5 New Tech Innovations Which Improve Our Online Life?

5 New Tech Innovations: At present, it goes without saying that our online presence is becoming as significant as our physical presence as the era progresses. Today, the Internet and our online presence are far more important to many than their physical presence. You might be surprised at how much the Internet has improved over the past few years. As the Internet continues to improve, we are becoming more and more dependent on the Internet. But there are a few inventions and innovations behind this Internet improvement. Today, I will discuss some of the Internet innovations that have made our online life even better.

Cloud Server And Cloud Computing

Cloud Server And Cloud Computing
Cloud Server And Cloud Computing

Cloud Server and Cloud Computing is Our number 5 Tech

You may not know very well what is cloud computing ?, but surely you have used it yourself and are still using it. Cloud computing is a high-end computer run on some high-end hardware and software, which is made available in the cloud or in simple words on the Internet so that you can access the computer using the Internet and do whatever you need or with your personal server. Can create

For example, if you are reading this article on wired, all data on this WireBD is being serviced to you by a server grade cloud computer. Everything is being serviced from the cloud server hosted by the WireBD website while you are requesting access to this site. Cloud servers and cloud computing are behind every website and web service in the world. Unless cloud computing was invented, a website could not be hosted on a cloud server. So it’s one of the few innovations in the Internet (5 New Tech).

Social Media

social media
social media

There is nothing new to say about it. Social media is currently the most important thing in the online life of most Internet users. This is not to say that many social media have come so close to life today that it literally simulates the real life of many people. Like – Facebook.

On the Internet, these social media are the only major platforms that keep people from different regions and different parts of the world connected.If you are tech Lover Then share it on social media as a giving tittle 5 New Tech.

5 New Tech Update 2020 : Status updates, likes, comments, shares, chains-ins, chatting, etc. have all been so mixed up with people’s lives that most social media users can’t even walk for a moment without them. About 5% of the credit for calling the world a Global Village is with Facebook, such as social media platforms, and of course this is one of the Internet’s innovations.

Internet Infrastructure

5 New Tech Innovations Which Improve Our Online Life?
5 New Tech Innovations Which Improve Our Online Life?

Including 5 New Tech Innovation in 2020 

Now that you are reading this article on BMDAYS, you definitely need a web browser. And you can access the Internet using a technology called TCP / IP. You are using the Internet using many types of hyperlinks and URLs. These are basically Internet infrastructure or infrastructure.

Sir Tim Berners Lee was the sponsor of the entire concept of the entire Internet or the World Wide Web. In addition, you are seeing all this information on the Internet using different languages. For example – HTML. All of these are just some of the basic structures of the internet and the web, without which the web would not exist.


Free Information Service

Features Phone
Easy Answer

Now, what if you want to know some details about a thing or a famous person or a creature or anything like that? You just go to the browser, type the name of the address bar and press the enter button and enter its Wikipedia page and find out everything you need to know. But have you ever wondered what would happen if Wikipedia was not a free information source? Then you had to sit down with a full 5kg encyclopedia book to know anything.

Now if you need to know the meaning of a word, you will open Just Google Translate and get the meaning or acoustic meaning of another language by typing the word. What if there wasn’t a free service like Google Translate? Then you had to sit down with a thick dictionary to find the word. After searching for about 3-5 minutes you get the word. Now we have an online source for getting all kinds of information faster, wherein the moment we will find what we are searching for. I would say this is the biggest innovation on the Internet.


Online Wallets And Online Shopping

Online Wallets And Online Shopping
Online Wallets And Online Shopping

It goes without saying that online banking and wallet services like PayPal and even credit/debit cards have made people’s lives easier. We all know how useful digital money is to physical money. There is no age for stealing money, no fear of getting lost, and there is no need to calculate money because of online banking and wallet services.

Apart from these online banking services it has become much easier to send money to someone. We also know how much easier online shopping has made our lives easier. Currently, if you want to buy something, you do not have to go to the market to buy it. With an industry like Amazon, our shopping habits are becoming increasingly dependent on online. And with these online banking services, online shopping has become easier and more convenient.


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