Best Seo Tricks For Google Ranking

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Most of people trying to find a answer of this question that what is the best seo tricks for google ranking but they don’t succeeded to find this questions answer.In this Articles i am telling the right answer and show you that how to rank your content in the fast page of Google.

Best Seo Tricks For Google Ranking

Best Seo Tricks For Google Ranking
Best Seo Tricks For Google Ranking

Read the full article care fully because in this article i am discussion about best seo tricks for Google ranking.So let’s started

Ranked in the page of Google  for any content you must needed a few things.In the below i am writing about  those think.For doing seo on any content you should buy a keyword research tools like Ashref, SME Rush, Keyword spy tools, etc. If you can’t afford those tools then you can using some free keyword research tools.

10 Most Valuable Strategy For Making Seo friendly Content

Best Seo Tricks For Google Ranking
Best Seo Tricks For Google Ranking


At first you should find a high volume keywords by using keywords research tool.

Example keywords : Easy world wide food recipes   

Search Volume Minimum 10K Monthly

Search Volume Maximum 100K+

Competition for Bidding  :  High ( Its means Most Adds Publisher  want your content for promote their service or product)

  1.  You need to Selected High Volume keywords
  2. Trying to find a Low competition Keywords because people want high cpc keywords not high volume keyword.
  3. Write minimum 5 Articles  with same keyword.
  4. Use Minimum 5 High Quality Image
  5. Create Back link of post
  6. Use Some Internal Link
  7. Use some extarnal link
  8. Using Focus keyword at the first pera of your post or content
  9. Using Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Heading 4, Heading 5, Heading 6 including the focus keywords
  10. Focus keywords using in the article’s more than 12-18 times
Best Seo Tricks For Google Ranking
Best Seo Tricks For Google Ranking

Must remember one things that content is king. If you have proper knowledge of a particular things then try to make a micro niche blog.

My opinion about Seo and Content writing     

Before start the writing i am always get a proper knowledge about my content topics simultaneously i research the choosen keywords using Ashref keyword research tools.Search engine optimization is nothing but a part of you content.

Now i am shearing a Logical explanation with an example: Just think that you are  students and suddenly you changed your school for family problem.After that you are admitted in a new school where No body know you that’s means you are an unknown person for every single person of your Schools. You old school Teachers gave you priority but in the new admitted school No one do that because in here Your are totally unknown for every single person.

After Going a few month everyone of your new schools get a little bio about yourself. But if you meet up with everyone and showing your self as friendly person that’s times  every one giving priority on your characte.

Seo is same as it because if the google don’t get a proper knowledge about your website or content that’s time google never give you a change to index your content  place in first page.

Best Seo Tricks For Google Ranking
Best Seo Tricks For Google Ranking

If you have any doubt about those information then just comments in the below box.I am trying to give you a proper answer of your question.?

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