MLSBD FTP SERVER – Biggest Movie Link Store BD 2021

Movie link store bd (Mlsbd) 
Movie link store bd (Mlsbd) 

Mlsbd FTP Server: It’s also known as Movie link store bd which provides all types of movie links for direct download. If you are looking for any movie then you should need to know about mlsbd. Here you can get a big list of movie links for download.

It has a big database for listing a huge collection of different types of movies. That is why people called this movie link store bd or in short form MLSBD.

Maximum people who live in Asia like to watching movies for entertainment. So every day a lot of internet users searching for multiple types of movies. But unfortunately, there was no fixed website, where people get all types of movie downloading link for free.

However, the website MLSBD only providing free service by sharing unlimited movie links for free. But this website is not legal or safe for use because it uploaded pirated movies.



The website is the largest movie link-sharing website in Bangladesh. It also got huge website traffic from different countries in Asia.

Since the website MLSBD starting its journey and passing a few months for gaining popularity in Bangladesh. Not only that it was also got users from India and Pakistan too.

But unfortunately, this website using pirated content, which is why the search engine banned their first domain from the index. So, after suspending the first domain, the MLSBD change their domain name and continue to run the movie link store website again.

Best Movie Link Store Bangladesh 2021

Best Movie Link Store Bangladesh 2020
Best Movie Link Store Bangladesh 2021

Everybody wants a free source for everything but they do not want to use any paid service. If you need any movies what did you do first? I think most of the time we try to find a free movie source, where we get all types of movie links. Also, try to look for a movie website that has a fast download speed. 

The reason behind MLSBD hides inside a secret and logical fact. It was only getting the popularity for providing free service. While other websites did not provide any download link for free. 

As a result, the movie link store website became famous for giving free download links. The movie link store bd, not a safe website because it was uploading movies without any legal permission of owners.

Movie link store bd (Mlsbd) 

Movie link store bd (Mlsbd) 
Movie link store bd

MLSBD has big categories for different types of movies. It listing all categories separately and added movies by targeted category.

Movie link store provides Bangla, Hindi, English, and Tamil movies. Also, it was offering HD quality movie files on different regulations like 420 pixels, 720 pixels, 1020 pixel, and blu-ray files too.

But all of those movies upload illegally. Because it is uploading only pirated movies and movie piracy is a big crime. Mainly the website provides Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, and Dhollywood Movies.

There are no laws for distributing any film media without the legal right of the original owner. So, keep avoid to use any movie pirating website or you might fail in danger for it.

Mlsbd Alternative Site List

Mlsbd Alternative Site List

The list of alternative websites for Movie link store bd or MLSBD website. So check below and choose a website and find your favorite movie that you want to watch.

Is there anyone exist who did not love watching movies? I think the majority number of people like to watch movies in different categories. If you asked your friends which types of movies he likes.

Then match the movie types or category of your choice and the maximum time it might be similar. But if you asked the same question to your father or older people born before 1980, you may hear some classic types of the movie name.

However, Everybody loves to watch movies and that is why you came to this website for looking for a free website or source to download free movies.

10 Best Alternative Media Server For Mlsbd 


Mlsbd Domain List

MLSBD Domain List

Movie link store bd website had been changing their domain name multiple times. But why? did you know that. If you don’t then read it carefully. These movies link sharing websites doing movie piracy by uploading movie files without legal licenses or rights.

According to the Copyright act 1779, we can not use any files or material without having the permission of the owner otherwise it is considered copyright piracy.

The domain list of MLSBD

Domain List Domain Extension Dot Com Dot Co Dot Site
mlsbd.Xyz Dot Xyz Dot Site Dot In Dot Me Dot Top Dot Site

Mlsbd Direct Link

Mlsbd Direct Link

If you are looking for a free movie with a direct download link website then you should know that “MLSBD” is the largest movie link sharing website in Asia.

Nowadays people are attaching to each other from different countries because we are living in the age of science. The Internet makes this world a global village.

For this reason, if you live anywhere in this world. It doesn’t matter because you can be getting in touch with people by using the internet.

Also, you can entertain yourself by using the internet. Most of the time we are using the internet for movie download but didn’t find a platform that provides free movie files. Only MLSBD offering people free movie links to download.

Mlsbd Movie App

Mlsbd Movie App

It also has a movie link store application, where they listing the website database. However, this mobile application was available for the android version. It also had another IOS application for apple users.

So, anybody can download the mlsbd movie apps and directly connected with the largest movie link-sharing website. But while this website does movie piracy. However, In my opinion, keep avoiding to browse that website for your own safety.

Mlsbd Movie Apps For Android User  Mlsbd Movie Apps For IOS User
Apps Name: Mls bd V.10  Apps Name: Mls bd V.11
Apps Size: 30 MB Apps Size: 50 MB
Option: Free Option: Free
Source: From Official Site  Source: From Official Site 
Version: 10  Version: 11



Frequently asked questions

  • What is Mlsbd?
  • Where I can found Mlsbd link?
  • How to Download a movie From Mlsbd?
  • Is it a “legal” or “illegal” site?

What is mlsbd?

It is a website that provides movie links to users. This website full name movie link store in Bangladesh. However, the movie link storing website became a popular site in Bangladesh even also in Asia. But the website doing movie piracy by uploading movies without having the authority or owner’s permission.

Where I can Found the mlsbd link?

A lot of people asked that question on multiple forum websites. But real where a user can find that website link? So, at this moment the website might be redirected with a new domain that has (.site) extension.

But If you search for the domain name in google then you can’t the correct website for it. Because all of its websites has been remove from search engines. So that is why there was no domain index for this movie link store website.

How to download a movie from mlsbd?

To download a form mlsbd is not safe for you. Because this website contained pirated files So there was no guaranty if those files were added to any dangerous malware or virus with it. 

But if you want to download a movie from that website then you should need to visit the website and choosing a movie. Then open the movie attaching page and get the download link. You can also use the directress download option by downloading the movie with one single click.

  1. Open your Browser
  2. Type site address
  3. Pree enter button
  4. Choose A Movie
  5. Open the Movie Page
  6. Click On Download
  7. Wait for Completed

However, Please keep avoid using any third-party website to download things.

Is it Legal legal or illegal?

This website is slightly illegal and the reason behind it is so simple. Everyone should know about copyright piracy because some people doing online crimes when they did not about it’s legal or an illegal website?

Understand the copyright policy. Because if you have a lag of knowledge about copyright and piracy? Then you can’t be doing safe website browsing. 

So, for safe browsing use a strong VPN Connection and avoid browsing thrid party pirated websites Like (Mlsbd) Movie link store bd hopefully.





This post is Just for educational purposes only. We do not promote anything and Also Our website does not recommend our visitors to download anything from a third-party website. Be conscious about copyright piracy and do not use any pirating website. However maximum third-party websites are full of dangerous malware viruses. So keep away from those websites. Just take this post as an educational part.


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