How Do I Fix My WiFi Problem – 6 ways to fix your home Wi-Fi problems

wifi problem
wifi problem

WiFi Problem: Here I’m Discussing about wifi problem and find a solution to fix this kind of problem. When I was facing this problem with my phone, I was just searching for a solution for it but I did not find any answer which was really helpful. So today I am giving some solutions to it. If it will help you then please comment in the below of box.

At 1st I am writing some questions about common wifi related problems.

  1. Why is my WiFi connected but not working?

Here I just talking about those questions and giving some easy solutions for it so please read the full articles carefully because if you really face wifi problem than it should be helpful for you.

Why is my WiFi connected but not working

wifi problem

At 1st you need to identify the problems after that connect your device with other devices and check it. If you see the internet connection and work properly on another device then you should check your wifi router.

I think the most problem is seen with Wifi adapter or your router so every time when you face this problem just turn on and off it. 70% times its fixed your problems and 30% times you need to reset the router or fixed it with our method.

Just think that you will be watching a video with a wifi connection. Suddenly your wifi starts buffering and your eyes get a shock! and your mind said oops! Your browsers stop loading, your playing movies are freeze. Your Homes Amazon Alexa will stop responding. Not just that your phones revert to operator data plans. Your all devices starting to take loading at that time. And after all of it, you are disconnect from the Internet world.

Here we found a lot of reasons for wifi problems, firmware issues, wifi issues, wifi authentication problem, Xfinity wifi connected but no internet access, Xfinity wifi not working. However, it has possible for your neighbors to disconnect your line to take revenge for some previous reaction.

6 tips To Increase Speed or Boost Your Home Wifi

wifi problem
wifi problem

Here I’m sharing you 6 tips To Increase Speed or Boost Your Home Wifi connection So let’s started. 

1. Just Update Your Router’s Firmware

You can do this in two ways. The first one you can do it to go to additional features and take befits from it. And the second maximum router normally receives all updates automatically.  

Normally you can see in the options menu to download, Install, review, and Check. And all things at the Administration page of it. Just check your router brand name and go to the website or port address of it. If you don’t know about the administration setting then read this post.

  • TP-Link Port 192.168. 1.1 
  • D-Link Port 192.168. 0.1
  • Netgear Port
  • Asus Port
  • Belkin Port
  • TrendNet Port 192.168. 10.1

2. Check The Interferences

Your home router controls your all device of the house. And These Wifi connecting devices like Alexa, laptop, phone, Bluetooth speakers, microwave, etc can make slow your wifi network.

If you create an actual heat map for wifi to using the apps heat mapper. There is another apps name Netspot which is works for Macs. However, if you want to like to see a real-time wifi signal strength then install free wifi analyzer.



3. Change setting channels

Every router has an option to change channels you can change it on your router. You just need to change the frequency at 2.4GHz and thing think must help you to boost your network connection with fast internet speed. You also need a wifi scanner tools because it helps you to maintain the wifi system.
Wireless Diagnostics is only for Apple devices like macs. And it’s totally free for all apple users. It is very user-friendly that’s why you can easily access the apps. You just need to click on the wifi icon simultaneously to hold the Option Key. Then choose wireless Diagnostics with open. 
Windows Device only needs to install Free wifi Utility. Android users many options because there are a lot of applications to get view information about wifi signal strength but a Rated apps name network Analyzer.

4. Reboot Your Router Setting

If the problem into the router setting then reboot it. For doing rebooting all setting is been reset and it will perform like a new one. The maximum pro user doing reboot their cable or DSL modem timely. Many users report that their router seems Not limited then power off the Electric switch for 1 minute after that turn on the switch.

Youtube Channel: Torogi Pro

5. Wifi keeps dropping

If wifi keeps dropping then restart your router again and again and check it rapidly.

6. Comcast wifi not working

Xfinity no internetmodem not connecting to the internet, Comcast wifi not working, Xfinity slow internet, the internet keeps dropping, wifi keeps dropping in this video you get all  Solution and answer.

Youtube Channel: At Home with Lucas


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