Bangla Natok 2020 | Bangla New Natok list 2020

Bangla Natok 2020
Bangla Natok 2020

Bangla Natok 2020: Most of the people of Bangladesh like watching Funny Bangla Natok. Here we are analyzing the popularity and make a list of Awesome Bangla Natok 2020. Natok is a type of play or drama which is been telecast on the multiple tv channels of  Bangladesh. Bangla Natok is gain huge popularity inside Bangladesh.

If you are looking for the Best Bangla comedy Natok list then here don’t anywhere because here you can see the list of Latest Bangla Natok. Bangladesh telefilm media working day and night to making Bangla Natok for us. Most of the Bangla Natok director tries to create something special and unique.

Most Funny Bangla Natok gets a huge response from viewers for its quality and structure. Here we talking about the top famous Bangla Natok actors and their acting sense to justify them and acting roles. Most viewed funny Bangla Natok scripted by author or scriptwriter. You also can get to know the Best Bangla comedy Natok list 2020, which is given at the end of this.

So don’t go to the other website to find those query result because here you can get the list with a youtube video link. The youtube video link may help you to start smooth playback. if you have any queries about this post, Then directly given comment in the below box.

Bangla Natok
Bangla Natok

Funny Bangla Natok 2020

Bangladesh is famous for its green village beauties. So our telefilm director tries to make something unique and village related content to describing the Authentic from of comedy and funny sense for entertainment people. Here you can see some cool and talented character, who’s been working in funny Bangla Natok for many years.

Comedy is one of the best things that all peoples love to watch and laugh at. But on many occasions Bangladeshi film media doing some extraordinary things, Which is the main reason for affected the Bangla Natok.

In this post, the title “Funny Bangla Natok 2020” Describes the best Bangla comedy Natok list. We make this list for various kinds of people because I saw many peoples, who Did not know that How to Find funny Bangla Natok. Average time users go to the wrong website, which is very dangerous. Because if you visit an unauthorized website, then they can use your information by those third-party websites.

Mosharraf Karim Funny Bangla Natok

Here you can get the Mosharraf Karim funny Bangla Natok Name List for free. And all of those Bangla Natok is available on the internet. Mosharaf Karim work in multiple Bangla Natok, which is the best thing I have ever seen in my life.

Mosharraf Karim was worked in many natok but most of the time we have seen this funniest actor inside Bangla Comedy Natok. If you check his full of carrier then you will see a huge list of funny Bangla Natok lists. In the below, we are just giving some of his creation. If you will watch those Bangla Natok by Mosharraf Korim then you can’t stop yourself from laughing. So scroll down the page and check all the funny Natok of Mosharraf Karim.

Bangla Comedy Natok by Mosharraf Karim 

Natok Name by Series Natok Part Published Year
Sikandar Box Ekhon Bandarban  4 Multiple Part 2014
Sikandar Box Er Hawai Gari  6 Multiple Part 2014
Sikandar Box Ekhon Pagol Pray  6 Multiple Part 2013
Sikandar Box Ekhon Cox’s Bazar  6 Multiple Part 2013
Sikandar Box Ekhon Birat Model  4 Multiple Part 2012

The series of funny Bangla Natok Sikandar Box had so many parts and series. We just mention 5 Series and those series were divided into many parts. Most of the part of this Bangla Natok scripted on multiple comedy sense.

Bangla New Natok 2020

Most of the time Bangla Natok fans try to find the updated list of 2020. But maximum people are failed to found the source. Bangla Natok always wants to make a unique tragedy. Most of the Bangla Natok touches the heart of the view from deeply, So Here you can see the Bangla Natok 2020 List.

Bangla New Natok List 2020

  1. Mira (2020)
  2. 4G Bou (2020)
  3. Duplicate (2020)
  4. Hotat Biye (2020)
  5. Veg Nonveg (2020)
  6. Arrenge Love (2020)
  7. Babu Khaicho (2020)
  8. Bouer Sathe Prem (2020)
  9. Boy Friend Of The Year (2020)
  10. Sukkur is a Barishailla Boy (2020)

All of this Bangla Natok was made by the greatest producer in Bangladesh. If you did not watch it yet then go and get the fun of Bangla Natok. Most of the actors were working so hard and take Patience. So we should need to respect them for their creativity and skill. Because the Bangla Natok actors try to entertain people. 

If you will watch a Bangla Natok then you must be seen the drama, Tragedy, Melodrama, and Comedy. We through a challenge that If you will watch a Bangla Natok first to last then you can’t control yourself to watching another one. So here we mention some names of the latest Bangla Natok. Choose any of those Bangla Natok and start to watch it now.

Mira (2020) Bangla New Natok

Mira is one type of ghost-related telefilm, which was scripted and writing to focus on ghost Characters. The storyline was written on hunting and if you want to feel horror than you should watch this new Bangla Natok Mira.

Just things that you are stay alone in home and somehow you will play this Bangla new natok on your mobile or computer, So what should happening? Do you belive in ghosts, if you then watching the mira bangla new natok.

This natok is based to shoot on spiritual things that had not proof to exist. But some people did not belive on ghost, after they directly faced them. If you asked the old person who live beside your home from a long time. Most of the people will told you different types of story. May some are true or some are fakes. You you believe on allah then you should beilve the existence of ghost.

