15 Best Maplestory Private Servers

15 Best Maplestory Private Server List
15 Best Maplestory Private Server List

Here You get the 15 Best Maplestory Private Servers list with a Comprehensive description. Are you looking for a Maplestory Private Server to come to our website then congratulation! Because here I have given in-depth information on 15 different Maplestory private server names.

All Maplestory Servers are 100% Active for use, however, I spend a huge time on the internet webs to find out the best Maplestory private server that I have found by researching a big list of servers. If you want to know more about Maplestory and its Private Servers, you should check the full page.


Maplestory is a fantastic Multiplayer 2D game also known as MMORPG Game. The full form of MMORPG is “Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game” The game was developed by Nexon.

Description: In this game, you will get multiple facilities. Even you can make your own Maplestory Private Game Server. However, this game has multiple versions available on the internet and those versions are made by targeting specific locations and countries. Many game developing company has given hand to a different version, Nexon is one of them.

If you want to check the 15 Best Maplestory Private Server List with Comprehensive details, you need to check the Maplestory server list that given below. Choose your favorite ones from the list. Also trying to match the Maplestory server variants with your reason or country to get better gameplay speed.


Maplestory games are the Most played in these 10 Countries


Maplestory is the biggest online multiple-player game played by 260 Million Users From the whole world. This game has huge popularity from country to country. Most Maplestory players came from different types of countries.

  • USA ( United State Of America)
  • UK (United Kingdom)
  • Canada
  • Russia
  • Korea
  • Japan
  • China
  • Taiwan
  • Southeast Asia
  • India

Maplestory  Short Games Features

Maplestory Private Server

Most of the famous MapleStory private servers and website names mention below. Each version of this game has amazing sense and stories. Basically, this an adventure game that has eye catchy 2D graphics design. Maplestory is also filled with action and fighting with each of its sequences.

Even, here you will see super magical power and fully modified features of your gameplay character. You can also build and customize your character and play the Maplestory with that customized action hero.

Moreover, this game has so many features you never believe before playing it. Day by day many developer companies modify this game and add extra features and things that you use most.


15 Best Maplestory Private Server List That Updated in 2021

Here you can get the 15 Best Maplestory Private Server List with a comprehensive description. Just check the full list and choose one from there and use it as your preference. The listed game servers are made for different reasons and countries. So match your country name or reason and pick the suitable one for you.

  1. MapleRoyals
  2. Maple Euonia V83
  3. MapleLegends
  4. LightSoulMS
  5. Castela
  6. StoryMaple
  7. RevivalStory
  8. Teeria Legends V62
  9. ClassicMS
  10. Ristonia V222
  11. MapleRoad v83
  12. Phoenix V52
  13. Aerisms V83
  14. KritiasGMS V162
  15. EggyMS v83




For those who looking for the updated list of Maplestory private servers, here get comprehensive information about all active servers. Here we were given the top rating worldwide Maplestory private server list for you.

So, if you are looking for it then don’t go anywhere else. Check the below and pick one from there as your preference. Most MapleStory private servers have the same types of things in different ways.


1. MapleRoyals

This server mainly builds from the United Kingdom.  However, maple royal has the same types of features that like the original Maplestory game. Users will see a few changes and adding some exclusive new features with the original Maplestory game test.

MapleRoyals is including a lot of features like hair option, face option, NX items. Also, you can Customization the character’s face, and hair, etc. However, the best part of this server that it hasn’t any bugs problem. So you can play independently without facing any bugs problem. Also, this version has come with a lot of improvement and updates.

Moreover, this Maplestory private server is free for global users. Anyone can get access to this server. Here I was given a button that you can be used as the default gateway of it. 


Check MapleRoyals Server


2. Maple Euonia V83 

Maple Eunoia V83 is One of the best high-rated Maplestory private servers. People love this Maplestory version because it continuously updating day by day and also expanding very fast.

This awesome server is constantly bringing new features to the users. Maple Euonia V83 offers the features like Housing, Marriage, big listed cosmetics, themed event, seasonal events, forum events, and daily gm events.

The most amazing feature of this server is the rebirth system that was added recently. You Can also join this marvelous game server. It has a very user-friendly community so if you want to join here then check it right now.


Maple Euonia V83 Server

3. MapleLegends

The MapleLegends server was developed in 2014. Furthermore here you can get an awesome MapleStory playing opportunity that will give you an unbeatable gameplay experience.

