MLWBD > Movie Lovers World in short Mlwbd website has multiple domain gateway like,, Mlsbd, etc. Here you can get all information about the mlwbd website details. It is the best Movie Lover World Bangladesh. So, If anyone looking for a free movie provider website that offers to give free movies then the MLWBD website is the best option for them. But download anything from the website is not legal because it was only uploaded movie files by doing piracy.

Description: This Website Is the best movie lover website in Bangladesh or not? Many people asked that on different forum websites but nobody could not give the right suggestion for it. One of the best movie lovers world for all kinds of free movie websites. The website offering users to download movies in Dual Audio Like Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian, and Hindi Dubbed Movies For Free in 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2160p resolution. The Website Also provides Ultra Hd movies on their web server in 2021.

What Is Mlwbd?

If you have the same question inside your mind? Basically, Mlwbd is a website name that provides free movies to its website database and anyone can access their website and download movies from this website. This free movie provider website did not any charges for using their download service. The full name of this website refers to Movie Lover world Bangladesh.


Bmdays Ftp Server



Who doesn’t like to watch movies? I think everybody loves to watch movies. But everyone may have a different taste in movies to different categories. Some people love Bollywood movies and some are likes Hollywood movies. Even a Types of people only love to watching telefilms and tv serials. However, the movie lover world bd website caters to the needs of all movie lovers. If you also a movie lover then this website can help you to finds your favorite movies.



Movie lover world is a web flat form that has a huge collection of movies in different categories. The movie lover world bd website menu listed in multiple sections like Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, Dhollywood, and Hindi Dubbed.

So, It will help every new user to choose their favorite categories of movies. Overall the website interface looks very user-friendly but there only have a single problem that is movie lover world bd website only uploaded pirated movie files. This website authority didn’t have any legal document or license for using those movies files to their website database.

In 2017 the website starts its journey to target bd users. After leaving a few months the number of website users increasing so fast and reached thousand to lack in a short time.  At the time of the beginning, the website got popular very fast. This third-party website share pirated movies to their website, which is really a big type of cybercrime. If you didn’t know what is online piracy then you can check it on the internet.

Online piracy means uploading files on the internet without having the legal permission of the original owner. It means if you upload files to the internet, Without having any copyright ownership then it’s called online piracy. Online piracy is a serious type of crime and many people had been going to jail for it.

However, everybody wants to get a free website that not provide a paid service. Most of the movie downloading websites take a little charge to their user. But this Movie lover world bd website not asked you to pay them a single amount of money, even they never asked you to share your personal data with them.



Everybody wants a free service for everything. But when we talk about using the word best that time only appears paid services. Best movie lover world bd website title only goes to it because it really provides free movies for all users. However, this website doing online piracy which directly illegal.

Best movie downloading website get popularity for their free service. While the website did not expense a single amount of money for it. It only uploading copyright material on its web server.

If you looking for the best movies lovers world website then you may get a huge list of websites on the search engines that offering free movies. But all those websites only rank on search engines by their blog post and actually maximum website did not provide any movie files.



This website has multiple categories for different types of movies. As you know, everyone wants to get a free site, where they can find movies and web series with download facilities. So, here you can find everything that you want. It is the best for a real movie lover. If you are a true movie lover then you should need to check its movie categories given below.

  • Hollywood Movies
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Tollywood Movies
  • Telegu Movies
  • Bangla Movies
  • Dubbed Movies


Hollywood Movies

Basically this website a huge Bollywood movies collection on its server. Almost everyone, young and old, likes to watch movies. But not everyone likes the same types of movie. Some may prefer to watch classic movies while others prefer to watch action movies. But everyone, big or small, likes adventurous type movies. Movie lover world website has a huge Hollywood movie collection where they uploaded different types of movies like classic, action, adventurous, etc.

Bollywood Movies

Whenever there is talk of Bollywood movies, the eyes fall on the Asian continent. Because Bollywood movies have the most fan followers in Asia. Bollywood movies are very popular in many countries including Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Nepal. When we say Bollywood movie, we usually mean Hindi movie. However, on the Movie Lovers World website, you will find a huge collection of Bollywood movies. Although our mother tongue is Bengali. But some people learned the Hindi language and they have mastered it while watching movies.


Mlwbd Ftp Server

Mlwbd Ftp Server

File transfer protocol server or ftp server is one of the best services for every single user. This website hosted on an ftp server for a high-quality download speed. All ftp server gives high-speed download and uploads service. Also, it uses the ftp server for providing good upload and download speed to all of its users.

Ftp server really an interesting service in my opinion. If you have a little knowledge about this awesome service then you may also like it. Basically, the FTP server is nothing but an internet database that provides super-fast download speed for users. If you define it in one sentence then the Ftp server means fast and high-speed download.

Alternative Website For Mlwbd

Alternative Website For Mlwbd

If you are looking for an alternative website that really works like mlwbd then here you can get some website names. Those website has been providing a good quality download speed.

Here we make a list by some latest website that provides the same services like website. So, if you want to need a perfect website for quenches thirst of movies then check this list in below.


30 Best Ftp Server hosted website that provides all types of movies. Not only that those websites really similar to this pirated movie provider.


Mlwbd Domain List

Here you can see all domain name which was used frequently by this free movie provider website. The website domain doing piracy that’s why it was changed its domain name rapidly. Most of the time the owner of this website changed their hosting with domain name to match the old domain name.

Mlwbd.Com Dot Com
Mlw bd. Co Dot Co
Mlw bd.Pro Dot Pro
Mlw bd. XYZ Dot Xyz
Mlw bd. Site Dot Site
Mlw bd. Me Dot Me
Mlw bd. Movie Dot Movie
Mlw bd. Net Dot Net
Mlw bd. info Dot Info


Mlwbd – All Movies Category

This website provides all kinds of movies like Bangla, Hindi, English, and mostly all dubbed movies. This website only uploaded pirated movies. 

  • Bangla Movies
  • Kolkata Movies
  • Hindi Movies
  • English Movies
  • Tamil Movies
  • Hindi Dubbed Movies

Bangla Movies in Mlwbd

Mostly the website movie lover world bd starting its journey to provides only Bangla movies. If you check their Bangla movies category then you will get a huge list of movies. Maximum old and new movies available in this Bangla movies menu. There has one type of Bangla movie available which is the Dhollywood movie.

 ➡ A film released by Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC) is called Dhallywood Movie. 


Also, the movie lover world website offering multiple types of movies, and you can directly check it from their website.

Frequently Ask Question


Is MLWBD Safe?

We already said that this website only uploaded pirated movies, So it is not a safe website. Because this website can conclude virus files into those movie files.

If you download one of those files then your computer can be caused. Also, you have the risk of losing your personal data or cookies. So do not use any third-party website to download any things.

So, please avoid using any third-party website and keep safe your computer or laptop from dangerous malware and virus. Hopefully, you get all information about mlwbd website. If you have any queries about it then comment below.

Use VPN Connection

Vpn connection is very important when you are using any third-party website. Because many websites want your cookies for giving you access. If you allow them to save your cookies then you may fall in danger by doing that. If you using a VPN proxy connection then your personal data will be safe from the worldwide internet. So, before using any third-party website must use a secure VPN connection for your safety.


All of this content is just to write for educational purposes so do not miss use it and avoid using all types of third-party websites. Just take it as an educational Part. If you have any query about this then contact us.

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