet pack at taka 23 and this is one of the best internet offers from Robi. If you want to activate this 1 Gb Internet package then follow the instruction that has given below.

To activate this 1 GB Internet pack, you need to dial the activating USD Code *123*230# . If your account has enough balance and you dial this USSD code then the 1 GB internet package will be activated automatically.

Robi 2GB At 54 TK Offer

This is one of my favorite internet package of robi and we can activate this 2 GB internet offer at 54 BDT. So, if you want to buy this internet pack then dial this ussd code *123*3*3*5# or recharge 54 TK. This package will come with 3 days validity.

Robi 3 GB At 108 TK Offer

At 108 Taka you can able to buy 2 different internet package of robi. To activate the 3 GB internet offer at 108 taka dial this *123*108# Ussd code or you can activate this plan through direct recharge.

Robi 6 GB Offer At 129 TK

If you are looking for an affordable internet pack to watch youtube videos then this 6 GB internet package is the best option for you. To activate this 6 Gb internet plan you need to dial the ussd code *123*0129# for activation.

This internet plan will come with 7 days validity. You can check your data volume by dialing *8444*88# or *222*81#.

Robi 10 GB Offer At 199 TK

Robi 10 GB Internet package will come with 7 days validity. To activate this 10 Gb internet plan you need to dial the USSD Code *123*0199# for activation. However, 10GB of data is enough data for a mobile phone user. Also, you can check your data volume by dialing *8444*88# or *222*81#.

Conclusion: In this article, we have given all internet package-related information and all data that we show here collected from the official website of Robi mobile network. To know more about robi mobile network companies, check their official website from here. If you like this post then do be cheap to share it with your friends using social media account.


This post is just for educational purposes only. So do not try to misuse it. All things are just given as informative knowledge. Our website does not support any illegal activities. Also, We do not encourage our users to visit any third-party website, which did not have an SSL certificate. So just take this as an educational blog post. Also, avoid visiting any third-party website.


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