100+ Best BDIX FTP Servers In Bangladesh

Best BDIX FTP Servers In Bangladesh

Bdix Servers are getting huge popularity in Bangladesh day by day. Are Seeking for Bdix FTP Servers or Bdix Servers List? Here we have built a mega list of bdix FTP servers where you will get hundreds of media servers. Here give some basic information about the bdix server that help you to understand the fundamentals and working process of the bdix server.

Basically, BDIX stands for Bangladesh Internet Exchange, which is the largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) network in Bangladesh. So, we can say that It is a local data exchange platform where the member ISPs can exchange their traffic with each other, rather than sending the data overseas, which helps to reduce latency and improve the overall internet speed for their customers. BDIX FTP servers are high-speed servers that are used by ISPs to store and share large amounts of data, such as movies, software, games, and other files.

By using Bdix FTP Servers, local users can access popular Bangladeshi websites, streaming services, and other online media content with faster speeds and lower latency, improving the overall online experience for local users.

In addition to improved performance, the use of BDIX servers can also help reduce the cost of Internet access for local users, as ISPs no longer need to pay for international bandwidth to exchange local Internet traffic.

Furthermore, we spends many hours on the internet and did deep research to collecting some active and workable media servers. Finally, we successfully collect some awesome bdix servers and made a list of the Top 100+ BDIX FTP Servers In Bangladesh. Check out this list if you want to connect with a bdix server.

Active Bdix FTP Servers
  1. Moviehaat
  2. VootBD
  3. Discovery FTP
  4. Movie Mela Live
  5. Naturalbd
  6. New Naturalbd
  7. Boss BD
  8. Moja Loss
  9. Bdixftpserver
  10. IT Base BD
  11. Fun Time BD
  12. E-box File Server
  13. Ebox FTP
  14. Vdomela FTP
  15. Mojaloss FTP
  16. Cinehub24
  17. Elaach FTP
  18. Dhaka FTP
  19. Flixbd FTP
  20. Inspire Broadband Ftp
  21. Moviebazar
  22. Netcitybd
  23. Ctgfun
  24. FTPBD
  25. Ctgmovies
  26. BDplexFTP
  27. Binodonmela
  28. Asian FTP
  29. SAM FTP
  30. Media FTP
  31. Seba IT FTP
  32. DFN DB FTP
  34. PandaClub BD FTP
  35. City Cloud FTP
  36. OnBDIX FTP
  37. The Introvision FTP
  38. SparkNet BD FTP
  39. Bongo BD
  40. Dnet Drive FTP
  41. BD LAN FTP
  42. CrazyCTG FTP
  43. MovieBox BD
  44. English Server FTP
  45. Bangla Server FTP
  46. Kiss Anime
  47. Bdixtvserver
  48. Media Server 1
  49. Media Server 2
  50. Khulnaflix 2

Live Tv Server
  1. Bdix Tv Server
  2. Bdixsports Live Tv
  3. OTV Live Tv
  4. Ebox Live Tv
  5. Projaporti Live Tv
  6. JagoBD Live Tv
  7. Dugdugi Live Tv
  8. Amrbd Live Tv
  9. Ebox Live Tv
  10. Rangdhonu HD Tv
  11. Rangdhonu Live Tv
  12. C1live Tv

YouTube Live TV Channels
  1. GTV Live
  2. RTV
  3. Jamuna TV
  4. Somoy TV
  5. DBC News
  6. WB Kids
  7. Disney XD
  8. National Geographic
  9. Cartoon Network
  10. Cartoon Network Asia
  11. Nickelodeon Cartoon 
  12. Channel 24
  13. NTV Bangladesh
  14. Paino Relax 4k
  15. Makka Live Tv
  16. Independent Television
  17. Channels Television
  18. Dream Musica
  19. Euronews English
  20. 24 News
  21. AajTak Tv
  22. Al Jazeera English
  23. Manorama News
  24. CNN News 18
  25. India Today
  26. ABP Majha
  27. Starry Sky
  28. Mediaone Tv

Torrent FTP Server
  1. Torrentbd
  2. Mlwbd
  3. Crazyhd
  4. PSArips


Live Radio Server
  1. Bhoot Fm
  2. Radio Foorti
  3. Dhaka FM 94.0
  4. Jago FM
  5. Radio Capital 94.8
  6. Radio Shadin Fm

Benefits Of Bdix FTP Server

  1. High Speed Data Transfers: BDIX FTP servers are connected to the Bangladesh Internet Exchange (BDIX), which provides high-speed internet connectivity. This means that file transfers between BDIX FTP servers can be performed at much faster speeds compared to other types of FTP servers.
  2. Easy To Use: Bdix Servers are easy to use and do not require specialized technical knowledge to set up and use. This makes them accessible to a wider range of users, including individuals and small businesses.
  3. Reliable Access: Since Bdix FTP servers are connected to the BDIX network, they are highly reliable and offer consistent access to the internet. This makes them ideal for businesses and individuals who need to transfer large files quickly and efficiently.
  4. Cost Savings: By using Bdix Servers, organizations can save money on bandwidth costs and other network-related expenses. This is because the BDIX network provides cost-effective internet connectivity and eliminates the need for expensive international bandwidth.
  5. Increased Security: Bdix FTP servers provide additional security compared to other types of FTP servers. This is because the BDIX network is monitored and managed by a group of trusted organizations and individuals.
  6. Support for Multiple Protocols: Bdix Servers typically supports multiple file transfer protocols, such as FTP, SFTP, and FTPS. This allows users to choose the protocol that best fits their needs, whether it’s security, speed, or compatibility.

Thus, Bdix FTP Servers offer a huge of benefits range for businesses and individuals looking to transfer large files quickly and efficiently. By leveraging its high-speed data transfer ability and reliable BDIX network, users can enjoy faster transfer speeds, increased security, and improved collaboration as well.



In this article, we are trying to explain the basic concept of Bdix Server and also have given a branch of servers addresses. So, hope you guys like it. If you have any questions about this post then feel free to contact us or drop a comment in the box. Also, don’t forget to share this articles on your social media account as well.


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