BD MOVIE SERVERIf you are looking for an FTP movie server for Bangladesh then don’t go anywhere because here you can get a big list of bd movie servers. You can watch movies and also download movies from those multiple types of servers.

What is a Movie server? & What did you get from a bd movie server?

So the movie server is a type of cloud where the host provides a lot of things for their user. Movie server is something like a download website with super-fast transfer speed, where you can download movies, songs, software, and other things easily. You also get a super-fast speed then any other website, if you will use any FTP movie server.

Most of the people are looking for such types of movies in google search engines but originally no website can the permission to provides any movie without the permission of the authority. All authorized websites can’t you access for free, for using those authorized movie download websites you need to buy a paid or premium user pack. This is the reason why people are trying to find a free website to download or watch movies for free, which really not available legally.

Ftp Movie Server

Ftp server means files transfer protocol which is a type of cloud for shearing any files one to another user. So the Ftp Movie server is the best website for users because here anyone can download anything without any cost of money.FTP movie server also provides the best speed than any other movie download website. But if you haven’t permission to access the FTP server then you can be eligible to use it.



Here you can get all available bd movie server and FTP movie server list. You can check those bd movie servers and also can check the FTP movie server for download or watch any types of movies or things freely. Many internet users did not have any ideas about the bd movie server or FTP movie server. So this FTP movie server list helps you to explore more new things on the internet. If you no used any Ftp server bd yet than read the post from starting and get knowledge about ftp server.

  1. NaturalBD
  2. Bossbd
  3. Net at Home BD
  4. Sam Online FTP BD
  5. MangoGamers FTP Gaming Server BD
  6. Server 
  7. FTPBD
  8. Circle FTP Server 
  9. Alphamediazone
  10. JDIX
  11. MongoDB Content on Demand
  12. CrazyCTG FTP server
  13. MYbdplex
  14. Roar Media
  15. ShowTimeBD
  16. Elaach FTP Server BD
  17. TajpataTV Server
  18. VDOmela
  19. Kurigram
  20. AntHouseBD
  21. DhakaFTP
  22. FtpBD
  23. NetMatrixBD Server
  24. QuickOnline
  25. FuntimeBD FTP Server
  26. DhakaMovie
  27. CityCloud
  28. KissAnime
  29. ServerKhulna
  30. PlexMojarFTP
  31. BDLan
  32. CTGHall
  33. DNFBD
  34. ITBaseBD





BD MOVIE  SERVER  is one of the biggest platforms for download and watches in Bangladesh. But maximum people didn’t know about it and only some broad brand companies like Icc provide these types of services. most of the board brand providers provide this bd movie server facility to all of their users. It doesn’t matter which types of board brand packages you use generally. 

ICC board brand providers had an FTP server for their users. You can find a lot of things on the ICC FTP server if you will use their service. Here you can see a screenshot of that server address. If you are already an ICC board brand user then go to your chrome and check the ICC FTP SERVER right now. You also get facilities to use a bd movie server. Where you can get as many movie collections. Bd movie server provides all kinds of movies like Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, South film, and Bangla movie.

Most of the movie servers are violent the copy wright police guidelines so please try to use your own network FTP SERVER for download or browse without any tension. And if you do it then you get max speed on your own internet providers FTP server.


Naturalbd Ftp Movie Server

Here you can get so many facilities but this website is violence the copy wright polices that’s why please don’t use it. If you want to use it then do it at your own risk. Because this kind of website is full of virus files so stay-aways from this movie download website. This website may be based on an FTP server that is why search can’t disappear.

FTP Server transfer data by using the optical LAN cable, if you using the internet with a direct LAN connection then you will get max inter speed.

Natural bd ftp sevrer
Natural bd FTP Server

City Cloud Ftp Server This is the IP address of the city cloud FTP Server, here you can get all kinds of movies Like Hollywood, Bollywood, Animation, Tamil, Telegu in Hd files formate. Use the IP address to visit the city could FTP bd movie server.

city cloud ftp server
city cloud FTP server

BossBD FTP BD Movie Server

This server looks very simple and it does not have any color or class in it. If you were used google drive then you can know the similarity design of it the same as google drive.

But here you can get to see a big list of all kinds of movies and other things. If you check if then you will see a list of movies, where had a level of 1900 venture to 2000 centuries. You can search for it by selecting the level of categories to find your favorite movies. 

This website is also based on an Ftp server but it hosted by any third party person or media. So please try to use your own network FTP server to keep safe from losing data. 

bossbd movie sever
bossbd movie sever


FTP server is one of the best things to forget all types of movies. Every FTP server provides various types of movies in different quality. Here, you can get 1020 Pixel HD Movies, and also you can see blue-ray formates movie files.

So we check this list for finding the best FTP movie server inside Bangladesh and gets some new IP address and websites. All of this based on FTP servers and its a type of virtual memory card. An Ftp server can be stored as much as you need. Ftp servers have an unbelievable capacity for stored data files. 

  • How to find any FTP movie server to Address?
  • How To Use Any FTP Movie server?
  • What is my FTP Movie Server?
  • What is my Download Server?
  • Is my internet providers have FTP server facilities?
Bd movie server
Bd movie server


How to find any FTP movie server to Address?

If you are using any broadband serves and you have the possibility to get a bd movie server. If you already a user of broadband then asked them that Is they have any facilities of FTP download server. If they have then asked them for the web address or IP address for the FTP download server. Most of the provides may have facilities of IP tv channels and IP telephone service.

How To Use Any FTP Movie server?

To use any FTP movie server, you just need a simple browser. If you need to see an example to understand it easily. So follow all step by step and using the benefits of FTP servers.

  • Open the browser 
  • Click On the Address bar
  • Types the Ip address/web address 
  • Press enter button 
  • wait for complete loading

Maximum times it’s loads super fast. When you press enter its will takes a few seconds to load and appairs the server home page. If you have any problem accessing your server then comment me below get a quick solution.

What is my FTP Movie Server?

How to check your FTP movie server address? Do you have no idea, just make a call to your internet providers and asked the address of their FTP server? If your internet providers didn’t have any FTP server facilities then check this post to get a lot of FTP movie server address easily. May some of the sites are not available for you but without it, all websites are worked.

What is my Ftp Download Server?

Your internet FTP server is your download server. If you want to get any third-party FTP SERVER ADDRESS then you have to option to check those. Just scroll up the page and check the bd movie server

IF you use ICC broad brand line then use the IP address for the localhost. If you use any other provider’s internet lines then asked them to know the IP address or web address of their FTP download server.

Is my internet providers have FTP server facilities?

Aksed your internet providers directly to make a phone call or visit their official website to know more about them. Genuinely most of the internet providers give the facilities to provides a download FTP server. Where you can get the option of watching online directly or download the file to your computer.

FTP server always provides fast speed. Maximum times its gives 100MBPS But the FTP bd movie Server download speed or browsing speed depends on file types and browsing time also.

Disclaimer: All of this content is just to write for educational purposes so do not miss use it and avoid all types of third-party websites. All of the information trying to shearing knowledge. To know more contact about us page.

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