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B net Index server
B net Index server

Bnet Is a famous internet service provider (ISP) in Bangladesh. B net index server is an FTP Movie server that belongs to B.net Broadband Company. In this media server, users will get different types of movies such as Hindi, English, and others movies collection. But this server is the only index for some special users, so it’s simple to say that anyone can’t get access permission to it. So Bnet Index Server is only visible for Bnet broadband users as well.

Description: Nowadays Each and every broadband company like Bnet is offering the services like FTP. Bnet Broadband has built three different ftp sites for their client and all of those ftp servers are different from each other. Even though those servers have a specific port address which is the default gateway address of those ftp sites. All those ftp sites are known as Bnet Index servers.

Here we have given the B net index server list so if you are seeking for it then don’t go anywhere else. Just read this content and grab your favorite FTP sites from this page. One thing that users should remember is that bnet index servers are only visible for bnet broadband users. Only the registered user of Bnet ISP can access and get entry to those ftp sites.

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B net Index Server List

We already told you that bnet has 3 separate FTP sites and here we will give that information with the link and port address. So, hope our website users will like it very much. Sometimes bdix supported users also can access the bnet index FTP server as well. But it doesn’t work with all third-party ISPs. That’s why we also have given some alternative FTP site lists. So, if you need an alternative then check the read more post option below.

FTP-1 > B.net Index Server

FTP 01

FTP-2 > B.net Index Server

FTP 02

FTP-3 > B.net Index Server

FTP 03


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What Is B net Movie Server?

Bnet Movie Server is a part of it’s Ftp server. If we elaborate it in a simple way then Just imagine that you have a personal movie theater that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. Bnet movie server is just that – your own private library of movies that you can watch on demand. Even a bnet movie server gives the same type of speed as like the bnet ftp.

How To Use Bnet Movie Server?

The process for using Bnet movie server is not so hard, Rather it is easy like a piece of cake and a normal user who has knowledge about web surfing can do it easily. In general, there are a few methods you can try:

(a) Frist open your browser.

(b) Then click on URL and write down the port address.

(c) Open the link and choose a file.

(d) Enjoy your media files.

(e) You can also bookmark this page for easy access ( Press CTRL+D).

Where To Get the Bnet Ftp Server?

When a user needs some information they directly search it on any random search engine. Although, you can see multiple websites and blogs who’s has given information about Bnet FTP but they didn’t the gaves organize information. On our website, we already have published content where we describe about the Bnet FTP Server. So, if you are really interested to know the query Bnet FTP then you can check it from here. 


Thus, we can say that through this “B NET INDEX SERVER” post we have tried to help our website users to share some helpful information. And if you get any help from this post then please don’t forget to post this on your social media account. And if you have any questions about this post, don’t forget to comment in the comment box, and we will try to provide the answer to your desired question. Keep an eye on the homepage of our website to know about the new movie servers and updates.

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