Android Phone Is The Worst Thing That I Find In 2020 !

android phone
android phone

Android Phone: Don’t mind seeing the post title again, I’m an Apple user! I’ve been using Android since that ice cream sandwich, and now enjoy the socks of Android 7. Android is a great operating system by itself, and I have no compliant about it. But some things on Android phones are still so annoying that I could not have discussed them in a dedicated way!

Where Is The Update ?

Where Is The Update
Where Is The Update

Now this is no longer such a huge problem as before, companies have fixed it a lot now with some attention, yet the big problem for Android is that the update is not coming to the Android phone. Never had a problem with it on Windows Phone or iOS. If Windows Phone is dead long ago, and iOS is only available on Apple phones, so updating is much easier.

But even then, even if you buy a phone worth Tk 4,000, you are not guaranteed, how many updates you will get, or will not receive the next version updates. Forget about the next Android version, there is no guarantee that it will give you regular security patch updates!

I’m using a device called Shaomi Mi A3 to stock Android, and the device is powered by the Android One program. For those who don’t know what Android One is, it’s actually a stock Android project from Google. If you have one on your phone, you will get the latest Pure Android with Google and get the first update. You will get at least 2 major updates!

But sadly, other phones have got updates of Android 7, not even on the Android One project, but the Shaomi Mi A3 has not been updated yet! Why? If you do not get the update first of all, what is the Android One program? Now think, this jump with Android One, then when will you get the update on your normal device?

Now many people think, what should I do with the updates? Well, the update is not just for the feature bar, but also for your phone’s security bar. If you come to this age and use Android Gingerbread, no one can guarantee that everything on your phone will be hacked! It is important to get updates on the phone in order to keep the phone going, keep it secure, enable new features!

Source Of Bloatware

Android Phone Is The Worst Thing That I Find In 2020
Android Phone Is The Worst Thing That I Find In 2020

One of the major disadvantages with Android phones is that many cheap or mid-range phones have bloatware installed. You do not need to use any software or app that comes pre-installed with your phone, and you will not be able to uninstall them.

If you buy a budget phone, you will unfortunately see a lot of bloatware. Hey brother, my cheapest phone’s RAM is 5 GB, and again you have Azira apps installed that can’t be uninstalled, so the phone’s exhaust can’t be emitted?

Why? I’ll disassemble my phone, I’ll keep an app and uninstall an app, right? But these companies won’t let me do that. These izira apps sponsor deals with the phone company and pay the phone companies to pre-install these apps on the phone. This is why a cheaper phone might be so much cheaper.

But even if bloatware had a removable function, I think it would be a very useful feature. Bloatware is also available on many mid budget phones, but they also offer the option of removing them.


Android Phone UI Is Different
Android Phone 2020
Android Phone Is The Worst Thing That I Find In 2020

Android itself comes with many variants in one version. But then again there is the custom UI of phone companies! This UI, that UI, what more. This is why using an Android phone, especially switching from one phone to another, leads to many problems.

Suppose you use a Huawei or a Xiaomi phone. In that case you can see the Emotion UI or Mi UI on Android, they are very different from each other. Now suppose you were thinking about buying Samsung’s phone, then finding settings on Samsung phones would be a completely different world for you. They use the same UI, if all phones are Android, but then no one can match!

No matter how updated iOS is, some of the look is still on iOS. If you are the first to use an iPhone, you can use the iPhone 4 as well, and it does not seem to be aliens in the other world.

The UI of some phones is so bad that even with the latest Snapdragon 3, the price will be less than 20 thousand, but you will not want to buy the phone. A great example of the OS OS! So brother, what’s your problem with using stock Android? Do not keep the same look, what is the need for such a look?

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Android Is Now Google Dependent

Here Google is doing good rice for themselves! Since Android Lollipop, Android Core Control has largely gone into Google’s hands, meaning that without Google services, Android is now much more stable. But when the Android project started, everything was open source .

By the name of open source, the source code of a software will be open to everyone and any developer can improve it, which is how most Linux based operating systems work. Android works like that in the beginning, but now almost everything is Google. For example, if your phone does not have Google Play services, many apps will not run on the phone.

And Google services are not open source at all, Google itself is directly concerned about these. Now, like Google Play Services, the services of cheap phones are consumed by the RAM itself, it is a different story!

Google Itself Is A Big Thief

Android Phone  2020 BD
Android Phone 2020 BD

When it comes to privacy, who else can be a bigger accused than Google? Google tracks every single activity you have, whether you search on Google or YouTube, when you’re going to Google Maps, checking in at a restaurant, staying in a hotel, everything but Google knows very well.

Now Google’s own thing is this android, so understand that Google can track your personal data through Android! From your contact list, to your personal picture file, to how long you use an app on the phone, Google knows everything. And I don’t like this thing about Android!

So these were some of the things I didn’t like about Android. I know you also don’t like that much about Android, write them down in the comments below. And yes, that doesn’t mean Android isn’t converting to the Garbage operating system at all. Android is a very good operating system, it still gives a lot of freedom, provides a lot of modern look, just use it, it would be fun!

Android Phone Is The Worst Thing That I Find In 2020

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