Fix Failed to Send Message in Android – Message Failed to Send Problem Solved 2020

Failed to send message: How to fix this problem in 2 minutes. Here I am giving the solution to this problem. So don’t take worry about it.

Humans are like to living together and live in the age of science. Technologies are upgraded now that’s ok human make a technology where we can weaving together and catching up time. we can Express our feelings thought throw messages. peoples are love to talking with each other, they tried to get the happiness to express their feelings. we are using messages for chatting gossiping.

Message failed to send for multiple reasons

  • The Number is Roaming (abroad)

  • For Invalid Number

  • Insufficient Balance

  • The Carrier is Blocking the SMS

  • The sender you are using is prohibited

  • For Low-frequency Network

  • Conflicting SMS Applications

  • Carrier Technical Problem


How to Fix Failed to Send Message in Android – Failed to Send Message Problem Solved 2020

So guys whenever I try to send a message on our phone and especially in our Android phone as you can see we have the notification failed to send messages. if you are getting this error while sending the messages to your friends or to any number of your contact list then I will tell you that how you can fix this problem.


For fixing the problem Now let’s do it again whenever I try to send a message The Times notification appears on the display and here is against it will send a message so I will tell you exactly how you can fix this problem.

Fix Failed to Send Message in Android
Fix Failed to Send Message in Android


In 2020 many Android users reported that there are facing message sending problem in their Android phone. The problem is not showing up on the button phone so why it happening with only Android phones.

Today we find out the answer and fix this problem properly and you also find out the main issue for this problem.

so food sending a message you need to check your balance after that check that number where you can send the messages. Keep mind one thing there are a lot of things that why it happening?

Top 3 Reason for failed to send messages

  1. incorrect mobile number
  2. insufficient balance
  3. mobile number blocking
Here you have to do some changes in settings so go to your android phone setting and scroll down the page.
Fix Failed to Send Message in Android
Then here we have the option name additional settings after that click on additional settings 
Fix Failed to Send Message in Android
After that scroll up and then go to backup and reset go to reset to factory settings and here our system settings and type your password and then here you have the option to reset your system settings.
Failed to Send Messages
Failed to Send Messages
Now this includes your messages settings as well now sometimes are by mistakenly we set up our settings in the wrong way and that’s why we get over while sending the messages.
So in that case you simply have to reset your system settings and then check whether your message is delivered or not, if the problem is fixed that’s great but if the problem is same then I suggest you come back on your setting menu and then go to app management.
Failed to Send Messages
Failed to Send Messages
After that you may see in your phone manage apps or application manager,  basically, you have to go to apps, and then from here, you have to do them to do some settings changes here. you have to need to click on the show system processes or you may have the option of all applications.
Here you have to search for a message okay! now lets a search for the message here we have the message option just click over it and then here you have to click on the storage usage.
Failed to Send Messages
Then you have to clear the cache after that if the cleared option is available then simply click on it and then clear the data and then now go back.
Failed to Send Messages
Okay Friends, not to going back because now you have to click on the permission and then you have to allow all this permission here.  After that restart your device and then go and try to send the messages.
apps permission
If you will see that only problem is fixed okay this is how it works guys now guys.
See if even after doing this,  your messages are not being delivered and you are getting the same problem again then I suggest you to go to your forum website if your phone is Xiaomi.
If your phone is the Samsung then go to the Samsung website and then you have to report them that you are getting this error and then they will get back to you and then they will fix your problem.
This is how it works, I hope this post definitely helps you thanks for the visit.
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