Youtube Video

4G Bou (2020) Bangla Natok 2020

Bangla Natok  4G Bou and it is Directed by  Sohag Kazi. All Starring creadit goes to  Jamil Hossain, Manoshi Prokrity,  Nila Islam. The 4G Bou Story was written by Ruhul Amin Pothik and  Edited by  S.M. Tushar.

Duplicate (2020) Bangla Natok Fun

The bangla natok Duplicate is a different types of drama that we did not meet in our every life. Duplicate means fake, so you can thought out the story of this bangla natok 2020  to see the tittle.

Our life is running agaist time so people always try to fell happy. Entertainment gives us pleasure and helps us to feel happy. If you have any time routine when you did not have to do any work. You can use that time to watch this Duplicate Bangla Natok 2020 to relief from booringness.

If you looking for the Duplicate Bangla natok in hd, than you can go to youtube platform and search for “Duplicate” Bangla Natok 2020. Duplicate bangla  natok released some days ago. If you looking for latest new Funny bangla natok then check scrole up the page and grab the funny bangla natok inside table boxes.

Hotat Biye (2020) Bangla New Natok

You try to Find for Hotat biye bangla Natok 2020 with DHD file than go to any video platform who’s will provide or uploaded it for free. You can also check youtube platform because that’s a comment platform for every person.

Here you can get youtube video link for the bangla movie hotat biye. If you trasilate the tittle in English, its sound “Suddenly Marrage” . The story tittle say what about the story of this bangla natok 2020. Comment the right answer in the below. If you can successfully given the right answer than you should be the claver guys i ever seen before.


Veg Nonveg (2020) HD Bangla Natok

Ven means vagitable and nonveg means Not the vegetable. This all two names define two different types of food  items. To read the tittle of this bangla movie you can get ideas about the story line of it.

Here you can get the youtube video link from a youtube channel.

Arrange Love (2020) Bangla Natok HD

Bangla Natok Arrange Love define the the story lines. It should be a story of couple and those couple did not know each other before the marriage. So the story of this bangla natok cast their relation with each other.

It will also discribe the experience of felling after doing marriage. So if you would like relationship and take decision for get marriage quickly then must watching it.

Babu Khaicho (2020) Bangla New Natok

The tittle of this bangla natok sound Odd a little because what they mean by that tittle ” Babu Tumi Khaiso”. Even its sound so freaky for nonlover people but as a lovers know its better than every single person of the bangladesh.

Most the Natok tittle so much funny ” Baby did you ate” maybe the title sounds funny if you say it in other languages. Babu tumi khaiso is the latest bangla new natok 2020, which is been see on television. Watch it now from youtube here i share the youtube link.

Bouer Sathe Prem (2020) Bangla funny Natok Arfan Nisho

Bouer Sathe Prem is a romantic bangla natok, which is released in 2020. This latest bangla Romantic Natok Bouer Sathe Prem Gets half million view after publishing on the youtube channel Eagle Media.

All bangla Natok carried the tradition of Bangladesh. Bengali people loves to watch those on bangladeshi tv channel. With the developing in technology so many new users of the internet born from Bangladesh. Nowadays most of the Bangladeshi people are connected with the fast internet. That is why people visited the most famous online video platform youtube for their own query.

So anyone can watch that Bangla Natok 2020 Bouer sathe prem on youtube video platform without any cost of money. If you are looking for this bangla natok than copy ours post title and search it on youtube.

Boy Friend Of The Year (2020) Bangla Natok Tawsif Mahbub

The action and drama make it more authentic and unique, whatever most of Bangla Natok 2020 make on different types of store combination. But the latest new bangla natok brings something new in the storylines. The bangladeshi actor Tawsif Mahbub plays the main character roles and beside him, there had multiple characters.

When someone saw the title of this bangla natok suddenly, they get shocked instantly because its name looks similar to the Bollywood Movie Student Of the Year. If you love to watch anything than you already have seen that movie.

Maximum Numbers of bangla Tv serial or bangla natok available on youtube platform because maximum Bangladesh Natok production media using social media and third-party website or platform for promotional purposes. But the min time the used media platform doesn’t delete the content. So if really can’t find this “Boy Friend of the Year” bangla natok 2020 then search the title on google and enter the videos option from youtube.

Sukkur is a Barishailla Boy (2020) Bangla Natok Comedy

The bangla natok actor Mir Sabbir play the main role in this drama. Mostly Mir Sabbir acting as a son character in sukur is a barishailla bangla comedy natok. He was wasting his father money to leave a lazy life. However, the main characters play a vital role which define the full drama and entertains people simultaneously. 

You can be watching this bangla natok 2020 from youtube without going any other website. To written Sukkur is A barishailla boy bangla natok 2020 script on a boy who lives in barishall and leads his life to depend on his father.

Morever, the bangla natok comedy sense makes by the bangali thought and present a comedy character for entertainment people.

Bangla Natok Comedy

The Comedy sense inside the Bangla Natok from the began. People watching any things for many purpose. Some times people are watching any things for getting new information but the maximum number of people watching different kinds of think for entertainment.

Asked yourself that ‘Is you watching things for giving entertain yourself. If the answer is yes then you are coming here to watching bangla new natoks of 2020. Everyone needs to entertain themself anyway.

You can check any video platform to watch the Lastest Bangla Comedy natok in 2020. If you check the youtube then maybe you will watch the bangla comedy natok Sukur is a borishailla boy from there. Youtube do not take any charge for free videos. If you don’t have any account on youtube then it doesn’t matter because you do not need any account when you watch some from the youtube platform.


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