Xiaomi Mi A4 Bangla Review Don’t Miss itINCREASE ANDROID VOLUME BY CODE: How to increase your android media volume level by code, here you get the tricks to increase your android volume by code *#*#364 for any android device. There are many ways to increase your android volume level but all tricks are not working because of the types of problems that affect your android volume. At first, you need to find out the problem then fixed it with an accurate method.


How to increase the volume level to using code *#*#364? In below you can see all code and setting guides. 

1) You need to open Call Dailer

2) Then type this code *#*#3646633#*#*

3) After That Go to ‘Hardware Testing’

4) Then Go To ‘Audio’

5) Change all mode volume to max value 160.

Then restart your phone, I think your problem is being solved 

Step by step guide for increase android volume by code – Fixed volume Increase Method 1

There are 2 ways for fix it, we just fixed through engineer mood or manual. In these two methods doing we need to press some code on the phone dialer. I am showing all methods step by step that you also should do for INCREASE ANDROID VOLUME BY CODE.

Step 1: Open default Call Dailer of your phone



Step 2Then type this code *#*#3646633#*#*



Step 3: Then you need to go to Telephony > Connectivity > Hardware Testing


Step 4: After That Go to ‘Hardware Testing’


Step 5: Then Go To ‘Audio’


Step 6: Go to Normal Mode


Step 7: Now look at here carefully because you need to change some data numbers from here.


Step 8: In Below you see an arrow indicator that shows you set button. Just input there Max volume to 160 and press the set button.


Step 9: It Shows You a display notification like successful for Increase android volume by code.


Step 10: After That, You Need To change more 2 sections to change their max volume 160.



After those, all processes your android volume will be increasing very high and louder too. If this method did not work for you then try the 2nd method maybe it should work for your android phone.


Step by step guide for increase android volume by code – Fixed volume Increase Method 2

Before giving this solution I want to tell you something that when you face speakers problem you need to caught the problem. If the problem in your hardware then goes to the mobile technician store, If the problem in your software then using the 1st method. 

Note: There many different software functions into different types of the smartphone so its possible to the 1st method doesn’t work for your smartphones. However, I sharing a another method that you can use to fix your speaker’s problem easily but in this process, you just need to press some code.


Step 1: Go to your phone dialer menu 


Step 2:  Press into the *#0#* after that this code directly opens the sensor menu.


Step 3: After pressing those codes you will see a menu like this.


Step 4: Now click on low-frequency Text


Step 5: You will see 3 items here like 100Hz, 200Hz and 300Hz 


Step 6: Set the volume at the high Hertz so you need to set the fusion at 300Hz


Step 7: You will see a green signal at the bottom of 300Hz if you don’t any green light here then tap on 300Hz again.


Step 8:  After doing all process you should restart your phone and then check you media volume.


If you can get a little bit of help with this post then comment me. If the problem is not gone then inform me on comment box with your phone model number. I can help you to fix your problem. So don’t be cheap to shear this post  “INCREASE ANDROID VOLUME BY CODEVolume Increase Code *#*#364 for any android device” on your social media.

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