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Pran Web DO Is a website that has been created by the Pran Authority. As we know Pran RFL Group is one of the leading brands in Bangladesh and it manufactures multiple types of products. If you are staff of the Pran Company then you should know about the pran rfl web do. Basically, this is a website for all Pran and Rfl workers and job holders. By using this website pran rfl staff can manage their workflow and order details of products.

PRAN-RFL Group is one of the leading food and beverage manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. This company supplies their products all over Bangladesh and their products are available in any local market shops. To manage such a big company, thousands of employees are needed. Pran-RFL Group employees and officers generally use the Pran Rfl Web Do website for their day-to-day accounting and product ordering and marketing.

In today’s post, we will discuss Pran Web Do in detail and give a brief description of the options available on the website. If you want to be well informed about this matter then patiently read the completed content carefully.


After successful login to the Pran rfl web do website, users will see a big list where the authority implemented all of their features and settings of the management system. Once you log in to that site, you just need to know your purpose and destination page links or menu. Here we briefly describe the whole system names which might help you a little bit to use the pran rfl web do site.

  • Dealer Business
  • Balance
  • Trade Program
  • Order Entry
  • Bakery Demand+DO
  • Party List
  • Order Archive
  • Undelivered
  • Und Sample
  • Complain
  • Do Status
  • MR Status
  • OC Receive
  • Statement
  • Damage Report
  • Change Password
  • Logout

Details About Pran RFL Web Do

If you have joined Pran RFL Company or are a fresher then the contents provided here may prove very important for you. Maybe during the training period, you will be informed about this website but to understand the correct usage you need to first gain knowledge about the website with in-depth details. Here we have tried to give a brief idea about all the menu options of the Pran Web Do website. Hope you will benefit from reading them.

Dealer Business

In this menu item, the user will get 5 different options such as Item Adjustment, Delivery, Return, Stock Report, and Add Vehicle. This menu is not needed for normal job holders. So, you can skip it otherwise you can learn it just for educational purposes.


PRAN Web Do Balance

The Balance menu has shown the report of the current amount of money. If the balance amount shoe a minus amount then it means you have that much amount on that account. However, if the balance shows any Plus amount then understand that it means the company has some due amount to the dealer.

Trade Program

PRAN Web Do Trade Program

The trade option shows you the whole available product items with names and codes. It is generally said that which product will give something free as a gift. For example, You order a box of candy and it shows you how much extra candy or other things you will get from it.

Order Entry

PRAN Web Do Order Entry

Order Entry option is the most important part of pran web do. Most of the users are used this menu a maximum number of times for ordering products or materials. Check out the image that has given below to understand all of the options settings.

Order Active

By using the Order Active option, user can activate their due orders that have been created from the Order Entry menu. User can also cancel their order from the same menu. When the user entry order from the Order Entry, the ordered item will be pending activation. Users should need manually activate that item for ordering.


Even after ordering some small products every month, those which are not delivered are listed in this menu. At the end of the month, all those undelivered readings are accounted for. It should be noted that the calculation of all these products will be given in that option so users can know about the status of the products by checking this option at any time.


If any dealer has any complaint related to any product or order, then they can complain directly to the company through the Complain Option. Many times it is seen that the dealer does not get the product as per the order, but the price of the ordered product is charged from the account.


Pran Web Do Website User Login

Login to Pran Rfl Web Do is very easy and users can do it by flowing one simple step. Only the dealer and job holders have a unique login ID and Password for the web do account. Which is initially needed for passing the login process?


All of the newbie job holders of the Pran Group should have a unique ID for login to that account web do account. User data have been stoked on the website database which comes from the small and big dealers of Pran RFL. To get a step-by-step solution you can check the instruction process below.

Login Login

How To Login PRAN Web DO?

Accessing the pran web do is easy like a piece of cake. So, anybody can do it by themself,  if they have the original web address of the site. Here we have given some basic instructions and you can log in to the site by flowing this simple process.

  • Open your Browser (Any Browser)
  • Click the URL bar and Type the address (Link)
  • Also, You can check the web do the Login Button.
  • RFL Web Do Login Link (Check here)
  • To login the Pran Web Do (Check here)
  • After Open the login Page just input user name and password
  • Then Press the Login Button and Done.
Pran Web Do Login Link
RFL Web Do Login Link


PRAN Web Do Website

A lot of people search the pran web do website link by typing the keyword or phrase “www pran web do bd” but is it the right formula to find out the website or not? Many people don’t know this simple question answer. However, those who don’t know to find the pran rfl web do site’s login page, only they had done this kind of silly thing. So, my dear reader here we have given the exact keyword and link to find the original website where you can take your login entrance as well.

www pran web do bd link

  • Open your browser
  • Copy the link:
  • Past it on URL Bar
  • Then Press enter button and Wait for a while
  • After a few seconds, you will see your destination page

RFL Web Do Website

Those who have a Pran-RFL Company dealership or are a job holder of RFL can log in to the RFL Web Do site as per the below guidelines. You can see the description, price, and value of all products of RFL from the website. So if you want to log in to RFL Web Do, then without wasting time, check the instructions given below.

www rfl web do bd link

  • Open your internet browser
  • Copy the link:
  • Past it on URL Bar
  • Then Press enter button and Wait for a while
  • After a few seconds, you will see your destination page

Last Word

Finally, we always try to help our website users with important information. We always try to cover every topic thoroughly keeping in mind that there are many users who are not very familiar with internet browsing. In addition, it is good to say that if for some reason you are unable to log in to the Pran Web Do website, then do not forget to mention the problem in the comment box.

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