Moviebazar FTP Server | Exclusive Online Media Server 2021

Moviebazar FTP Server
Moviebazar FTP Server

Moviebazar is an exclusive online media server that has huge popularity in Bangladesh. This media server provides free service with multiple facilities such as movies, telefilm, and software. However, you may saw a lot of ftp servers. But you never saw this type of server before. To know about this awesome ftp server, check the full post.

Every single day thousands of users searching for good ftp servers. Which provides different types of facilities that can satisfy the user’s needs. However, most ftp servers had been initially given a good performance. But with the time circle, those ftp servers lose the performance. Whatever, it is the only truth and reality.

Note: Be conscious and protect yourself from any kind of unknown website, as well as refrain from accessing third-party websites.


What is Moviebazar FTP ?

Moviebazar is an ftp server-based website that hosted on the Ftp server hosting. Ftp server is the fastest server in bd. This server has huge popularity because it gives high-speed download speed.

If you want to know more about this moviebazar ftp server then continue to read the post. If you check the full page, you will get to know about comprehensive details of this ftp server. 

Moviebazar FTP Server

This marvelous ftp server provides different types of media files in separate categories. If you don’t know the default gateway address of this famous ftp server then here you will get that thing too. Just check below and you will see the jackpot. Before using any third-party site you should need to use a VPN connection. A VPN connection makes your data more secure from the internet. 


Moviebazar FTP Server


How to find this ftp media server?

How to find this ftp media server

Most people in our society love to watch media files. When a new movie is released, every moviegoer’s wait ends. But most people do not understand where they can find a platform that allows users to watch media files for free. Every day thousands of people come to search engines and search for the name of their favorite movie but most of them get frustrated. Because they can’t find such a platform.

There are numerous servers operated by ISP companies in Bangladesh where you can enjoy all kinds of video files for free. But there is a condition that you have to use the internet services of these ISP companies. However, you can only use this moviebazar FTP server if the internet provider you are using supports the BDIX server.

Why can’t Access Moviebazar Ftp?

Why can't Access Moviebazar Ftp?

There are a few things to keep in mind before logging into any FTP server. To access an FTP server, you need to know the web address or IP Address of that FTP server. Of course, there is a difference between the URL address of an FTP server and the URL address of a typical website. The URL address of the website starts with https:// or http:// but the URL link of the FTP server starts with ftps:// or ftp://.


➡  To access the Moviebazar ftp server, first, open the Internet browser you use.

➡ Once your internet browser is open, click on the URL bar in the browser to input the URL.

➡ Then type in the URL address of the FTP server you want to access.

➡ Once the address is written, see if there is a good spelling mistake.

➡ Finally, click the OK button and wait.

➡ I have opened the homepage of your desired FTP server in a while.

Is it legal or illegal?

Most of the time people didn’t know about online piracy. Even they didn’t what is online piracy. So here is the question that you must know before using any website that contributing pirated files. Is this “legal” or “illegal” to use?

The maximum number of websites that provide pirated files, is totally illegal and also not safe for use.  Basically, If anybody using any content without the copyright owner’s permission then it’s called online piracy. So, avoid using any website or server that uploads pirated files.

Best Alternative Of Moviebazar FTP Server

Best Alternative Of Moviebazar FTP Server

Where can you find an ftp-server that can be used as an alternative to Moviebazar Ftp? Is that what you are thinking? If so, there is no reason to worry. Because I have mentioned the names of some awesome FTP servers as an alternative to the moviebazar ftp server.

Check the ftp server-related post Top 10 Ftp Movie Server and get your problem solution. To learn more about ftp server, check out our ftp-server archive.


This post is just for educational purposes So do not try to misuse it. All things are just giving as informative knowledge. Our website does not support any illegal activities. Also, We do not encourage our users to visit any third-party website, which did not have an SSL certificate. So just take this as an educational blog post. Also, avoid visiting any third-party website.

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