Features Phone Confusion 87% People Don’t Know Why They Buy?

Features Phone
Ultimate Features Phone

Features Phone: If you are a tech and net insect-like me then you will surely see a lot of talk about a topic on the internet, that is, no improvement on smartphones. If you think of the earliest Features phones, they were completely different from today’s form factor. Earlier phones depended on physical buttons, folding phones, slide phones, etc. could be seen at that time. Then everything changes after the iPhone launch. From then till now all the phones look similar in design! Features

Features Phone Confusion 87% People Don't Know Why They Buy ?
Features Phone Confusion 87% People Don’t Know Why They Buy ?

So what have we seen in the phone over the years? Features Phone camera resolutions are increased, the display is bigger, the battery is bigger, the bezel-less display can be seen, under-display tech is seen, wireless charging, powerful processors, AI and 3G connectivity, they can be seen right? Now over the years, the amount of phones that are available is being increased, such as starting from 1GB of RAM, 4GB, 4GB, 12GB, and now 3GB of RAM. But what happened to True Innovation? What’s the RAM or the true usage of a 5-megapixel camera? Are they really making smartphones more powerful or are they just nothing but marketing hype? Let’s talk about these things …

Smartphone companies are launching new Features phones and creating new trends without having to go for months. It’s not that there is a significant difference from one phone to another that you need to change your new Features phone every 6 months! But even then Features phone companies do such marketing and eye-catching specifications are now available no matter how unrealistic they want you to buy every new model!

But if you buy a good phone in 20 (nowadays, mid-range phones also provide extremely good specs), I don’t think you will need to buy a phone by 2020 or 2022. But in 2021, the S20 series will come, the Note 3 or the iPhone 12 series, and the OnePlus 5 series will remain. Each of these companies wants you to buy new devices in every release, but what is the logic for that?

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The Latest Chipset In 2020

The Latest Chipset
The Latest Chipset

The chipset of the 27 was a Snapdragon and is now released in 2020. This means that almost all flagships of the year 2020 will be found in the 7’s. You might be using a powered Features phone, or maybe you’re still on the 5th of 25, now do you have to upgrade to 1? No! Not at all. Even after 1, 2020 still performs fast. I could not notice any difference between 3 and 5 in real life usage. But yes, there are some improvements in battery life at 6A!

Now if I talk about 1, well it has 4K video support and 4G building chip installed! Now you tell me who in Kada 4 records the video on the phone? You may not even record and record 3K Features phones. It is enough to record 3P video on the phone. I do not know who will record the video and why! So it’s a matter of a few hundred kilometers away from practical uses.

Now let’s talk about 3G, hey brother 3G really does matter in our country? Even Ivan is listening to US YouTubers saying that 3G has nothing to do with mother, USA still does not have 3G support in all states and in all cities. Well, I did not talk about 4G or gave 3G has got this country yet? Tell us from your experience, what are the 4Gs in many rural areas? Then come 2020, we are not ready to jump on 3G. 3G can be launched in the city areas by 2020 or 2021, but it will take a long time to get from 3G stables.



One of the major trends of current smartphones is to install a large amount of RAM in the phone. At first it was seen that 5GB of RAM was a few years back then there were 20 and 5GB of RAM and now 5GB of RAM has been released on the smartphone through the AS20 series in 2021! Now you say, yes it’s good, as long as the RAM is as good! The bell! It’s just nice to hear, an average user will think that the more RAM the phone will perform the better. But in real life you can never use so much RAM, or it doesn’t matter, at least for now. After 2-5 years of use, but do not put this phone on again!

There are still a lot of laptops on the market with 5GB of RAM, and my personal laptop has 5GB of RAM, which I do occasionally with video writing as well as video rendering, and I still don’t feel out of RAM. And you’re going around the phone with 1GB of RAM that costs money and nothing but elephant pets!

