FTPBD 2021
FTPBD 2021

FTPBD Net has provided multiple types of facilities for its users such as all kinds of movies, telefilm, games, and software. If you are also looking for this then you can get all the related information here. Even here you can get to know about its default gateway. However, if you really want to know more about this ftpbd media server, continue to read this page.

Introduction: Thousands of people every single day searching for this fantastic media server. But most of them feel disappointed because they couldn’t find the actual gateway address. Moreover, if you don’t know anything about this ftp server’s gateway address, then you can able to access this ftpbd media server.

An ftp server is a very essential service for an internet user. Because everybody likes to watch movies and Only an ftp server can provide media files with download facilities. If you need to know other ftp server names, you can take a look at our ftp server category.


FTPBD Media Server is basically a service of a business network broadband company. Business Network Broadband Internet companies offer a wide range of benefits to their customers and FTPBD Media Server is one of them. If you are a registered customer of a business network broadband company, you can use this ftp-server effortlessly.



IP Address


At present many broadband companies providing internet services have been launched in Bangladesh. All these broadband companies offer various benefits to increase their subscriber base. A closer look reveals that most broadband companies offer many more benefits to their customers, such as FTP servers, live TV servers, and IP telephones.

What is FTPBD?

What is FTPBD

The full form of FTPBD is FTP Server BD. The Ftpbd Server is managed using FTP hosting. Because of the use of FTP hosting, FTP hosting is able to provide the fastest download service from another hosting.

However, FTP Server is basically a media server where you can get all kinds of movies, telefilms, games, and software. At present, there are more than three hundred FTP servers in Bangladesh.

Our Bangladesh has come a long way in terms of technology in almost a decade. And the main reason behind this progress is high-speed internet service. If you think about a decade ago, you will understand how the price of the internet in Bangladesh was then and now. In the end, I will say that Bangladesh is advancing in terms of technology because of the cheap internet. And ISP Internet broadband companies in Bangladesh have made a huge contribution to these developments.

Why People Are Looking for FTPBD?

Why People Are Looking for FTPBD

Every day many people use internet search engines to find this ftpbd media server but most people get frustrated. Because they can’t find the right website where they can get proper information about FTPBD and its media server.

Those who use business network broadband in particular are mainly looking for FTPBD. Here I have provided all the information about this ftp-server so that you can easily access this media server using the information.

An article related to FTP BD Media Server was published on our website long ago where the complete information of this FTP server was provided. If you haven’t read those articles, you can take a look now.

How To Access This FTPBD Media Server?

How To Access This FTPBD Media Server

Can’t access FTPBD Media Server even though you are a customer of Business Network Broadband Company? No worries, here are the instructions for accessing this ftp-server. Instructions that allow you to easily access this business network broadband company’s ftp-server. Let’s not exaggerate, let’s go straight to the main topic.

First of all, you must know the FTP server’s URL address or IP address in order to accept FTP BD Media Server. Because you can’t use this ftp-server in any way without the URL address or the IP address. And if you already know the URL address of the ftp-server then the task will be easier for you.

  • First, open your web browser
  • Then click on the URL bar of the web browser
  • Input the URL address of the ftp-server there
  • Finally, press the Enter button
  • Wait and in a while, the ftp-server homepage will appear in front of your screen


FTPBD Doesn’t Work For Me?


This fantastic ftp server doesn’t work for you? If you are facing a problem accessing this Ftpbd.net media server then here you have been getting a simple solution for this problem. Recently, hundreds of business network internet broadband users send me messages about this problem and asked for solving this problem. Here we try to break down the problem. Hope you guys like it.

basically, this problem has happened for IP Issues. The IP address means Internet protocol address. Every single internet user has an IP address which is their internet identity card. If a Website or Web server blocked your IP address then you never can able to access that site or server.

So, if you can’t able to access the FTP BD media server then contact your Internet Provider Company and tell them about your problem.

Also, you can use an alternative ftp server that similar to the FTP BD media server. Below you can see a list of similar ftp servers like ftpbd.net which provides the same types of facilities for free.

Best Ftpbd Alternatives FTP Server

Are you looking for an alternative ftp server that similar to the Ftpbd media server? All those alternative ftp servers have been provided the same types of facilities as the ftpbd.net media server. So, without wasting a single moment check those similar ftp servers and choose your favorite one.

Before using any third-party website, must use a VPN connection. Only a VPN connection can ably protect your internet privacy.

  1. Binodonmela
  2. Ctgmovies
  3. Mybdplex
  4. Moviebazar
  5. Mazeda
  6. Bokashoka
  7. Dhakaftp
  8. Alphamediazone



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