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Daily jugantor
Daily jugantor

Daily Jugantor Online Potrika: You Can Read this in English Patrika and Also In Bangla Patrika.  If You want to Read News Paper Daily In Online then You Can Take a Look About It. Get Update on 24 Hours Daily Jugantor Online Patrika by publishing on particular topics.

Many People in of Bangladesh Search About Online News Papers, Can you guess the number of Searches? 79% of people give the answer wrong. Read Daily Jugantor Online Patrika or Any Newspaper of Bangladesh Daily Get More than 20M Online Visitor.

Daily Jugantor News Paper founded On 1st February 2000 and published by Jamuna Printing and Publishing Ltd. It is the most popular newspaper in Bangladesh. In present, it was a hard media for all people of Bangladesh because every type of news is publishing here and not just bd news it is also published foreign news.

There are so many topics that You can see in this newspaper. It is a perfect Online Potrika for all kind of user you can see here crime sense, Life Style, Technology trends, Entertainment Stories, literature, Reader organization, Fashion, Jobs corner, and many more interesting features are available here.

Topics of daily Jugantor Online Patrika

  1. Corona Virus 19 – কোভিড ১৯  
  2. National News – জাতীয়
  3. Politics – রাজনীতি
  4. National Economics  – অর্থনীতি
  5. International News – আন্তর্জাতিক
  6. World News – সারাদেশ
  7. Games – খেলা
  8. Technology – আইটি
  9. Bisso Shikkhon – বিশ্বশিক্ষাঙ্গন
  10. LifeStyle – লাইফ স্টাইল
  11. Entertainment – বিনোদন
  12. Capital – রাজধানী
  13. Ekdin Protidin Megazine – একদিন প্রতিদিন 
  14. Reporter – সম্পাদকীয়
  15. Dristy Pataborton – দৃষ্টি পাতবাতায়ন
  16. Islam and JibonShojonইসলাম ও জীবনস্বজন
  17. Somabesh – সমাবেশ প্রতিমঞ্চ
  18. Social Media – সোশ্যাল মিডিয়া
  19. Literature – সাহিত্য
  20. Proyojon – দরকারি
  21. Docter Query – ডাক্তার আছেন
  22. Chitra Bichitro – চিত্র বিচিত্র


As National Media Daily Jugantor Online Potrika is best for all kinds of news. A guy who does not read a newspaper leads himself to a world. He can’t grow his mental faculty. Being oblivious of subjects, he can’t take part in the talks and talks in an enlightened society. Without reading the newspaper, none are able to keep in contact with all the entire world. Those People Who Love to read a newspaper daily they have to get an extraordinary power into their mind. Newspapers act as a teacher. Dailies teach us how to express our thoughts. This makes us build ourselves up as worthy and good citizens. This is the reason why children should be encouraged to read papers. This article is Just for educational purposes.

Corona Virus 19: Jugantor Created A New Widget 

Jugantor Online Patrika starting a new column named Corona Virus 19 because In the present situation coronavirus is a big danger for our nation even the whole world. Just for this reason daily Jugantor Online Patrika makes it a Single widget for giving us the updated news 24 Houres.

Nowadays the Corona Virus is a deadly danger for all human being and it can be removed our marks from the earth. What is Corona Virus? or COVID-19? Coronavirus is a kind of virus for some common diseases like flu, Coff, fever, pneumonia, etc. Some months ago china found this virus on some people who are live in A City of China name Wohnung. After this, it takes many patient’s life, who have to suffer from Coff and Fever. Now the whole of Asia a Suffer from COVID-19 That is why Daily jugantor online Patrika create this widget for giving us a fresh update about this harmfully deadly virus.

Daily jugantor online potrika - By bmdays
Corona Virus


National News: Published By Daily Jugantor Online News

Bangladesh is a small country with a huge population so this country needs strong media. Daily Jugantor Online Newspaper is a piece of media, who contributed news with people. All this shows the educational significance of reading newspapers. We can enjoy these benefits if we form a habit of reading newspapers. A society without papers have to be considered primitive, that’s uncivilized. The paper is a superb support of culture.

