Citycloud Ftp Server – Best Online Movie Server

Citycloud Ftp Server - Best Online Movie Server
Citycloud Ftp Server - Best Online Movie Server

Citycloud Ftp Server > This is an exclusive ftp server for all kinds of exclusive movies and files. Citycloud Ftp Server is the Best Online Movie Server that provides a lot of facilities for free. If you are looking for Citycloud Ftp then here you can get to know about every single detail of it.

The citycloud is a board brand company that providing board brand internet connection inside Dhaka city. This company also have some extra branches in the different area of this country. Even, citycloud provide quality full, and reliable internet services to its users. Citycloud ftp server has owned by city cloud company and the company built this ftp server for their subscriber.


Citycloud Ftp Server

If you already know about it then ok, otherwise here I’m giving the full information of Citycloud Ftp movie server. You will get a lot of things inside this ftp server. They contribute movies, tv shows, and other files. You would like to use this ftp sever if you are a movie lover. Every day a large number of internet users searching for a free platform that provides free download services but maximum people didn’t get it. So, if you really want to use this  Citycloud Ftp Server then you can use this button.

Citycloud Ftp Server

Also, there are some alternative option for it. You would like to those alternative ftp server that also provides the same services like citycloud ftp.

What Is City could Ftp Server?

Citycloud Ftp Server - Best Online Movie Server

The city could ftp server is a website that hosted by using an ftp server. Basically, an ftp server provides super-fast download speed and that’s why everybody looking for it. Most of the ftp server only uploads pirated movies which are totally illegal and also not safe for use.

If you want to download movies like Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, and Dhallywood then the Citycloud Ftp web server might be the best option for you. To get exclusive movies, tv shows, web series, and others files, you can use this ftp server as well.

City Cloud Price List

City Cloud Price List
City Cloud Price List

The city could company provides high-quality could computing services. Here you get to know about all of its packages and mostly the price list. All information is given inside the box. However, if you want to know about it more then you can directly check the city could website.

Features CPU RAM Monthly Cost
1 Core 2GB RAM 1 2 1600 BDT
1 Core 4GB RAM 1 4 2500 BDT
2 Core 4GB RAM 2 4 3200 BDT
2 Core 6GB RAM 2 6 4000 BDT
2 Core 8GB RAM 2 8 4900 BDT
4 Core 4GB RAM 4 4 4500 BDT
4 Core 6GB RAM 4 6 5000 BDT
4 Core 8GB RAM 4 8 5600 BDT
8 Core 16GB RAM 8 16 12500 BDT

Cloud computing is also known by the name VPS server. VPS full form Virtual Private Server, In genuinely many internet users used VPS and takes a of benefits of it. If you didn’t know about it then you can skip this and start reading the form below.

Is it the Best Online Movie Server?

Citycloud Ftp Server - Best Online Movie Server (3)

Yes, guys, it is one of the best online movie servers because here you can get free access. It is best for their download speed and browsing speed too. however, if you are seeking for a fast download service then the citycloud ftp server is also the best option for you.

Nowadays, people use VPN connections for accessing many blockage sites but they didn’t know most of the file download sites’s not safe for use. Even, some website contains malware virus which can destroy your device data properly. So keep avoiding using any third-party website.

Alternative Ftp Server For CityCloud

Alternative Ftp Server For CityCloud
Alternative Ftp Server For CityCloud

Here you can see a list of alternative ftp servers that given the same facilities as like citycloud ftp server. If the citycloud media server didn’t work for you then you can use this alternative option. Everybody wants an Ftp server bd or ftp server Bangladesh that’s why I’m giving some coolest ftp server name here. Just pick one from here and enjoy it as your preference.

7 Best Ftp Server bd

  1. Ftp Server 1
  2. Ftp Server 2
  3. Ftp Server 3
  4. Ftp Server 4
  5. Ftp Server 5
  6. Ftp Server 6
  7. Ftp Server 7


Our website does not promote any website or content. This post is just written for educational purposes only. Do not use any third-party website to download anything. Keep avoiding visiting any third-party website. Also do not visit any site which involves with movies piracy.

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