NetCitybd FTP Server 2021

NetCitybd FTP Server 2021
NetCitybd FTP Server 2021

Netcitybd FTP Server > This Ftp server has been multiple categories for different types of media files. Are you looking for this fantastic media server known as netcitybd FTP then here you can get the full information about this Netcitybd.

Basically, the netcitybd is a broadband internet provider company that running inside Dhaka city. We all know that there are many broadband internet companies in Bangladesh now. Which we usually call ISP. The technology is improving in our country in the same way as the number of internet users is increasing too. For which many broadband internet companies are being formed targeting all these internet users.

In addition to most Broadband companies are offering a wide range of new services to increase their customer base. The services provided by the broadband company include live TV server, FTP server, IP telephone service, etc.

Almost every broadband company in our country is now offering its users services like FTP servers. If you don’t know about FTP Server, take a look at our website.

Here I am trying to give you a brief idea about the FTP server. FTP Server is a service that allows you to download media files of your choice. Moreover, at present, on average, I have seen that most broadband internet users verify the services offered by an Internet ISP company before subscribing to that company. In this case, about 70% of users prefer services like FTP servers.

What is Netcitybd?

Many are wondering what is Netcitybd? If you don’t know about NetCity Then by reading this paragraph you can get a basic idea about this known thing.

Netcitybd is basically an ISP company, which provides internet services in different parts of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. If you are a resident of Dhaka city then you may have heard of Netcity Broadband Company.

Here we are talking about this broadband company because this broadband company provides services to their customers like FTP server. The file transfer server owned by NetCity Broadband Company is commonly known as Netcitybd FTP Server.

NetCitybd FTP Server 2021

Are you come to this website to get the Netcitybd Ftp Server then here you can get the default gateway address details of it. Before visiting any third-party website, make sure that you used a VPN Connection. However, if you want to access this little ftp server, you must have a subscription to Netcity Broadband Internet. Only the user of these ISPs can able to access this netcitybd ftp server. So, without having a subscription to it, nobody can use it anyway.


Netcitybd FTP Server


Why I can’t access the Netcitybd FTP Server?

Why I can't access the Netcitybd FTP Server?

I have checked many websites and forums on the internet, many internet users have complained that they can’t access this media ftp server. Are you experiencing similar problems when logging in to this FTP server? What is the rationale behind such a problem?

In general, I’ve noticed that when a web server blocks an Internet user’s IP address, that user can no longer access that server.

This problem occurs in most users. So if you also use the internet of Netcitybd Broadband Company and face such IP blocking problem then contact your internet provider immediately.


How to Access Netcitybd FTP Server?

How to Access Netcitybd FTP Server

There are a few things to keep in mind before logging into any FTP server. To access an FTP server, you need to know the web address or IP address of that FTP server. Of course, there is a difference between the URL address of an FTP server and the URL address of a typical website. The URL address of the website starts with https:// or http:// but the URL link of the FTP server starts with ftps:// or ftp://.

 ➡  To access the NetCitybd ftp server, first open the Internet browser you use.

 ➡ Once your internet browser is open, click on the URL bar in the browser to input the URL.

 ➡ Then type in the URL address of the FTP server you want to access.

 ➡ Once the address is written, see if there is a good spelling mistake

 ➡ Finally click the OK button and wait

 ➡ I have opened the homepage of your desired FTP server in a while.

Best Alternative FTP Server For Netcitybd

Best Alternative FTP Server For Netcitybd

The Netcitybd ftp server doesn’t work then you can check those alternative ftp servers. Pick one from here and enjoy it right now. I spend a lot of time on the internet to collect those ftp media servers. If you get any help from this post then don’t be cheap to share it on social media.


This post is just for educational purposes So do not try to misuse it. All things are just giving as informative knowledge. We do not encourage users to visit any third-party website, which did not have an SSL certificate. So just take this as an educational blog post. Also, avoid visiting any third-party website.

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