Microniche Blogging Course 2020 – Bmdays Blogging Part 1

Microniche Blogging Course 2020 – Bmdays Blogging Part 1

Microniche Blogging Course: Here I am sharing the basic lessons of microniche blog with an updated method of 2020. I am dividing this full post into many sections.

  • What is Microniche?
  • What is Microniche blogging?
  • Beginner’s guide for Microniche Blogging?
  • What is main theme of microniche blogging?
  • Microniche blogging keywords ideas
  • How to make a micro niche blog?
  • Microniche blogging tips and tricks
  • My own Methods for microniche blogging
  • Microniche topics ideas 
  • Microniche Keywords list
  • What is CPC, CTR, CPM?
  • What is Micro niche affiliates?
  • How Much You Earn from a microniche blog average
  • What is KGR
  • How to work KGR for Microniche blogging 
  • Conclusion

Microniche Blogging Course 2020 – Bmdays Blogging Part 1

Micro niche blogging is nothing but an easy trick of blogging. In this running year, if anyone wants to be starting their blogging carrier then they must need to follow some basic rules. So here I am discussing about micro niche blogging course 2020 which is part one section.

Before starting this you guys must note 3 important things of blogging which will help you to create a micro niche website. This three thing that you should follow when you are preparing for crating a micro niche website.

  1. Regularity maintains
  2. Brainstorming
  3. Create a target or goal

Micro niche Blogging


What is Microniche?

Microniche means a types of thing which means a specific topic or niche. I am giving an example, mobile is a Topics so inside the mobile topic how many subtopics you can make?

If you break the Niche Mobile then You can be making many subtopics about it.

You just need to brainstorm with the mobile niche so take a pen and write something special. If you will find any unique niche then analyze it into any paid tools like ahref search tools.

  • Mobile Simcard,
  • Mobile Camera,
  • Mobile Setting,
  • Mobile Back Cover,
  • Mobile Camera,
  • Mobile android version, etc.
microniche bloging

Microniche blogging


What is Microniche blogging?

Micro niche blogging is a blog which is based on a single topic. If you are creating a website on the technology niche. Then you can make many categories inside your website like

Technology niche  Example

  1. Mobile technology
  2. Laptop technology
  3. Gadget Technology
  4. Network Technology
  5. Future Technology

Microniche blogging Benefits

In 2020 many people want to start their carrier into blogging but the maximum number of people don’t have proper training and knowledge. And this is the main reason of unsuccessful bloggers. 

All Benefits of microniche blogging

  • Less work
  • Fixed revenue
  • Low competition
Benefits of microniche blogging

Benefits of microniche blogging


I had the same experience because I was started blogging in 2016. When I was entered on blogging that’s time i don’t have enough ideas about blogging. So i have started my blogging caries with the technology niche. But i don’t get success because of low experience and ideas.

Every working method has its own rules and without the right strategy, no one can successes in any things. Maicroniche blogging is best for beginners because here you do not need any experience. You just have to make some extraordinary quality articles or posts.

If you don’t have ideas about how to make a quality full blog post then i have written an article about it. You can check it right now and remember one thing that does not skip any information because if you ship any information then it should be the reason for your blogging failure.

Beginner’s guide for Microniche Blogging

There are some important rules for beginners who want to start the microniche blogging. In below i giving the beginners guide for microniche blogging so read it carefully if you are beginners in blogging.

  1. Choose a Keyword
  2. Can you bid the top 10 pages on Google Search result
  3. Cover the full topic to analyze the google Top 1o search Result
  4. Inside your post input some media file, youtube video, and Fresh Topic related Images
  5. Create some fresh backlink, Increase to referring domain numbers
  6. Optimize your content with SEO tools or a plugin like Rank Math, Yoast SEO plugin,  All in one Seo 
Beginner's guide for Microniche Blogging

Beginners guide for Microniche Blogging


What is the main theme of microniche blogging?

The Main Of Microniche blogging is focused on a single micro topic or keywords. The microniche topic must follow some rules which I discussed in here so read the all rules carefully. If you are serious about creating a micro niche website. You Can Earn $1200 to $10000 USD if you found any Good keywords.

Follow This Methods To Rank Your Website Under 10 Days on Google Search Index

  1.  Your Keyword must have High Organic Search Result
  2. The Number of Organic Searches is 100K Minimum
  3. You must need Ahref tools for finding Microniche Keywords
  4. Your Content must have keywords Upto 6K to 10K
  5. Use up to 15 Images minimum
  6. Use some outbound Link with related high authority Sites
  7. Use some internal Link
  8. Create some high quality Referring Domains
  9. Your Referring Domain must have High DA and PA
  10. Cover the full topic and publish your Content.
  11. Buy a domain with your microniche keywords


Microniche blogging keywords ideas

How can you find the best keywords for creating a micro niche website? Don’t worry guys because if you use ahref keyword reaching tools then you can easily find the best keywords.

You need to go at first ahref tools dash board

Then go to content Search Option

Doing brain storming

right any thing or a single keyword

Then Search with use some filter

Set the Minimum Traffic Limit minimum 100K

Change Domain Authority Number 1 To 15

Set A low limit refering domain Exmple 1k to 100K

Reffering domain by doffolow Link


Note: The Next Part of This Articles will be published tomorrow Date 21-06-20

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