Best Websites List For Donald Trump | 5 Essential and Fun Websites

Websites: Although the internet and the web are different things, we still spend most of our time on the web. There are different websites for different jobs. There are some web sites in the world that you may have never imagined. However, in today’s article I will discuss some of the best websites that are not strange, but a lot of work, almost always for different purposes I use these sites.

Best Websites List For Donald Trump


This website is, in my opinion, the best solution for local file sharing. This website is very simple and straightforward. There are no options or user interfaces. This website allows you to share any file between two devices connected to the same WiFi network, as we do use ShareIt or other similar apps.

However, in this case, there is no need to install any app.  When you open the Snap drop websites on two devices under the same network, the two devices will detect each other and any file can be transferred from one to the other.

In this case, the transfer speed will depend on the maximum transfer speed of your router and your device. However, since the website has to be loaded before transferring any file, no file can be transferred without an unlimited internet connection. It is a very useful and easy file transfer tool for broadband internet users.


This is a very popular website that many of you already know about. This website will basically help you to download torrent file directly.

Many people get slow download speed due to ISP related problems while downloading torrent. In addition, the process of downloading torrents using torrent clients seems to be quite a hassle for many.

In that case you can use this website to directly download any type of torrent file just like any other normal file.

By creating a free user account on the Seedr website, you will get 2GB of free space where you can save any torrent file and later download the file directly using any of your favorite browsers or any download manager.

However, in this case, the limitation is that you have to save the torrent file in the space in your account. So as a free user you can save and download files up to a maximum size of 2 GB.

Today we will discuss some good websites that can come in handy. This list includes everything from very useful websites to just fun websites.

Maybe many of you already know about these websites and have been using them before. If you already know the names of the websites mentioned below or have used them before, you can skip this article.

And if you don’t know, read on. Hopefully from today’s article, you will know at least a few good website names that you may need in the future.

To download you just need to input the magnet link of your desired torrent file in the Add Link box on Seedr’s dashboard or upload the .torrent mini file of the original file to Seedr’s dashboard.

Then Seedr will save your desired file to their server in a few seconds. Then you can generate the direct download link of the file and download the file as you wish.

2 GB of space provided by free users is enough to play an HD movie or a few episodes of a series. In addition, if you want, after downloading the saved torrent file, you can delete it from Seedr’s storage, free up your 2 GB space again and save the new file. You can also get more space free by posting on social media about Seedr and referring to others.



This is another image-based online tool where I can edit images. However, it is not a full-featured image studio like Photoshop or the website above. On the contrary, this website has a number of small image editing tools, which work one by one. 

The tools on this website are primarily designed for tasks that require time to perform in large photo studios or other software, such as Photoshop. However, this work can be done with one click on this website.

This websites has many one-click editing tools ranging from cropping an image in a circular shape, adding watermarks to a photo, splitting and merging images, resizing images, removing backgrounds, sketching pencils, censoring, pixelating, and more.

Works well and is enough to make a normal user happy. You can also bookmark this website because the tools here can be used by any user.


This is an online photo editor tool. However, it is much more advanced and feature-packed than any other online photo editor. If you look at the user interface, you will understand that it is almost the online version of Adobe Photoshop.

Basic users like you or me can do all the work in Photoshop using the web app on this website. Yes, of course, if you are a professional graphics designer, you will not find all the tools you need on these websites. However, I think this web app is enough for any average Photoshop user.

In addition, the user interface of the website is exactly the same as Adobe Photoshop. Being a progressive web app, it is not as resource hungry as Photoshop, but extremely lightweight and fast.

You can bookmark the website in the browser. If you ever feel the need for Photoshop for any work, you can open these websites and try it.


Let’s talk about a fun website. This website may also be known to many. This is a great website for those who like to play mini games to pass the time. Also, by looking at this website you will find a perfect example of how useful web apps are and what more can be done in the future using web apps technology.

On this website you can play numerous mini mobile games without installing any app or any kind of client, which used to require installing the games separately.

You can play all these mini-games just inside your web browser. Not only any mini-games but also the most popular mini games on mobile platforms like Subway Surfers, Crossy Road, Cut the Rope can be played without any installation.

These games can be played in two ways, using the mouse cursor on the desktop and the touchscreen on the mobile phone. You can go to this websites to pass the time or if you ever want to play classic mini games.


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