Gp Internet Package 2022 | All Internet Offer List

Gp Internet Package and offer list
Gp Internet Package and offer list

Here You can get the Latest Update Of the Gp internet Package List 2022. If you are looking for a perfect gp internet package that has all facilities you want. In this post, you will get the full list of GP Internet Offers and packages. Also, here you can get the gp internet package activation code as well.

So, if you are a GP Sim user then you should read this article to get the all gp internet details with comprehensive information.

Basically, Gp is one of the largest mobile network operator companies in Bangladesh. Gp has a strong network bond that provided the fastest internet service. However, you are one of our website users then you must know that we already published some articles about different sim companies offers.

Note: This article has been given here for educational purposes only. If you want to know more about gp mobile network operator then you can directly go to their official website.

Do you want to activate your desired GP Internet package offer? But you don’t know how to activate a Gp Internet offer using an activation code.

Even, where do we get those activation codes for the GP internet package? To get those questions to answer you should check this article top to bottom.


Everybody wants to use a fast internet speed their using sim operator network. In past, we all saw that many people didn’t get this opportunity for low network strength and use a 3G handset.

But as we know our country growing fast in technology regulation. However, the gp mobile network has been offering 4G Internet Service for their subscriber. So anybody can able to use those offers from anywhere inside the country area.

Everybody wants a different internet package that depends on their needs. Here we have given an illustration that will help you to understand the behind concept. If you are a social media user then you need a light internet plan which has long Expiries.

On the other hand, if you used the internet for watching videos then you must need a lot of internet data, For this, you can choose a high volume internet package with short-lasting validities.

That’s why I spend some time on the internet and searching for some affordable gp internet packages. So, here you can see a content table chart where we have given all internet offer checks, package price, internet validity, and volume limits as well.

This list will help you a lot to find out the perfect gp internet package that you need. Check the packages one by one from the chart and choose one from there.

Gp internet Packages Price In BDT Activation Code Package Validity
512MB 28 BDT *121*3256# 3 Days
1GB 46 BDT *121*3399# 3 Days
1GB(512MB+512MB 4G) 38 BDT *121*3366# 3 Days
1GB(512MB+512MB Bioscope) 34 BDT *121*3247# 3 Days
2.5GB(2GB+512MB 4G) 57 BDT *121*3242# 3 Days
3.5GB(3Gb+512MB 4G) 69 BDT *121*3282# 3 Days
1 GB 77 BDT *121*3056# 7 Days
2 GB 98 BDT *121*3322# 7 Days
5GB(4GB+1GB 4G) 114 BDT *121*3344# 7 Days
8GB(6GB+2GB 4G) 148 BDT *121*3262# 7 Days
12GB(10GB+2GB 4G) 198 BDT *121*3133# 7 Days
1GB 189 BDT *121*3390# 30 Days
2GB(1.5GB+512MB 4G) 197 BDT *121*3027# 30 Days
3GB 289 BDT *121*3391# 30 Days
5GB 299 BDT 121*3458# 30 Days
10GB(8GB+2GB 4G) 399 BDT *121*3392# 30 Days
15GB 498 BDT *121*3459# 30 Days
25GB(20GB+5GB 4G) 649 BDT *121*3393# 30 Days
50GB(30GB+20GB 4G) 998 BDT *121*3394# 30 Days


If you want to know more about the gp internet package and offer then continue to read this post.

Gp Internet Package Activation Code

Gp Internet Packages Activation Code

Here you will get information about the Gp Internet Package Activation Code. So, what is basically an activation code? An internet activation code is a USSD code that uses for activating different internet package.

All activation code is different from each other and those codes depend on internet packages. Suppose, you choose a 1GB internet package for your requirement, at that time you must need an activation code for activating your desired internet plan as well.

Check below where we have given the most popular gp internet package offer with an activation code that will help you to activate your desired gp internet package easily.

Gp Internet Package 2022

Gp internet Packages  Activation Code Price In BDT Package Validity
5GB (Youtube Pack) Activate 147 BDT 30 Days
2GB Activate 57 BDT 3 Days
3GB Activate 63 BDT 3 Days
3.5 GB Activate 69 BDT 3 Days
4GB Activate 78 BDT 3 Days
7GB Activate 128 BDT 7 Days
512MB (Youtube Pack) Activate 14 BDT 3 Days
1GB (Youtube Pack) Activate 37 BDT 7 Days
6GB Activate 124 BDT 7 Days
8GB Activate 129 BDT 7 Days
14GB Activate 148 BDT 7 Days
20GB Activate 198 BDT 7 Days
45GB Activate 499 BDT 30 Days
120GB Activate 1499 BDT 30 Days


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Gp Internet Offer Code List

Gp Internet Offer Code List

A Lot of people think that they are able to get the gp internet offer 1gb 17 tk but this offer is not available for all users. But you can also still check your gp internet offers on your mobile phone by dialing the USSD Code of gp internet offers. 

A lot of people are searching for Gp internet offer 30 days package but most of them don’t find their desired internet offer plan. That is why we have made a list where people can get to know about all 30days internet package of GP mobile network.

Everyone wants to use a high-speed internet speed connection and we all know that Gp offers their subscriber 4G internet service. So, it’s true that a user can enjoy high-speed internet speed with Gp Internet Plans.

Gp internet offer 30 days Package List

Gp internet offer 30 days Package List

The Mobile network operator Gp has multiple internet packages with 30days validities. There are 1GB internet packages that have 30 days validity but most of the 30 days internet packages are so much expensive.

So, before deciding to buy any of gp internet package, you should need to check the package details.

  • 1 GB > 30 Days > Activation Code *121*3390# > Price 189 BDT

  • 2 GB > 30 Days > Activation Code *121*3027# > Price 197 BDT

  • 3 GB > 30 Days > Activation Code *121*3391# > Price 289 BDT

  • 5 GB > 30 Days > Activation Code *121*3458# > Price 299 BDT

  • 10 GB > 30 Days > Activation Code *121*3392# > Price 399 BDT

  • 15 GB > 30 Days > Activation Code *121*3459# > Price 498 BDT

  • 25 GB > 30 Days > Activation Code *121*3393# > Price 649 BDT

  • 50 GB > 30 Days > Activation Code *121*3394# > Price 998 BDT

Note: You can also check gp internet package offer manually by dialing the USSD Code *123#  or visit the official website of grammenphone to know more about it.

How To Check GP Internet Volume?

Before knowing that how to check the gp internet balance? Everybody should know about the internet checking USSD code. The gp internet balance checking code is *121*1*4#. However, if anybody wants to check their internet balance, simply they will need to dial *121*1*4# USSD Code.

Important Code For GP User Codes
Check GP Internet Balance *121*1*4#
Check GP Minute Balance *121*1*2#
Check GP SMS Balance *121*1*2#
Check GP Offers *121*1*2#
Check Gp Own Number *2#
Check GP Emergency Balance *121*1*3#
For GP Emergency Internet Balance *121*1*8#
Conclusion: In this article, we have given all minute package-related information and all data that we show here collected from the official website of GP mobile network. To know more about Grameenphone mobile network companies, check their official website. If you like this post then do be cheap to share it with your friends using social media account.


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