Suddenly Android 11 Update Released

android 11
android 11

Android 11 Released: Google has released the developer preview of Android 11, almost six months before the new Android version rolls out. Although this preview build is not meant for ordinary users, it can be hugely unstable with so many bugs, which is great for developers! But even then, this new Android version has some cool features packed that are worth the try!

Android 11 will increase the power of google play service update 

Android System Like Ai
Android System Like Ai

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If you have a Google Pixel device, you can install this Android 8 developer preview right now. It can be installed on all devices starting from Pixel 2 to Pixel 3 Axel, but this time the Pixel 3 family will not get this update.

When Will I Get The Android 11 Update?

Since this is a developer’s release online, not only installing Android 11 common users but also, it may be possible to delete the phone as well as delete everything from the phone. We’ll have to wait until its user-friendly version is released. But how much wait? Google has created a roadmap for its Android 11 release;

  • Developer Preview 1 (February)
  • Developer Preview 2 (March)
  • Developer Preview 3 (April)
  • Public Beta 1 (May)
  • Public Beta 2 (June)
  • Public Beta 3 (Q3) (Expected: July)
  • Final Release (Q3) (Expected: August)

After reviewing the new API features and support in the Developer Preview 3 version, developers will ask for feedback and then move to the next version, Android 11. Beginning in May, the release of the public beta version, which the general user can test.

Google says its Android 11 public beta version 2 will stabilize a lot. So if you do not want to use Unstable Android 11, I would recommend that you wait until June when Beta 2 is released, then it will be OK to install it on your device! Moreover, the beta version will be easy to install, you can easily install it with an OTA update!

android phone

Now let’s talk about the final release of Android 11.

The version came out in September last year. And since Google started everything a month ago and looking at their road map, it is known that this year’s final release will be made in August. But from June you can start using it if you have a Pixel device!

After August, the device will gradually be added to the separate company’s devices and we will continue to share updates on Android 11 !

Review Experience: Behaviour Change, Privacy Feature, New Features And APIs Added.

  • System change that may affect you Previous install apps when it’s running on Android 11 and Some times Apps May Show Broken.
  • New Safeguard that protect you data privacy and supports your Apps data.
  • 5G Data Connection come with It and APIs for 5G


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