Moviehaat FTP | 10 Best Alternatives For Moviehaat

Moviehaat ftp
Moviehaat ftp

Moviehaat FTP site is the biggest online movie server in Bangladesh. This Ftp movies server updates its database daily with the latest released movies and web series. Suddenly, it get huge popularity for its supportable and open-source features. Even, users can get turbo download speed on it and also can download any files from this server for free.

Constantly movie lovers are searching for the term “Biggest Online movie server” and Some similar phrases like it. But in min time most of the users only get FTP server site which doesn’t work for them. So, which movie server or site is accessible to global users? Many people have the same question in their mind and they really try to figure out the exact answer to it. Here I have given the answer in a short line.

Not all FTP servers are performed as movie servers but all movie server is known as FTP servers.

MovieHaat FTP


Moviehaat FTP

Moviehaat FTP is a popular movie downloading site in Bangladesh. This web page is hosted on FTP cloud hosting which is another fantastic thing for its feature. On every single ftp site, users will get nonstop download speed which is an amazing experience for users.

However, Moviehaat ftp sites have a huge category for different types of movies such as Hindi, English, Bangla, Tamil, and Telugu. Even, users don’t need to pay any single amount of money for using the moviehaat ftp server.

Recently famous broadband companies in Bangladesh have already created their own file transfer protocol server ie FTP server. Those servers are open only to the subscribers of those broadband companies. Most of those servers are not open to third-party users. Although the MovieHaat server is open for almost 90% of users. If for some reason you cannot use this server then you can check the list of 10 best similar movie servers like moviehaat FTP given below as an alternative.

How To Use Moviehaat FTP?

If your internet connection is BDIX supported then you can easily access any ftp-server. There are exceptions in some cases, but in 90% of cases, there is no such problem to be faced. Lately, the Movie Haat FTP server has gained a lot of popularity in Bangladesh. Almost every month millions of users are using this free ftp movie site. If you want to use this movie server then you can follow the guide given below. We have explained here with step-by-step points how you have to access this movie server without any problem.

Follow the Step:

  • Bookmark this page (Control + D)
  • Find the Blue Button
  • Tap the Button
  • Wait for a while
  • Then enjoy the movie server.

10 Best Alternatives For Moviehaat

  1. Ctgmovies

  2. Mojar FTP

  3. VdoMela FTP

  4. Dhaka Movie

  5. Naturalbd

  6. Explore Movies

  7. Mojaloss Stream

  8. CinemaBazar

  9. Ftpbd Net

  10. Timepassbd

Note: In this list, instead of directly giving the links to the FTP server, I have given the link to the page that has the information on those servers. Which will help you before using all those savers. Also, we have mentioned to use a good quality VPN software for your safety. Please read the information given on our website carefully before using any server, so that you do not have to face any trouble while using it.


Finally, we will say that through this “Moviehaat FTP” post we have tried to help our website users. And if you got any help from this post then please don’t forget to post this on your social media account. And if you have any questions about this post, don’t forget to comment in the comment box, and we will try to provide the answer to your desired question. Keep an eye on the homepage of our website to know about the new movie servers and updates.

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