I have seen that many Features phones do not keep apps in the background even though they have 1 / 2GB RAM. Because the phone’s ROM is not well optimized, the company could not do better RAM management. So having more RAM is important than having a good RAM management system! The phone will perform better in less memory! I still don’t think there is any need for 32GB RAM on the Features phone! These are a joke that most users will fall into, and companies will make billions of income!

Fantastic Speed 125 Hz Refresh Rate

Fantastic Speed 125 Hz Refresh Rate
Fantastic Speed 125 Hz Refresh Rate

A few years ago, the screen of such a refreshing rate was only seen on computer monitors or on TV, now the high refresh rate on the phone has become a trend. OnePlus seems to come with the first 5Hz display, it does not seem to be in any model, but after that some phones are starting to rate the refresh rate at 20,220Hz. Now that you have seen many videos on YouTube with this high refresh rate, YouTube says, oh yeah, 125hz is a real shit, that one thing, you have to use, there is a big difference. Blah blah… but busyness is totally different!

Yes, I’m assuming the UI transition will look a lot smoother in your eyes than it ever has a refresh rate. So do you see only UI animations on the phone, apart from doing visual work? Or just pick up the app drawer and take it down? Tell me? There are very few games that support 120hz, so you can’t even get the benefits of 120hz in gaming. Real life uses 1 harz and 5 harz does not matter. It’s nothing more than just an eye whale. Yes, having a 120Hz display is not a bad thing, it does have some benefits and I’m not ignoring it. But there is no reason to upgrade your current Features phone for 120Hz.

Apart from the high refresh rate, there are some important things on display that should be kept in mind. Yes, if your current phone’s display is an IPS panel, you should upgrade to the Allomed panel. In this you will understand the difference between the deadly amounts, the colors are much more attractive and the deeper the amouled display, the deeper you can enjoy the dark colors. It may be that you have an AMOLED display but its quality is not good, in that case I can move the AMOLED in good quality, buy HDR supported display phone. Leaving these important factors behind the 125 Hz refresh rate is a little silly!

Remember Samsung’s Curve Duplex with the S8 Edge released in the 21st? From the S8 Edge to the S Edge, the S3, the S3, the A4 were all this hype, but when it came to the S2, Samsung had dropped this curve display by itself! Because it just looks cool, it has no real use. But Samsung’s flagship was one of the most high-powered features so far!

Super Camera Setup And Megapixel
Fantastic Speed 125 Hz Refresh Rate
Fantastic Speed 125 Hz Refresh Rate

Companies have been putting more and more cameras behind phones since the beginning of the 21st. From today’s low budget to high end phones can see 4 to 5 or 5 and camera setup. And if you talk about megapixels then there is a separate competition. The 12 megapixel camera is now panta rice, now it is 3 megapixel, 3 megapixel or 8-megapixel era! Do they really need it?

First, I’m not against multi-camera setup, but I’m against the way companies set up multi-cameras. They put the main sensor on a larger megapixel then the wide sensor gives 12 or 5 megapixels, but here the wide sensor should be given more megapixels because more detail is needed in wide photos. Then they put a 2 megapixel bright sensor, do not understand what is required to keep this sensor to blur the photo background? Where this can be done with software.

The Google Pixel 5 has a 4-megapixel camera and the iPhone 5 has only a megapixel camera, but clearly these two phones capture better images from any 1, 5, 5-megapixel camera phone. But smartphone companies are chasing more megapixels without providing better sensors, and you are fooling around. The megapixel on the camera doesn’t matter at all, there’s really no need for a 5 or 8-megapixel sensor on the phone! And I don’t even see the logic behind running them and buying new Features phones!

At this point you might say, I have gone to the latest tech game. Well, clearly I’m not against anything, you can buy every single model if you don’t have the space to spend money. It’s not a bad idea to have a fancy 5 megapixel and 120Hz display! But if you have limited money and are calculating money, I can find no reason to put money behind them. You can buy a new phone if your Features phone is really several years old, especially if it is too slow. But there is no reason to buy a new Features phone every year or buy a new flagship this year, even after using last year’s flagship!

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