National news means all types of information, accident, natural disasters, country politics, etc just happen in Bangladesh. Newspapers play an extremely vital part of our own life. We can’t think of our own life. They’re as crucial as morning tea or breakfast. Breakfast satisfies our hunger newspapers to satisfy our mental hunger. What happens all around the world within hours also a chance to come to our door in the form of news.

Read Daily Jugantor Online Potrika | Newspaper of Bangladesh
Read Daily Jugantor Online Patrika | Newspaper of Bangladesh


Politics: Bangladesh Politics New Updates

People want to read and know about politics news every time and jugantar online Patrika makes a colum about Bangladeshi politics news updates. The necessity of its freedom: taking into consideration the importance of papers that they must have given the entire freedom so that they can criticize, condemn, warn, encourage, appreciate the functions of the govt. Newspapers are the vigilance and investigative journals. They are the courageous, daring, daring journalisms that could expose, disclose and unveil the scandals, scans, misdeeds, and corruption, if any, of the govt throughout the globe.

Everyone should read the newspaper because it acts as a teacher. Dailies teach us how to express our thoughts. This makes us build ourselves up as worthy and good citizens. This is the reason why children should be encouraged to read papers.


BMdays Latest Articles about jugantor


International News: Is Also Available in Daily Jugantor

We are live in the age of advance science and people make this world a global village. Our country has some close friends and we are also caring about them that why our national media write and telecast abroad news. Newspapers serve their national societal and cultural functions and bring people from different countries, races, cultures, religions, and flavor very close to one another.

The news about sports and games, offenses, accidents, local topics novels, cinema, etc can be more important and precious. You can see international news on daily jugantor news patrika and increase your sense of humor.

International News
International News

National Economics: Know More About Economics

Bangladesh’s national economy is going down day by day because people did not conscious about their rights and it is the main reason for poverty. Some days ago the Daily Jugantor newspaper writing an awsome headline about corruption (we are not commenting about anyone). The Share Market is the backbone of the economy for learning about the share market you must see all share market-related news.

The Bangla Newspaper ejugantor makes a particular category for the Economy and it will help people to find any topic related news easily. Newspapers do not allow any space for biased journalism or certain reporting, sensationalism, nepotism, favoritism or unethical practices that are yellow and keep the responsibility.

They are investigative, fair, fearless, unbiased and accountable. Newspapers never thrive or live on sensationalism but motivate news, views, interviews, editorials, etc. They are a terrific weapon or instrument to public evil or good.

daily Jugantor Online Potrika
Daily Jugantor Online Patrika

Games: National or International Games

popular games of all over the world  Cricket, Football, hacky, basketball, Voli ball, handball, table tennis, golf, badminton, swimming, etc. Every day at the first page of the newspaper you can see the updated games or Asian champion games news is be headlined. You can know about cricket daily updates in the newspaper.

Daily Jugantor News media provides news about national and international games on time. If you are a games lover then you can check the paper genuinely. The newspaper is a beneficial and important medium of understanding. Newspaper reading has many different benefits. We come to know about everything happening through papers in our nation or the world. Sitting in our drawing room is happening in the most remote part of the country or of the world.

National or International Games
National or International Games


Read More Articles:

Technology Event In Bangladesh

Technology is one of the most important things in our daily life because we are using tech in every single section of our lifes. People very conscious about technology because of its helps us to live an easy life.

Daily Jugantor online website giving some new tech update, Bangladesh will be transferred on digitalization hopefully very soon we can get a digital country. Every newspaper and each includes all kinds of home and overseas of perspectives and information.

However, the technology of Bangladesh is developed day by day and people just curious about all kinds of tricks, tips, and tech. News Media is one of the strongest sources of knowledge and it makes us updated for leading life. Moreover, technology makes our life easy and better.

Technology Event In Bangladesh
Tech News Paper

Conclusion: Newspapers play an important role in contemporary cavitation. We cannot think of the modern world without it. Everyone should read newspapers daily because this habit gives us a strong mentality with a piece of huge information about the world.  It’s carefully implemented from folks of all types. Through it, we can learn about all the important things happening in the world in twenty significant hours. Games and sports accounts of market conditions, political and economic conditions of the nation come to us through it every day. Daily Jugantor Online Potrika is One of the best options for an online newspaper.

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