10 Best Online Movie Servers In 2023

Best Movie Server
Best Movie Server

Watch live online free 10000+ HD Movies with Online Movie Servers, here you will get the Top 10 Online Movie Servers. The most popular and trending movie servers are Sam Online FTP, Showtimebd, BoxBD, Dhaka FTP, Ebox, Timenai, etc. You can check the complete details to check out this post.

Nowadays Movie Servers have become famous in the Location of Bangladesh. It has gotten this much popularity for multiple reasons. The first and most important feature of an online movie server is giving free services. Even, some movie servers have provided online streaming services. So, a user who is enabled for getting free access to a movie server, Can able to enjoy the services without spending a cent of money.

10 Best Online Movie Servers List

  1. Mojar FTP
  2. Ctgmovies
  3. VdoMela FTP
  4. Dhaka Movie
  5. Naturalbd
  6. Mojaloss Stream
  7. CinemaBazar
  8. Ftpbd Net
  9. Moviehaat
  10. Explore Movies

To find the perfect and workable movie server for yourself check the full list one by one. Sometimes many servers don’t work for users which is happened for several reasons. Mostly the common reason is IP blocking and Bdix Unsupportable ISPs. In fact, Accessing to many of those servers was a little bit painful, because there you will see registration and sign-up are mandatory.

Movie Server List of Bangladesh

Here are the names and details of the best movie servers in Bangladesh. For those who are looking for a good quality movie server for themselves, here are the top ten movie servers in Bangladesh. Using this movie server list of Bangladesh, you can download your favorite movie and enjoy it effortlessly that too for free. Without delay, take a look at the complete list below and know the details about your preferred movie server.

Mojar FTP

Mojar Ftp Online Movie Server Is the best online movie server in Bangladesh that provides free movies and files. The Mojar Ftp server is also known as an Online free movie server. Here you can get all types of movies, games, and other files with free download facilities.
Mojar FTP Server


CTG Movies is a website that provides lots of free services. The site is hosted in Bangladesh. Ctgmovies website names came from ctg or chattogram which is a district name of the country Bangladesh. However, CTG Movies became very popular in Bangladesh. On the homepage of the ctgmovies website, you will get movies, Web Series, Telefilms, etc.


Showtimebd is one of the famous Online Movie servers in Bangladesh. This ftp server has huge popularity over the country. Also, this ftp server has been owned by ONE NET COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED ISP company. In this movie server, users will get thousands of movies for free.

Dhaka Movie

Dhaka Movies online server has different types of menus for multiple types of things on their homepage. If you will check their movies menu then you can see a big number of lists for separate types of movies like Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, Mollywood, Dhallywood, etc. 
Dhaka Movie


The Website Naraturalbd provides free movies for its all user. Most people came to this ftp based website for movies with fast download speeds. Generally, it is another famous movie server in Bangladesh. The dashboard of this website is fully loaded with movies and series.

Mojaloss Stream

Mojaloss stream is an FTP-based website, which uploads all types of movies to its website. The user of mojaloss.net did not need to pay a single amount of money for using it. The website is totally free for anyone.
Mojaloss Stream


Timenai Is an overrated online movie server that is very popular for providing free downloading facilities. It is using ftp could hosting to make its file server faster than ever. You can check the Timenai ftp from here.
Timenai FTP

Ftpbd Net

Ftpbd Net has provided multiple types of facilities for its users such as all kinds of movies, telefilm, games, and software. FTPBD Media Server is basically a service of a business network broadband company.
Ftpbd Net


This is a frankly movies website and undoubtedly it’s free for everyone. It has a huge range of regular users and it became popular for multiple reasons. Every day this website uploaded fresh movies on its server and it is the main reason for its popularity.


How To find the Active Movie Server Link

The word movie server has become very popular in Bangladesh now. One of the most fueling breakthroughs in the world of entertainment is movies or films. Every person likes to watch movies be it action or classic. More or less people of all age groups tend to watch e-movies. Since the internet has brought the world to our fingertips and this is the reason why we resort to the internet to get any kind of information.

Every day people are looking for a good platform to download their favorite movies. And for this reason, users regularly come to the search engine on the Internet and search by writing the word movie server. Specifically, they look for active movie servers. Keeping this in mind, we have included the names and details of the 10 best movie servers in this post.

Needless to say that here we have given information only about active movie download servers. We have isolated all those servers that are running their services for every user. If your internet connection is BDIX-supported then you can also use these movie servers.

Which Is the Best Streaming Server for Movies?

Currently, one problem has come to the attention of everyone and the problem is that there are many movie download servers which generally do not work for all types of users. So naturally, people want to find which movie download server which server provides the best service. That is we can say which is the best movie server and how we identify that server?

Especially for users who use BDIX-supported ISP’s Internet services, account users often support all online servers. But the question is if the server is the best for downloading movies of users’ choice. Then in answer, we can say two notable online movie download server names.

Is Movie Server Safe?

Is using an online movie download server safe for users? There are many users who have this question in their minds. It is better for them to say that if a website uploads or downloads any online media or file without the permission of the original copyright owner, it is called online piracy or content piracy which is a punishable offense. So we can safely say that using online movie download servers is by no means safe.

Also, there is a big risk of viruses effect. If some of their files include malware or virus and if you download those files on your computer then it might damage your hard disk or stolen you all your private data. So, keep avoiding using any third-party website without using any VPN or Proxy network.


Finally, we can say that here the best online movie download servers have given and can be the preferred platform for almost all types of users. If a user is looking for a fast movie download platform for himself then don’t forget to check the list of online movie download servers given above at least once. If you like this post then definitely make this post on your social media profile and share it with your friends. Also, if you have any questions about this post, don’t forget to comment in the comment box.

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