It’s really a pre-BIG Bang Gaming server for all MapleStory lovers. To get a refreshment of play Maplestory, you can try MapleLegends which is the Pre-Big Bang Maplestory private server.

Here You will the features such as:

  • Merchant Interfaces
  • Mini-Games
  • Cash Shop interfaces
  • Normal Quests
  • Party Quests
  • Skills
  • Guild Quests


MapleLegends Server



4. LightSoulMS

Are you looking for a lightSoulMs? which is one of the Maplestory private servers, here you will get the default gateway address of it. In the event that you need that legitimate MapleStory gameplay experience.

However, don’t have any desire to manage Ulu and Skelegons for the greater part of the levels. Even, at that point, the LightSoulMS Server is a decent alternative to Maplestory’s original version. This is a formation of Wizet and also this has been intended to be an inventive understanding of the Orginal Maplestory.


LightSoulMS Server

5. Castela

Castela is the best Maplestory private server that I have ever seen. Because here you can get some coolest features and grab a new gameplay experience. The brand new features include here Profession, New NX Option, Skill Changes, and Custome Drop Table.


Castela Server

6. StoryMaple

Everybody wants a fast server for a better gameplay experience. The storyMaple server will give you a smooth MapleStory gameplay experience with a lot of functionality. You would like to play this version because here you will get to see a lot of enhancements. 


StoryMaple Server

7. RevivalStory

RevivalStory is another modified version of Maplestory. In this version of the game, you need less EXP for level UP.  If you want an old MS experience then check the revival story the reason behind It has arrived at the old MS. 

In addition to the gameplay experience is much smoother for those who do not want to like the HP washing, Leeching, voting to Win, and also pay to win. 


RevivalStory Server

8. Teeria Legends V62

How To Get Maplestory nostalgia mixed gameplay experience. For this purpose, you can check the Teeria Legends V62. Because here you can get to see custom launcher protection which will save you from hackers. You may never find this kind of feature in any other servers. 

Moreover, this server is made by a Developer in the UK. Also, in the teeria legends v62 server, you will get some extra custom functions.


Teeria Legends V62 Server


9. ClassicMS

If you want to experience the MapleStory version of 2009 then you will get it in ClassicMS. This Server offers a vanilla form of MapleStory-v62. Even this server has no additional changes in gameplay.

All users get free NX on it but there had been some requirements for it. You may need to vote for NX to get free NX. Many users said that ClassicMS is the best Maplestory private server for them.


ClassicMS Server


10. Ristonia V222

The Server Ristonia V222 is another version of the Maplestory game. Ristona server is made to focus the aim to provide a stable gaming experience to the users. If you want to check this Maplestory private server then go to its homepage.


Ristonia V222 Server

11. MapleRoad v83

MapleRoad v83 is a low-rate Maplestory private server. This server is providing nostalgic and stable gameplay. Not only here you never think about HP Washing but also you can get extra EXP on it. However, if you are looking for mapleroad v83 then check it right now.


Maple Road Server


12. Phoenix V54

Phoenix V54 is a custom version of the Maplestory game. Here you will see a user-friendly community where anyone can join easily. If you are looking for the details of this Maplestory private server then check it right now. To more about this server, you can visit their website homepage.


Phoenix V54 Server


13. Aerisms V83

If you don’t like to play the Maplestory modern version from Nexon then you can try Aerisms V83. It will give you the old gameplay experience of Maplestory. You can create a free account on this Maplestory private server. So check the server and play the game right now.


Aerisms V83 Server


14. Kritias GMS V162

Maplestory is really amazing game, so users like it very much. Kritias GMS v162 is a popular and balanced rated Maplestory private server. This server offers a lot of features to its user. All kinds of classes are available inside this game server.

KritiasGMS V162 Server Features

➡ Custom boss

➡ Custom maps

➡ Class balances

➡ To level 255

➡ Extra Ayame class

Kritias GMS V162

15. EggyMS v83

EGGYMS is a v83 maple story private server that is also an alternative version of the original MapleStory. This Maple Server is really mind-blowing and you can check the level below.

Level 0-9 1x
Level 10-29 6x
Level 30-69 5x
Level 70-129 4x
Level 130-149 3x
Level 150-159 2x
Level 160-169 1.5x
Level 170-200 1x


EggyMS V83 Server


Conclusion: If you have any queries then leave a comment below. Also, if you get any help from this “15 Best Maplestory Private Server List” post then don’t be cheap to share it on social media with your friend. 


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