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NaturalbdIf you are looking for the biggest online movie server then here you can get your problem solution. The naturalbd server has been gone from search engine and many people are trying to find this popular ftp server.

The Website Naratural bd provides free movies for its all user. Most of the people came to this ftp based website for movies with fast download speed. The website had been set their website on ftp server that’s why people got fast download speed from here. So, here you can get all answers about the natural bd website with full details.

Best Online Movie Server Naturalbd

Biggest Online Movie Server Naturalbd

Every website needs a host to run. Some of the servers have the fastest download speed. On the other hand, some websites have the slowest speeds. Every single website speed depends on their hosted server speed.

The biggest Online movie server natural bd hosted from an ftp server. Which provided a super-fast download speed to users.


New Naturalbd


An internet user who loves to download files from the internet wants fast speed website. Natural bd had been hosted by used an ftp server that made it a faster website than any other third-party similar website.

However, the website was banned for pirating issues. All of their provided pirated files which means it only uploaded pirated movies on its website.

There is no rule to use third-party content without real owner permission. If somebody uses copy materials on his website then it’s totally illegal. Also do online piracy is a big cybercrime and many people have been punished for it. | Naturalbd - Naturalbd

It such a good website to download any HD quality movies. The website using the first domain name before banned from search engines. Many people asked a question that why they couldn’t find it on the search engine?

But those people may do not know that the natural bd website has been deleted from the search engine for used unauthorized files without legal permission and simultaneously doing movie piracy.

If you enter into your web browser and press the enter button then you will see an error page. The reason behind it is very simple! And only happened this error because natural bd changed their domain name.

Naturalbd Movie Server

Naturalbd Movie Server

There is no limit for a movie lover, even all ages people like to watch movies in different categories. Some people are love to watch classic movies and some people show their interest in action movies.

Natural bd movie Server really a good place to download free movies. Whenever people want this site for its fastest server. If you are a movie lover then you might be searching for your favorite movie on search engines. And try to find a good website that really gives high-quality files.

But most of the authorized movie servers take a little amount of money for using their site. Most of the people did not want to pay any money to download any files from the internet. That is why maximum internet users trying to find a free movie provider website that actually free.

Alternative For Naturalbd.Com

Alternative For Naturalbd

Here are some best Alternatives for and all of these sites also hosted from the Ftp server. So, you can get the same speed as like natural bd website from it. Every day thousands of people search for different types of movies but they didn’t know that most of the movies are available on ftp server. 

However, if you really need any other ftp server then you should check out ftp server menu, where you will get a big list of ftp server details.







Naturalbd Ftp Server

Naturalbd Ftp Server

Ftp server is a kind of web server that provides maximum speed to its users. If you already used any ftp server-based website then you should know about the overall speed performance.

Naturalbd website had been hosted from an Ftp server. That is why all users of the natural bd website, fully satisfied with its speed.

But most natural bd website users did not know about a serious topic that it is only doing online piracy by using third-party movies without any legal permission of the original owner. So, please avoid using any website that provided only pirated materials.

New Naturalbd Website Address

New Naturalbd Website Address

Suddenly the banned website natural bd .com changed its domain name and continue to run the website again. Here you can see a box below where you can get to know about its new website address. 

Old Naturalbd Website New Naturalbd Website

However, The website starting its movie pirating business again. Movie piracy not a big deal today and a lot of websites doing movie piracy. Our movie industry fails in danger for those movie piracy websites.

Did you realize how much money was the cost for making a new movie? When A group of people copy the original movie file and published it on the internet then Can you imagine the amount of damage our cinema industry is facing? Movie piracy is destroying our movie industry day by day.


Frequently asked questions

  • Is it Safe to Use Naturalbd Website?
  • How To Find The Natural bd Website?


Is it Safe to Use? Naturalbd Website

Is it Safe to Use Naturalbd Website?

Natural bd is a website that only provided unauthorized movies to its user, So this website is not safe for use. Because there was no guaranty if the website does not steal your data?

Also, there is a big risk for viruses effect. If some of their files including malware or virus and if you download that files on your computer then it might be damage your hard disk or stolen you all private data.

So, keep avoiding using any third-party website without using any VPN or Proxy network.

How To Find The Natural bd Website?

You can find the new natural bd website by its domain name. But at this moment you can’t find this website because natural bd was banned from the search engine. But recently the pirated movie providing website natural bd using a different domain name to continue their website again.

But new natural bd may not same as like the old one. if you visit their website then you can see huge initial changes on its website interface. But as you know, the third-party website is not safe for use So, avoid using any third-party website and browsing the internet safely.


Highlight Information

Bangladesh is an underdeveloping country and people here don’t have any idea about safe internet browsing. Most of the people of Bangladesh only thought that the internet is things that only use for YouTubing and Facebooking. But they did not have any idea about internet crime so that is why they are visiting those pirated websites to download files for free. They only thought “the internet is a memory card” So, we should need to conscious people to do safe browsing when they use the internet. 



This post is written for educational purposes. Our website does not recommend our visitors to download anything from a third-party website. Be conscious about copyright piracy and do not use any pirating website. However maximum third-party websites are full of dangerous malware viruses. So keep away from those websites. Just take this post as an educational part.

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