How To Check Mobile Balance (Airtel, Robi, GP, Teletalk, BL)

How To Check Mobile Balance (Airtel, Robi, GP, Teletalk, BL)
How To Check Mobile Balance (Airtel, Robi, GP, Teletalk, BL)

Do you know how to check your airtel mobile balance? Many mobile users don’t know that how they check their current mobile balance. So, here we are talking about some popular mobile operator balance checking code that is also known as USSD code. If you are using Airtel, Robi, Gp, Teletalk, or Banglalink and want to know how to check balances of those given operators then read the full article carefully. 

A User can check mobile balance through Unstructured Supplementary Service Data or USSD Code. As we know that Mobile balance checking is a very important thing for every single user.  It doesn’t matter which operator you are using because all operators have different USSD Codes for different purposes. So, if you are using an airtel sim or any other sim operator then how can you check your mobile balance with simple and easy steps. 

In this article, we have given all balance checking USSD codes of all mobile operators that exist inside Bangladesh. All those USSD codes are different from each other. So, the user needs to memorize that mobile balance checking USSD codes if they want to check their mobile balance.

However, here we are trying to give a simple solution with a USSD Code list that will help you a lot to check different operator mobile balances such as Airtel, Robi, Gp, Banglalink, Teletalk.

How To Check Mobile Balance?

Checking your current mobile balance through USSD code is a very easy and simple process. If you remember the balance check USSD code then it will be easier for you. However, a lot of people forgot this USSD code and that’s why they can’t check their mobile balance by themself.

Here we have given the most popular sim operator balance checking USSD code in a single list and it will help you a lot if don’t know that how to do it.

  • For Airtel Balance Check Dial USSD Code: *778#
  • For Robi Balance Check Dial USSD Code: *222#
  • For GP Balance Check Dial USSD Code: *566#
  • For Teletalk Balance Check Dial USSD Code: *152#
  • For Banglalink Balance Check Dial USSD Code: *124#

How To Check Airtel Balance in Bangladesh?

Airtel mobile operator is one of the newly growing companies in Bangladesh. Nowadays, people are changing their mobile sim operator one to another. If you recently move on airtel and don’t know that “how can you check your own mobile balance?”. Keep reading the post to know more about it.

To check your airtel mobile balance just dial the USSD Code *778#. After dialing this code a notification window shows up on your screen with your mobile balance information. Also, if you want to check your airtel sim emergency balance then Dial *141*10#

How To Check GP Balance?

The Gramophone is the most popular and oldest mobile sim operator in Bangladesh. If you are using GP Sim and want to check your Talktime mobile balance then Dial *566#.

To get gp emergency balance user needs to dial *121*1*3# and check that emergency balance amount by dialing *121*1010*2#.

How To Check Robi Balance?

Robi is the second-largest mobile operator company in Bangladesh and it has millions of subscribers. To check Robi’s mobile balance just dial the USSD code *222# from your mobile dialing Pad.

However, If you want to check your Robi emergency balance then Dial *222*16#.

How To Check Teletalk Balance?

Teletalk sim operator is a government-owned organization that is only used for governmental working purposes. To check teletalk mobile balance user have to dial the USSD code *152#. Even, you can check your teletalk mobile balance through SMS.

If You want to check teletalk balance through SMS then go to the SMS menu and Type “U” and send it to 111. After sending that SMS you will get a reply message where you can see your current teletalk balance details.

How To Check BanglaLink Balance?

The banglalink sim operator is one of the fastest-growing sim companies in Bangladesh. To check your banglalink mobile balance just dial the USSD Code *124#. Even, you can check your banglalink emergency balance with the same code such as *124#.

Banglalink has a reputation for providing maximum offers for their user. That’s why a lot of users leave their using sim and move on to banglalink. However, all company has some good side and bad side. So it depends on user choice.

How To Check Emergency Balance Of All Operators?

How To Check Emergency Balance Of All Operators

All mobile operator company has been trying to develop their services for a decade. As a result, we get better than ever operator services from them. Nobody wants to provide unsatisfied service to their clients and this is the reason why all sim operator companies compete with each other to provide better customer service.

Nowadays most sim operator company offers emergency balance service for their subscriber. Emergency balance service is a game-changing formula that has gotten a positive effect on many companies.

Here we have given a box where you will see a USSD code list that is used for checking emergency balances from different operators.

Operator Name USSD Codes
To Check Airtel Emergency Balance *778#
To Check Robi Emergency Balance *123*007#
To Check GP Emergency Balance *121*1*2#
To Check Banglalink Emergency Balance *124#
To Check Teletalk Emergency Balance * 152 #


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