Ultimate Charger Guide | Do Not Use Wrong Charger to Charge Your Phone


Charger Guide: Well, if I charge Xiaomi or Samsung phones again with the Huawei phone charger, will there be a problem? Can I charge my tablet with my phone charger again? Or a phone with a tablet charger? – I’m going to answer these questions in this article.

What is Your Charger Type


Today, not only smartphones or tablets, many portable devices have to be used, and every device needs to be charged. Now if you use multiple devices, carrying multiple chargers can be a hassle. And not all device charger types are the same. Maybe it supports micro USB charger ports on both your smartphone and tablet, is it all right?

Again, if you talk about a laptop charger, you must see that there is no standard charger for the laptop. Many laptops use different types of chargers and pins. In this case, the thought of charging a laptop with a smartphone charger is completely useless. However, the current type of laptops have a USB Type-C port, so the laptop chargers may become universal in the future.

Another problem with using Apple devices, there is a lightning port, only Apple uses this type of connector, but if you use the iPhone and iPad together you will see the same charger type.

Ultimate Charger Guide | How To Charge Your Phone With The Wrong Charger


Ultimate Charger Guide | Do Not Use Wrong Charger to Charge Your Phone Ultimate Charger Guide | Do Not Use Wrong Charger to Charge Your Phone
Ultimate Charger Guide | Do Not Use  Wrong Charger to Charge Your Phone


Speaking of which, with the micro USB port, it is currently the most universal. Micro USB ports are used on many portable devices, including most Android phones, Windows phones, Blackberry phones, smartwatches, etc. However, Apple does offer Lightning to Micro USB adapters. If we talk about USB Type-C, it will be the new connector type and maybe become universal in a few years.

This type of connector is seen to be used on smartphones as well as laptops, as USB Type-C has a lot of power to handle. The laptop does not have a micro USB connector, as it is not able to provide enough laptop to the laptop.

Anyway, let’s get back to the keynote; See, the answer is quite simple! Would you like to use any charger on any device? Yes, you will get laid but before that, you must have a charger type match. If the two devices have the seam charger connector connected, no problem, you’ll be able to use.

But it’s important to keep some things in your head. If you charge a Huawei device using Samsung’s official charger, this will not be a problem or you can use a third-party charger from any high-quality good brand.

But beware of cheap Chinese chargers, do not forget to use charger chargers for 1-5 bucks, they can damage your device. You must be able to use a third-party company charger, but you need to be sure that the charger is of high quality.

Different Between Voltage And Amperage

Ultimate Charger Guide
Ultimate Charger Guide

Voltage and amperage are the most important term after the charge connector trouble meter. See, as many micro USB chargers are all 5 volts, this means you do not have to worry about the voltage. The two types of chargers are most commonly seen in the market, with 1 volt and 3 amperage and 5 volt and 2.5 amperage.

Voltage is the pressure of a water flowing on a pipe and amperage is a measure of how much water is flowing through a pipe, you can also compare the amperage with the speed of a river. If you use a high voltage charger on the device, it will cause the circuit of the device to be damped as it does not have the capability to carry more energy load.

Ultimate Charger Guide
Ultimate Charger Guide


However, there is no risk of over-voltage in the case of micro USB chargers, as all chargers are above 5 volts, even if you charge from a laptop, there is a voltage called USB cable.

But the question comes, in the case of amperage, because different chargers may have different amperage ratings. Your phone charger may have an rating of 5 amperage, as well as a tablet charger 2.5 amperage rating, so would it be okay to use a tablet charger on a smartphone? See, your phone won’t get blasted due to amperage.

Most modern phones today can charge very fast, which means that the phone has the ability to support more amperage. If you use the 1 amperage charger on a 2.2 amperage rated phone, nothing will happen, but it will be late for charging.

Again, the use of 2.5 amperages on the phone rated 8 amperages will not be a problem, but the charging time will be a little faster. Using a high amperage charger will not be a problem for your phone, as the phone battery circuit already has the ability to manage amperage. Again if you buy a high-quality charger, then the charger itself will be much smarter, it will charge the device as much as the quantity. If your charger is rated at 1 amperage, today it will be called slow charger, as today’s smartphones can charge much faster and have the ability to handle more amperage.

An example of quick charging technology can be taken to make the matter even clearer. Many modern devices today support Quick Charging, but Quick Charging needs to be done only when both your device and charger support it.

Again, quick charging technology can be different, if the charger does not match the quick charging technology with the device technology, then there will be no quick charge, but that does not mean there will be no charge, no charge but slow charge.

If you put a Quick Charger on a device that does not support Quick Charging, there will be a charge, but at regular speed, then what? – Of course, your phone may use more amperage, but if the voltage is high the circuit can be damped.

Do Not Use A Different Charger

Do Not Use A Different Charger
Do Not Use A Different Charger

Well, I have made it clear in the paragraphs above. Yes, most of the time you will get used to it. However, if your device’s original charger is 2.5 amperage and you want to charge it using a different charger, then your charging speed will slow. Again the original charger of your div is 5 amperage, but that doesn’t mean it won’t support much amperage charger.

In the case of USB Type-C, the simplest thing is that you can charge all USB Type-C supported devices using the same charger, no matter if it is a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. When using a good quality charger, the charger and the smartphone battery can talk to each other, the charger can provide whatever the battery needs. So of course, the cheapest charger is the best bet.

I also charge my two different band smartphones and Windows Phone using one charger myself. My Windows Phone Original Charger is rated at 1 amperage but I’ve been charging using the 2.0 amperage charger for 5 years, so I didn’t notice any problems, but a little charge is now fast. Hopefully, all the questions in this article have been answered correctly.

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