Dream Holiday Park Review – Best Amusement Park In Bangladesh 2020

dream holiday park
dream holiday park

Dream Holiday Park: If you are looking for a good place to spending your holiday trips? Then here you can get to know about the best place for spending the holiday with your family.

Does everybody want a joyful time on holiday and mostly maximum time we did not decide which is the best place for a dream holiday?

Introduction: It’s an amusement park with adventures and scary rides. Most people came here for enjoying a great moment and capture a good memory with family and friends. 

Basically, if you are looking for a place, where you can enjoy your holiday trips then it might be one of the best places for you. In this park, you will get lots of facilities with wonderful rides. 

Also, you can choose this place for a picnic spot.  Because the authority of this Park has provides goods facilities for a picnic and they also have two different spots for a picnic.

Dream Holiday Park Review – Best Place For Spending Time With Family

Before a week ago I was going to the dream holiday park So, here I am trying to share all of my personal experiences about this amusement park. 

In this post, I am also given a transparent review of the Dream Holiday amusement park full of details. Here you can get to know about their service quality, rides, price, and many more things. So read the full post to know more about this park.

First of all, we started our journey from Dhaka. We rent private care to go to the Narshindi District. If you are living in any rural area of Bangladesh then you can also be using the train service to go there.

It took almost 3 hours 20 minutes for reaching the destination. After reaching the main gate of the park we were buying 2 entrance tickets.

The entre ticket price 300 Taka for adults and 200 Taka for children. Then we are entering the dream holiday park. I have never seen this kind of place before in Bangladesh. So I was very excited to experience some things new. 

Inside this amusement park, you will see multiple types of rides facilities. I have given all rides name below So you can check the list.

Dream Holiday Park All Rides

  • Roller Coaster
  • Kite Flying
  • Swing Chair
  • Swing Motor Bike
  • Water Park
  • Water Royal Car
  • Speed Boat
  • Paddle Boat
  • Air By Cycle
  • Jumping Horse
  • Magic Ball For Kid
  • Rocking Horse
  • Child PlayGround
  • Alien Space Ship
  • 9D Cinema Hall
  • Phantom Hill
  • Artificial Bull Ride
  • Ghost House
  • Bumper Car
  • Cable Car
  • Children Toy

Dream Holiday Park Ticket Price

Dream Holiday Park Water World Ticket Price 2020
Dream Holiday Park Water World Ticket Price 2020

The overall ticket price under 100 BDT to 50 BDT for all types of rides. They provide a good service for all the wonderful rides.

I was really enjoying the Roller Coaster, Artificial Bull Ride, Paddle Boat, 9D Cinema Hall, and Swing Chair. 

For my lovely reader, I will mention all ride ticket prices below, So you can get help to known about all ticket prices. If you really go to that wonderful place then most rides of those mentionable rides.

However, Overall experience is so good and also those prices were really reasonable.

Dream Holiday Park All Ride Ticket Price 2020

Ride Name

Ride Price

Ride Name

Ride Price

Roller Coaster 100 BDT Alien Space Ship 50-100 BDT
Kite Flying 50-100 BDT 9D Cinema Hall 100 BDT
Swing Chair 50-100 BDT Jumping Horse 50-100 BDT
Swing Motor Bike 50-100 BDT Magic Ball For Kid 50-100 BDT
Water Park 50-100 BDT Rocking Horse 50-100 BDT
Water Royal Car 50-100 BDT Phantom Hill 50 BDT
Speed Boat 50-100 BDT Artificial Bull Ride 50-100 BDT
Paddle Boat 50-100 BDT Cable Car 50-100 BDT
Air By Cycle 50-100 BDT Bumper Car 50-100 BDT


Dream Holiday Park Water World Ticket Price 2020

Dream Holiday Park Water World Ticket Price 2020
Dream Holiday Park Water World Ticket Price 2020

If you want to enjoy the water land then you should need to expend an extra 300 Taka for every single person. Even you have any children then you need to buy more water land entrance tickets for them.

The amusement park has a big water pool with many water sliding pipes for making it more enjoyable. I already have experience with it because a few months ago I was vising the fantasy kingdom.

If you go there then you should need to experience the blue water land to make your trip more enjoyable.

Best Amusement Parks In Bangladesh 2020

Dream Holiday Park Ghost House

A certain time ago Bangladesh had a few amusement parks and those parks were too crowded every time. But at this time a lot of new amusement parks started their journey in the different districts of Bangladesh.

