Amber IT FTP Servers – Best Movie Servers For AmberiT Broadband

amber it ftp server
amber it ftp server

Amber IT Is a Popular Broadband provider company throughout the country. It provides super fast and quality internet broadband services to its customers. Even, It offers some amazing features such as FTP Server, IP Television, Live TV Server, etc.

The most amazing service from Amber IT broadband is a File transfer protocol server or in short, it can be called an FTP Movie Server. In this article, we discuss every single detail of the Amber IT Ftp server and its other services.

First of all, You can access multiple ftp servers with the amber it Broadband connection. Basically amber it limited support bdix connected server and that’s why users can be able to access the maximum third-party ftp server with it.

Amber IT FTP Servers

Which is the default gateway of this ftp server? Many people don’t know this thing and they felt confused to find the right IP Address for amber it FTP. For this reason, here we have given the exact IP address of the Amber IT FTP server. So, the user can find the right default gateway address from here.

Amber IT FTP Server

Amber IT FTP 2

In addition, Before you decide to skip this article you should know some important facts about amber IT limited that we have given below.

Amber IT Live TV Server

By using the amber it live tv server you will get the chance to enjoy online tv. If you are a user of the Amberit broadband network then you can take this advantage for free.

A lot of people are unfamiliar with it and they even don’t know how to watch amber it lives Tv service. That’s why we give this information to help them.

Besides, you will get a lot of IP Tv servers and live tv server names with details on our website. You check those from the homepage of our website to get detailed information.

Amber IT Movie Server List

If you are a movie lover and always want to get the latest updates of new release movies then you would like the amber it ftp movie server. Here we have given some third-party movie servers name that is supportable with Amberit Broadband Connection.

Amber IT IP Phone

This IP Phone is also known as VoIP Phone which uses Voice Over IP Technology. Mainly an IP phone does transmitting and places phone calls over the IP Network. This full system of transmitting or placing phone calls is running on the internet protocol network.

Amber IT IP Phone Features

  • Free calling to all IP number
  • 40 Poisa Minute on any number
  • 10 BDT credit bonus for NID verification
  • One second pulse for other phone numbers
  • Unlimited validity for account balance

Amber IT Broadband Packages

Package Name Internet Speed Package Price
Minor 8 Mbps 500 BDT
Junior 10 Mbps 650 BDT
Learner 15 Mbps 800 BDT
Basic 20 Mbps 1000 BDT
Primary 30 Mbps 1200 BDT
Dominate 40 Mbps 1500 BDT
Confident 50 Mbps 2000 BDT

Amber IT Helpline

amber it helpline
amber it helpline

This broadband company gives 24 hours customer service which is really satisfying. All Amber it Limited ISP Users can contact customer service for any kind of issue or problem.

Amber IT Customer Care Number is +8809611123123 and it is the main hotline number of them. There is no fixed time to call this number however, users can be calling this number any time under 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

This number has written on the amber it broadband Optical Network Unit (ONU) device.

Amber IT Customer Care Number

 Hotline Number 09611123123


In a nutshell, we can say that the AMber iT Broadband really offers some cool features as like Amber IT Ftp Server. We got a lot of positive reviews about Amber IT Limited from Users. Therefore, if you want to read more post that is related to the “ftp server” then check our website archives.

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