How To Delete A Discord Server Step By Step Tutorial? (Desktop/Mobile)

How To Delete A Discord Server Step By Step Tutorial (Desktop/Mobile)
How To Delete A Discord Server Step By Step Tutorial (Desktop/Mobile)

Here you get to know that how to delete a discord server on your desktop and mobile phone. In this article, I’m showing you how to delete a discord server with step by step tutorial. If you’re new to the website please go down below and hit the bell icon. Now with any further let’s go and jump straight into this tutorial.

Every day thousands of users searching for this single question on the search engine. But how to do this very simply and easily. Here I am showing you the easiest method that I personally used. If you are already searching for it on the internet then you may get a lot of tutorials for it.
However, here I am going to show you the same thing as well but I believe that here you will get the easiest method to delete a discord server from your Pc and Mobile. Before deleting your personal discord server be sure that you really do it. So, at first jump for the desktop or Pc to illustrate it.

How To Delete A Discord Server From Your Desktop

If you already decide that you gonna delete a discord server then take a look at this tutorial that I am showing here with step by step tutorial process. To use this method you can able to delete your targeted discord server permanently.

Follow the method Step By Step:

Step 1:  Open Your Discord By Using Apps or Website

Step 2: After opening your discord account, just look at the server name and click on it.

Step 3: Then click on the server setting (You can find it from the Drop-Down menu)

delete discord server

Step 4: After clicking on the server setting menu then go to the left-hand bottom and you will able to see the Delete Server Option.

Step 5: Click On the delete Server Option.

delete discord server option


Step 6: Then a Box will appear where you need to input your server name for deleted it.

delete discord server

Step 7: Once you have been input the server name on there and click on the delete server button, your server will be permanently deleted.


 ➡ However, once you have done this process your discord server will be deleted permanently, and also you will not be able to access any content of that server.

Delete A Discord Server on Mobile Phone

Would you like to know how to delete Biscuit Server from your used Android mobile phone or Apple device? First, make sure that do you really want to delete your disk server. If you can get ahead.

Here I am with the whole process of deleting discord again from the mobile device. You can easily delete your discord server from your mobile phone.

Aiming at my friends who are using the new discord server, I just want to say that once you delete your discord server, you will not get that server in any way.

Moreover, it is not possible to recover the deleted discord server in any way. Then you must think about it before you decide to delete your personal discord server.

How To Delete A Discord Server On Phone

Step 1: Open your discord apps on an android/iPhone device

Step 2: Click on the tree dot to open the setting menu.

delete discord server on mobile phone (1)

Step 3: After that, a bar appears on the bottom of your phone where you will see the setting option.

delete discord server on mobile phone

Step 4: Once open setting menu then click on overview

delete discord server on mobile phone

Step 5: After that scroll the page and go to the bottom. At the bottom, you will see the delete server option.

delete discord server on mobile phone

Step 6: Tap the delete server button and once you click there a box will be appearing on display.

delete discord server on mobile phone

Step 7: If you really want to delete a discord server then press the “YES” button. After doing this your discord server will be deleted permanently from your device.

Alternatives Server For Discord

There is no way to recover after deleting a discourse server. So if you have decided to delete your own biscuit server, you should consider transferring the biscuit server account instead.

However, if you really have deleted your discord server then you should other platforms like slack can be an important thing for you.

There are a number of reasons why this is so, as you can easily set up a Slack account. You can send calls and messages to friends through the slack account. If you have a slack account, be sure to turn on the two-factor authentication option. Turning on the two-factor authentication option will keep your server account secure.


Set Up Slack

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