In my opinion, the dream holiday park is one of the best amusement parks in Bangladesh right now. It was very suitable for enjoying a great moment with friends and family. 


You will visit the best amusement park with a low-cost budget. Also, you can go there with your family. The park had separate packages for couples and families.

Dream Holiday Park Ghost House

Dream Holiday Park Ghost House
Dream Holiday Park Ghost House

There you can see a Palace called a ghost house. You can also visit that artificial ghost house, where will see an artificial ghost mannequin and statue.

In this picture, you can see two skeleton statues stand beside the main gate. Also, they attached a welcome signboard in front of the ghost house.

A witch also exists there to waring a long hat with big noses. You can see a lot of crafting items and ghost statues inside the dreamland holiday Park ghost house.


Dream Holiday Park Information 2020

Here you can get all information together about the park in short details. Also, you can see some pictures of the park. 

Dream holiday park entry Fee 

  • 300 Taka For Per Adult Person Including vat
  • 200 Taka For Child including Vat

Dream Holiday Park Food Price & Quality

I was really upset about their food quality and prices. Inside the park, all types of food prices were higher than the original price. If you can buy a 250ml soft drinks from outside of that park then you need to pay only 20 Taka.

But If you want to buy the same soft drinks inside from dream holiday park then you need to pay 25. That means you pay an extra 5 Taka for every product.

So, if you need any food then purchasing it from outside for serving your valuable money.

Dream Holiday Park Off Day 

There was no off-day because people like to came here for spend their holiday day trips.  The amusement park is open every day from 10 Am to 6 Pm.

Dream Holiday Park Open Day

Days  Open Hours
Saturn day 10 Am to 6 Pm
Sunday 10 Am to 6 Pm
Monday 10 Am to 6 Pm
Tuesday 10 Am to 6 Pm
Wednesday 10 Am to 6 Pm
Thursday 10 Am to 6 Pm
Friday 10 Am to 6 Pm


Dream Holiday Park Location

The amusement park located on the roadside of Dhaka Sylhet Highway inside the district Narshindi.

Exact Location: Panchdona, Chaitaba, Narsindhi, Dhaka


How To Go Dream Holiday Park From Dhaka

How to go dream holiday park from Dhaka. So there are many ways to go there but if you want to like to travel on the bus service then you can take buses from Jatrabari or Sayada bad Bus terminal.

You also can get more buses from Dhaka Mohakhali, Kamlapur, and Gulshan bus terminals for traveling to go there.

If you want to visit the place alone then the bus service is the best option for you.



Dream Holiday Park Distance from Dhaka

The distance between Dhaka to Panchdona, Chaitaba, Narsingdi is almost 40 kilometers. You can easily go there from Dhaka.

Khulna To Dream Holiday Amusement Park

Khulna To Dream Holiday Amusement Park

Rajshahi To Dream Holiday Amusement Park

Dream Holiday Park

Rangpur To Dream Holiday Amusement Park

Rangpur To Dream Holiday Park
Rangpur To Dream Holiday Park

Chittagong To Dream Holiday Amusement Park

Chittagong To Dream Holiday Amusement Park
Chittagong To Dream Holiday Amusement Park

Sylhet To Dream Holiday Amusement Park

Chittagong To Dream Holiday Amusement Park



Dream holiday park all Package

  • family package 2020
  • couple package 2020
  • Picnic Facility

Family package Price 

The amusement park authority provides good offers for every familiar person. They have offered a family Package at 4500 BDT. Only 4 people allowed in this package.

4 Person 4500 Taka


Couple package Price

If you got married newly then you can choose this package. To know more about it you can directly contact them. Only 2 people allowed in this package.

2 Person 2500 Taka


Picnic Facility

They have 2 Picnic spots one for students and another for family or corporate.

  • First one for Student
  • Second For Corporate/ Family

The Dream Holiday park has 100, 150, 250, 300, and 500 people Arrangement facilities.

Dream Holiday Park Review Rating

At last, I was spending some greater time at this amusement park. If you need to refresh your mind then you should also visit this place. 

Every holiday the place is fully loaded with crowed So try to visit there any days you want without any off day or holidays.


Conclusion: I think you get all of your answers to this wonderful amusement dream holiday park. If you did not read this then scroll the page and start to read from the beginning.

There are no more today’s I will come back with another new topic. If you get any help from this post then don’t be cheap to share it on your social media account. Thanks for visiting our website, my dear friends. Keep smiling and stay home.



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